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How To Lose Weight Effectively

Updated on May 9, 2015

It's not ALL about shakes and weight!

You'll often hear people crying out about new shakes they've tried which have helped them shed pounds or build muscle, or taking a miracle pill and removing the excess baggage overnight by wrapping themselves breathless in cling film... But weight loss isn't just about sweating it out, removing the water retention and getting those jeans you got for Christmas to fit.

No, in fact the opposite is true. There is no such thing as a miracle cure for fatness! And I can't stress this enough. Only through correct diet and exercise will you ever succeed in weight loss/management.

That's right, you don't even need to spend a penny!

Weight loss can be free, never part with your hard earned money before you know and trust the person selling the product!

The best weight loss method I have ever encountered is "Eat less, exercise more." And I learnt this from paying £15 for an ebook and they were the only words it contained, you see as a teenager, I was struggling with obesity until one day, I'd had enough.

For years I battled through every diet but my gut wasn't shifting and it all balled down to the same reason. I wasn't exercising enough.

No matter what, promoters will never tell you to work hard to burn fat, instead they'll tell you to drink their 'wonder potion' and sit on your rear doing absolutely nothing to help yourself.

This potion may help you lose weight temporarily which is what they want so you buy more and more of their product and before long you actually realise it's lost it's effect and you're gaining the pounds once again.

The reason for this is simple. Your body's metabolic rate has gotten used to this substance you're ingesting and is now fighting it.

The ONLY way to combat the lard and keep it at bay is to exercise and eat less.

You wake up in the morning and eat a bowl of cornflakes and your body says "I don't need these carbs, I'll store them for later" on the bums, tums and thighs. Lunch time and a similar process takes place and due to no exercise, these fat stores get bigger and bigger until you're looking at yourself in the mirror, self-esteem through the floor.

Whereas if you had a bowl of protein and fibrous cereal, you'll avoid the carb-crash and sustain energy until lunch time avoiding snacking, enabling you the ability to walk home from work, maybe. Only through this walking home or other physical activity can you hope to burn the excess calories you've taken in.

Imagine it being like a factory. The calories are raw material, energy is needed to make the product, fat loss. The more raw materials, the more energy needed t

How often do you exercise?

See results

If your answer was anything BUT once a day for more than 60 minutes, you could do with a REALITY CHECK!

No, I know how difficult it is to fit in an entire hour of exercise into your routine but it really doesn't have to be hard.

My first tip is wake up an hour earlier to give yourself an extra hour which you can do your exercise, now I know you won't want to exercise as soon as you open your eyes but you can incorporate exercise into your daily routines too! For example;

  • Save on water and exercise more by showering faster. Tried and tested by myself, you can guarantee a pulse rate increase of at least 50% by vigorously washing your body, you can also get your stretches and other aerobic exercises done in the shower too! Beats an hour in the pool!
  • Catch the bus? Well, don't. Or if this isn't possible, jump off a stop early or two and briskly walk the rest of the way.
  • Walk the dog? Get fitter by jogging instead of walking, not only will this benefit you but it would also benefit your four legged friend.

The results speak for themselves!


So, you've tried everything and now what?

Well, I've had people come up to me on countless occasions begging me to tell them my secret to weight loss and I tell them the same thing as what I paid money to be told, "Eat Less, Exercise More."

It really is the key, however if you've tried this and it isn't working as much as you hoped or your energy isn't as high as you expect then come to me and I will gladly help you further and help you every step of the way with my virtual fit group where you will train alongside others from around the globe with the goal to lose weight and maintain their weight loss!

Lastly; About Weight Management

The number one cause of fat fighters regaining weight is lack of determination, they reach their goal and forget it's an ongoing battle and giving up is not an option.

When a person reaches their goal, it's all too easy to fall back into old habits and cause more damage than good often regaining more weight than you originally tried to lose.

Through ongoing support, I pledge to help any individual lose weight and keep it off.


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