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How to Lose Your Stomach Fat

Updated on April 22, 2016

No Secrets Here, Only Results

There is no fast, amazing way to get rid of stomach fat. However, if you follow these easy tips on how to lose your stomach fat you will be successful in dropping that extra belly fat.

Improve Your Nutrition

Replace the sugar and more processed foods in your diet with more healthy options. For some people, changing your diet may be enough to stimulate fat loss. Don't, under any circumstances, starve yourself because it will slow down your metabolism, it will cause you to have mood swings, effect you insulin levels (very high insulin levels when you do eat and very low insulin levels when you aren't) and your body may begin using muscle as fuel if it gets really desperate.

Some examples of things you should not be eating are fast food, desserts (some desserts may be ok, but, in general, this is an unhealthy group), processed snack foods (potato chips, cheetos, oreos, etc.), tv dinners (some lean dinners may be ok, but you should still perform your due diligence), and anything fried.

Eat monounsaturated fats because it can prevent the accumulation of stomach fat. Avoid foods with trans fats such as cookies, margerines or crackers.

Eat polysaturated fats found from organic, grass fed sources such as grass fed butter or grass fed beef.

Eat LOTS OF VEGETABLES! Veggies are low in sugar and high in vitamins and minerals. Most of your diet should consist of vegetables. If you go to the store and most of your items aren't vegetable, you probably need to go back to the produce isle one more time before you leave.

Eat fruit in moderation. If you must eat fruit, try to get fruit that is less sweet (lower in fructose).

For more information, I recommend reading the Bulletproof Diet written by Dave Asprey. When you first read it, the whole diet sounds crazy, but after trying for the past month, I've noticed a considerable increase in energy, a decrease in waist size (less inflammation), and I've lost approximately 10 pounds.

Bulletproof Diet Products (If you're having trouble following the diet)

What Diet Do You Follow?

What Diet Do You Follow? (Wow, there are a lot of diets!)

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Don't Wait, Exercise Now!

If you want to know how to lose your stomach fat, exercising is second most important tip. Don't wait until the perfect day to start working out, START NOW! There will never be a better time than now. There are 2 types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic exercise will activate fat loss over the entire body. The good news for you is that abdominal fat is usually the first to go. There is no way to lose just stomach fat. Even exercises that target the abdominal muscles will only focus on building and toning them, not getting rid of the excess abdominal fat.

Anaerobic exercise such as weightlifting can be very good for abdominal weightloss as well. Anaerobic exercise increases your metabolism during and after a workout. An increased metabolism means less energy stored as fat.

The optimal exercise or machine would be one that incorporates aerobic and anaerobic exercise such as circuit training or complex exercises. Getting agood pull up bar and finding a good place to run will set you on the right path. Alternate working different muscle groups (i.e. perform sprints one day and pullups the next). An example of an exercise that would do both could be running with a parachute on or even just sprinting with small rest periods in between sprints.

One last tip: Don't exercise too much! You're body needs time to recover and rebuild muscle. If you workout every day for months, your body will only become fatiqued and you will limit the amount of gains you can make in this period. Optimally, you should workout approximately 2-4 times a week. Track your progress and find out what works best for you.

Upperbody Workout Bar (Great for Pullups!)

Stay Motivated

The next tip for learning how to lose your stomach fat is to stay motivated. If you have trouble getting motivated, maybe reading the risks associated with abdominal fat will get you motivated. Some of the mental concerns with having excess belly fat; emotional issues, self-confidence problems, embarrassment, etc. The physical side effects can include increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Another way to stay motivated is to diet and exercise with a group of close friends or family. Having a group that pushes you to do what you otherwise wouldn't is a plus in my opinion.

How to Lose Your Stomach Fat - In Conclusion

There is no secret to learning how to lose your stomach fat. If I only could tell a person one tip on how to lose your stomach fat it would be this, "Take action! Don't procrastinate! The sooner you start taking action the sooner you will see results and the sooner you will become healthy."


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