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How To Lose Weight Swimming

Updated on May 9, 2016

How To Lose Weight Swimming Fast!

In the following article I'm going to tell you how I lost weight swimming, while not a proffessional weight loss coach I have for many years been an active swimmer both as a Royal Marine and as a lifeguard. These experiences have taught me that the following knowledge is the most effective way to lose weight by swimming. You can adapt this method to suit you and fit it in with your life style and hopefully lose weight effectively through swimming.

Why You Should Use Swimming To Lose Weight

Put simply as an all round activity you are going to be hard pushed to find a workout that uses all major muscle groups to the extent that swimming can offer. Also for people that are overweight pregnant or are carrying injuries the low impact nature of swimming makes it ideal. Lets face it if you want your fitness to last this has to be a lifestyle change. If these changes are going to be lasting you can't afford for your knees ankles etc get shot to bits in your pursuit of fitness, that's why swimming makes perfect sense as your fitness weapon of choice to get rid of the bulk of your weight. You can always move on to running etc after you have got rid of those excessive pounds and your skeletal system isn't going to be put under as much wear and tear.

How You Should Swim To Lose Weight Fast!

If you want to lose weight fast through swimming then follow my simple guide to see real change fast.

The mistake that most people make when trying to lose weight swimming is they simply do not work out hard enough. If you want your body to change in appearance you have to shock it! This is the secret. Simply swimming length after length at a sedate pace isn't going to achieve much at all. Think about an Olympic Sprinter these guys stay away from doing long work outs because they are none productive granted their objectives are different but the principle is the same to affect real change you need to shock your body. So instead of doing lap after lap what you want to aim for is to do five lengths at 80-90% max effort. You rest in-between each length according to your fitness level don't worry if it takes you a long time to recover between repetitions. your fitness levels will build as you go along and as long as you get the total repetitions in that is the most important thing. Either rest at the side of the pool between reps or swim some sedate lengths until you are fully recovered. Then blast out another aggressive length. Try to build up to a total of 10 full speed lengths. If you only manage 1 on your first session that's fine. You just build up as you go along and as your fitness progresses.

Why Swim Like This To Lose Weight?

Well like I've already said it's all about shocking the body, when you swim like this your body has no choice but to change and adapt to cope with the demands you are placing on it. Also because you are placing your body under such high demands your metabolism will be elevated for hours after you stop so even after you have stopped working out your body will be burning calories. That's right with this method you will carry on burning calories at an elevated rate even after you have stopped!

Caution Must Read This If You Want To Lose Weight Swimming!

Finally a warning that will prevent you from slipping up. There have been studies that show that people that swim in cold water tend to consume more calories after working out 44% more calories studies have actually shown. This is because your body needs to burn more fat to keep your core body temperature high as a result some sort of trigger happens which makes you more hungry as a result.

Now that you know this you can use this to your advantage to lose even more weight, I often take a cold shower after one of my swimming workouts. I know my body will burn even more calories trying to get my core temperature up and while I may be hungry I simply fill up on protein or water and avoid sugars carbs and fats. As long as you calorie control you can't go wrong.

Before Starting This Swimming Weight Loss Programme.

As I said at the beginning I'm not a weight loss professional, this is from my own personal experience so if you are in any doubt please seek professional advice before participating in any programme. Stay safe!


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