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How To Lose Weight Fast: A No Non-Sense Approach

Updated on August 23, 2009

You are reading this probably due to the fact that you are desperate to shed some unwanted pounds for various reasons like fitting into your bikini, not having to buy new pants because you cannot fit into them anymore, or you saw a recent photo of yourself and were horrified at how large you have become. Whatever the reason I am glad you found this information to help you out of your desperation with losing weight fast.

First off there is no secret pill, surgery or diet that will magically get you to your normal or goal weight. That said I know the title of this Hub is slightly misleading, but I wanted to get your attention and let you know that while a pill or surgery will give some temporary results it's not going to last and you will be back at your current weight level in record time.

How To Lose Weight Fast

Losing Weight Fast
Losing Weight Fast

Some People Cannot Lose Weight Fast

There is an exception to every rule and of course you should consult with your family doctor if you morbidly obese and have related diseases from being over weight - You don't want to exert yourself if it will cause a heart attack or seizure. Get with the doctor and make sure you know what your current physical limits are so you can start losing weight.

When I weighed in at over 460 pounds back in 2003 - I was hospitalized four times that year with heart problems due to the strain on my body - Could barely walk half a block in my neighborhood without almost passing out or my back going out on me. Losing weight fast can be healthy but you need to make sure you are not going to hurt yourself first.

Diet and Excercise - Everyone Hates to Hear or Read This Statement

If you are going to maintain a certain body weight then you have to live like your body was intended to live - eat to live not live to eat - It is better to be a little hungry all the time than full and feeling bloated - and being active 80 percent of the time you are awake - Our ancestors accomplished this from having a hunter-gathering lifestyle a long time ago - they survived barely by finding edible plants and animals all day long and sharing it with their family and fellow villagers - They worked from sunrise to sunset just to keep food on the table - Technology is one of the body's biggest enemies today - It is to the point where you do not have to do much except work from your home computer, and eat while you work.

The biggest and best way to turn your life around is of course to have a physically demanding job outside that gives you little time to sit at desk and have a spirited family life that includes plenty of sports activities daily.


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    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 8 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thank You Michelle - just living the dream so to speak!

    • michelle.dragon99 profile image

      michelle.dragon99 8 years ago

      cool hub jon...:)