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How To Lose Weight Permanently - 5 Top Tips To Keep You On Track

Updated on November 7, 2014

Have you been searching for tips and advice on how to lose weight permanently? If so, then this article will give you 5 top tips you can take action on immediately as a part of your fat loss and weight management programme.

Tip # 1 – Choose a lifestyle eating plan you enjoy, not the latest fad diet. Without doubt one of the key fundamentals to losing fat and keeping it off is choosing a plan that has a list of foods that you enjoy and can make tasty with herbs, spices and seasoning.

If you have been yo-yo dieting for years there is a reason for that. I recommend going back to the drawing board and doing your research on the different plans out there on the market. Start by making a list of your favourite foods. Do you like fruits, nuts and vegetables? Then the “negative calorie” plan may be for you.

Have you got a sweet tooth and massive cravings? Then the "3 Apples A Day GI Diet" (you get to eat more than 3 apples a day!) is possibly the one for you. Don’t forget to throw in a cheat day once a week to reward yourself for eating healthy most of the time. The 90 – 10 rule applies well for having your pizzas, burgers and chocolates for 10% of your weekly meals.

Tip # 2 – Your calorific intake. Ok, let’s get back to basics here. You need to know on a daily basis exactly how many calories you are eating/drinking versus how many you are burning.

Write everything down (in a food journal) daily for one week and work out how many calories you need to lose 1 – 2 pounds per week or maintain your current weight. This will be your daily guide and exercising on top of that will ensure you never put fat on again.

Some people think that certain plans like the Atkins Diet are an excuse to eat more due to the low carb and sugar intake. The real truth is you will not lose fat on Atkins or any programme if you are taking in more calories than you burn daily.

Tip # 3 – Eat/snack every 2 and a half hours. This will ensure your blood sugar levels do not get too low and it will stop you craving. Start with breakfast, which can even mean a protein powder/low GI fruit smoothie drink within 1 hour of getting up if you don’t like to eat early on. You must get something inside you to start boosting that metabolism at the start of your day.

Try to include some form of lean protein or a protein/shake bar with each of your meals and snacks. This does 2 things: it holds onto your muscle tissue for a fast metabolic rate and it also keeps you fuller for longer.

How To Lose Weight Permanently Video

Tip # 4 – Water, water, water. This amazing drink is both underrated and massively ignored by most. Don’t let that be you! Water will both fill you up and help to stop you overeating and it will also flush out toxins from your system to lose fat faster.

Another plus to drinking water are healthier organs. When your organs are healthy your body functions better and you will burn fat faster.

Struggling to remember to drink enough water? Easy, just have one glass before and after every meal/snack and this will ensure you are getting your daily sufficient amount for healthy fat burning.

How To Lose Weight Permanently Video

Tip # 5 – Learn how to eat socially . Eating out with friends and family is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your fat loss or weight management plan. Educate yourself on the basic macronutrient values of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

This way you will find it easier to choose a healthy, tasty option when eating out or round at a friends house.

The hidden danger can be in the dressings and sauces that you put on the food. Do you have to have your baked potatoe soaked in butter? No, just sprinkle some black pepper onto it instead. Does your chicken need to be soaked in fattening sauces? No, ask for it seasoned and have some fresh vegetables as a side dish.

You do not necessarily have to have the exact set foods that are on the menu. I tend to sometimes make up my own dish from the foods I see on the menu. The majority of restaurants are very accommodating these days and will be happy to look after you.

How To Lose Weight Permanently Conclusion

Long term weight loss is simply educating yourself, understanding how foods and drink work in your body and taking daily action on what you have learned. Start applying these 5 tips consistently for amazing results.

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