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How To Lose Weight On A Certain Area Of Your Body

Updated on February 12, 2016
Most of the times the short road will push you further from your goals
Most of the times the short road will push you further from your goals | Source

Don't Choose The Short Road

I love summer. This is my favorite season because this is when I finally get to wear less clothes than during the winter, when I feel like I am wearing my entire closet, I can barely move and I still feel cold sometimes when the temperatures go really low.

Spending 20 minutes waiting for the bus can be really cruel if there are minus 10 degrees, and you can barely stand in one place until the bus arrives. But this doesn't happen during the summer. The weather is great, the light breeze is a delight, and you have almost a sense of freedom given by the thin layer of clothes required to leave home.

As soon as summer comes and the weather starts warming up, I get the desire to visit the seaside. Lay on the sun all day, bathing in the Sea or the pool and just spend your days pampering yourself. But the whole summer thing can become a nightmare if you don't feel like your body is ready for beach. You get all anxious and often turn to bad ideas in order to sculpt your body in a short amount of time like those fast diets that promise to shade a lot of pounds in a few days. Of course some work, but the weight you gain afterwards is crazy.

The human body doesn't respond well to drastic measures. A strict diet that deprive you of food will work for a few days, until your body gets the message that you can get food so it holds on to the fat deposits you already have. This is why these diets don't work on a long run because your body gets stuck at some point.

The yo-yo effect appears when you get back to your usual diet. It takes a while for your body to understand that the deprivation stopped. Because your body is still on starvation mode it holds on to every single thing it can get from the food it is given. If in the past you could have a candy, now you can't get that candy without getting a little fatter.

The short road will only make you gain more weight after getting off the strict diet, so you have to avoid this at all cost.

Can You Really Lose Fat On A Certain Area?

There are so many voices who say that losing weight in only one part of the body is not possible. But that's not entirely true. Exercises are the only ones that can help you attack a specific part of your body and lose weight mainly from there.

I say <mainly> because once you start working a certain part of your body, the fat cells from that region break and you start losing weight, but at the same time the fat cells communicate with the fat cells from the rest of your body sending them the message that they have to go too. So, you will lose weight from other parts as well, but way less than the fat you lose from the area you are focusing your exercises on.

Sit ups are perfect for losing belly fat. Take care of all three parts of your abdomen
Sit ups are perfect for losing belly fat. Take care of all three parts of your abdomen | Source

How To Lose Belly Fat

This is probably the easiest and hardest place to lose fat from. It is the easiest if you have a big belly, the fat in this case tends to react faster and better to the exercises and you lose more than a thinner person would, to whom will be harder to lose those few stubborn pounds left on the tummy.

You will have to do sit-ups if you want to lose fat on your belly. You need to attack all three sides of your abdomen. Do regular sit-ups for fat on the upper side of your belly, add the legs movement while doing the regular sit-ups by trying to touch your knee with your elbow for losing fat on your lower part of the abdomen, and do side sit-ups for making your love handles disappear.

Place yourself on the right side, keep your legs together and bend the knees a little, then turn your torso to face the ceiling while your legs stay on a side touching the floor. Place your hands under your head and start pulling yourself up as much as you can, practically doing sit-ups, but with half the body on the side and half staring at the ceiling. Turn to the other side and repeat.

It will be hard at first, but after a few days you will feel like it gets easier and you can make these sets several times per day. Don't skip any day, no matter if it hurts, this will happen because you haven't exercised in a while and your muscles get inflamed from the workout. Pain usually tell us that it is working, your body is responding to the exercises and is losing fat.

Green tea also helps in fighting belly fat, so have a cup daily without any sweetener, natural or artificial, none, and add some lemon juice to it, about half a teaspoon to one tablespoon. Choose leaves of green tea instead of tea bags.

Sometimes the best exercise is the most common one
Sometimes the best exercise is the most common one | Source

How To Lose Fat From Your Thighs

I am pretty sure you guessed it by now that the way to lose fat from your thighs area is by squats. And, I can practically hear the disappointment of all of you who were expecting a new-found miracle, and not something so widely known.

Well, I can tell you that I have a secret for this. I don't do the usual squats. I put on music, I go near my radiator and I pretend I am a ballerina, and I do squats like they are doing, with my legs slightly apart, but joined at my heels and weaving my hand through the air. It might sound silly, but routine is the enemy of everything, including weight loss. If you get used to something it will either won't work anymore, or you will give up doing it because you get bored.

You can also turn the music on, place yourself on the floor, bend your knees, keep room between them, and raise your butt in the air while your shoulders and feet are still on the ground and start doing exercises like that. Just move your butt up and down, not all the way down, left and right and in any other direction you wish, while having your butt, legs and abdomen muscles all tight. When you feel like you can't hold your butt in the air anymore and your legs start shivering try to resist at least one more song. Do this daily and you will see that fat fly away from your thighs.

You can replace the bottles filled with water with small dumbbells if you have them
You can replace the bottles filled with water with small dumbbells if you have them | Source

How To Lose Fat From Your Arms

This is a little trickier, but not impossible. You need to do some weight lifting. Since not many of you have the time or the will to go to the gym I recommend you get some bottles and fill them with water and exercises with them in your own home. Half of litter bottles will be just fine if you are a beginner, and one litter bottles is more than enough for those who exercise regularly and developed a higher strength.

Remember that you only want to lose some fat not turn yourself into body builders filled with muscles, so don't go over board and lift heavy weights.

Lifting weights will also help your breast muscle develop and make your chest look bigger and more firm. So, I think this is a win-win situation.

Use food at your advantage to lose even more fat
Use food at your advantage to lose even more fat | Source

Get To Work

This is all you have left to do. Turn that music on and start working out. You don't have to kill yourself and do this for hours daily, but you do need to do it every day in order to see results. One hour per day for all of these combined is more than enough. After you do this for a while, you will feel like you want and are able to do more than one hour of exercises. Listen to your body and do as much as you can take.

Just remember that even if it hurts you need to do these exercises daily, no skipping. The pain will disappear in 2-3 days after the first day you start exercising.

If you can include that green tea in your daily routine would be perfect because that tea really makes wonders.

You need to take a look at what you are eating too. If you exercise, but eat the same bad foods as before, or you even eat more of them than before because you have the feeling you are exercising now and they won't show on you, you are making a huge mistake. I am not telling you to go all vegan or drop sweets altogether, but try making smart choices. Make a fried chicken or fries once in a while, not daily, and have a homemade cookie or cake rather than buying one from the store, which is filled with sugar and chemicals.

Be smart and choose the bad stuffs once in a while, and the good stuffs more often.

All those exercises mean nothing if you sabotage yourself with food. Just think that you are doing this for yourself, to look and feel good and have the confidence you wished for while going to the beach or just walking on the street. It is not like you can never eat those bad foods you love so much, you can have them sometimes, so don't go all anxious when there is really no reason.

I truly hope this will help you get in shape and maybe stay in shape once summer will end. Remember to do it all on music, it will give you the boost you need to work out and time will fly by so fast.

Good luck and start working :)


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