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5 Surefire Ways to Make Sure You Do Not Change the World

Updated on July 12, 2017

Earlier today, I put a quote graphic on my Facebook page and it included the words - You Are Here To Change the World. Now I am very aware that most people do not go around thinking about how they are going to change the world in the next ten seconds. They tend to just think in terms of the next thing they need to do. However, I was fairly surprised to get a comment from someone telling me that they are not here to change the world.

I did then go on to ask what they felt they were here to do. They did not actually give me any satisfactory answer as they started talking about what everyone else was here to do and could not articulate clearly their purpose...

That got me thinking about this article and how to ensure that you do not change the world, if you really do not want to.

1. Choose Not To Have Clarity Of Purpose

Choose to go through your days believing you are here for nothing more than to be born, do what you are told, pay bills, maybe have a kid or ten and then die again. You can also choose not to question that low-level depression that tends to hang over you all day. It can become your norm and be accepted as the way everyone lives and so, why bother questioning it?

And when someone does ask you what you are here to do, instead of admitting that you do not know, you can deflect it back to that person and pretend that you are satisfied with not knowing. That way, you assure yourself of a life of no impact whatsoever. How can you make a dent when you do not even know what dent you are here to make?

2. Do The Bare Minimum

I do understand that not everyone is cut out to be in business (though I cannot claim to really fully understand why!) so another thing to do to ensure you are completely insignificant in your time on this planet is to find yourself a job doing what you hate and do the very bare minimum you can get away with. Get there at start time on the dot and clock watch until the moment you can go home. try to take as many breaks as you can get away with and just about do you job description.

And then, make sure you complain loudly when everyone else gets a promotion or pay rise and talk about how the world is definitely against you. Talk about how it is because you are of a particular race, sexual orientation, background or maybe, it is because you have no money to do your own thing. Join in the conversations that bash your boss and the owner of your company because you know they definitely want to make a buck off the sweat on your back and they have no understanding about what it takes to be you and work there. Promise yourself never to allow them to benefit even one more cent from your efforts than they pay you.

3. Blame Everyone Else

Complain about the politicians and all the rich people and how they are squeezing you with all their policies and all the tax breaks they give each other. Also complain about all the foreigners coming into your country to take your potential promotions. Think briefly about taking responsibility for increasing your income but then tell yourself that you cannot do it because you have no money, your parents did not teach you how and your kids need you so you don’t have time. Also, the partner does not understand your need to excel and so it is his/her fault that you cannot keep the business going - Better to have a so-so relationship than make money. Money is not everything, after all.

Speak to a coach about potentially working with them to learn the tips and techniques of business, get excited for a day or two, then petrified at how much you paid them and then decide what they are telling you to do, is impossible and blame them for eating up all your money and so now, you definitely cannot start your own business.

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4. Ignore Your Intuition And Overthink Every Idea

In your happier moment, you sometimes get a feeling that you are born for more but then you get ideas of what you could do and immediately discard them as wishful flights of fantasy. Pay attention to your intuition when it tells you to do things like pray and chant affirmations while staring at a candle but then ignore it when it tells you to take any action that seems uncomfortable.

Overthink every good idea until you think yourself out of it. Never act first and think later -OH NO! you must be sure that every thing you do will definitely result in a six figure income before you ever embark on it.

5. Try Very Hard To Blend In

OK, so maybe you did finally manage to get that online business off the ground. Wahey! Just to make sure that you do not make too much of a dent on the planet, ensure that you hide behind your computer all the time. Never EVER do a video. Never EVER write a blog post. Just simply tell people what you have to sell and tell them in the most boring possible way so there is absolutely no risk of you sounding like the powerful creature you are born to be. You don’t want to be too much now, do you? So blend in. Sound like everyone else around you. Maybe, even lurk and watch what others in your industry are doing and try hard to do EXACTLY the same thing in exactly the same way, except when it comes to doing videos or writing blog posts - You just do not want to do any of that.

Have no opinions and try to make every person you come across happy. Spend lots of time thinking about how to ensure you do not rock the boat at all.

Now, I could go on...

But the truth is, I want you to change the world and so I am not going to put any more ideas in your head! And just so you know, I do believe you are here to make a dent on the planet and that you really would have to try very hard not to change the world at all. However, I see so many people walking around without a purpose, worried about having no money and so making decisions based on money though they are very quick to tell me that they are not motivated by money. I come in contact with many, like the person on my page, who have never really taken the time to figure out what they are here for but complain greatly about their lot in life as though it is up to everyone else to make a lane for them. I guess if you have read all the above, you want more than that, right?

Then can I ask you to do the opposite?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to


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    • Rosemary N Knight profile image

      Rosemary Nonny Knight 9 months ago from UK

      Thanks for stopping by, Pam! It is a rather big deal to think that you are here to change the world. I was going to add to the mix that I do feel that anyone living to their purpose, is changing the world just by being themselves. I don't really think it is possible to be on this planet and be completely a nothing - though some may think that way about themselves.

    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 9 months ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Interesting quote, "You Are Here To Change the World." I can agree with that to some point as we all were born to do and be what we desire in life. I also, agree with your statement, "Most people do not go around thinking about how they are going to change the world in the next ten seconds." It's not something we think about yet it something that can happen. There are a countless number of people putting their ink on the world changing it in ways that other look up to them. Thank you for sharing this quote and article.