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How To Make Your Hemorroids Go Away Without Surgery

Updated on February 17, 2010

After giving birth to my first child, I had my first and only experience with hemorrhoids. Before then, I had never heard of a hemorrhoid. So when I inquired about the pain in my anus to my doctor, I was told that I had hemorrhoids. What does that mean?

Hemorroids are varicose veins, like the ones we see in our legs. they are just inside of the anus. They become swollen, and can be very itchy and painfull, and they can rupture when you push and strain during childbirth, or when you strain during a bowel movement. You might notice a little blood on your tissue after you wipe, or in the toilet bowl.

At that time all I could tell anyone was that they were extremely painful. I had discomfort sitting, walking and standing for any length of time. I wanted to cry every time I had to have a bowel movement.

Pregnant women are not the only one to get hemorrhoids, Truck drivers, and cab drivers, anyone who sits constantly. Or anyone with a bad diet, who gets constipated and has to strain during a bowel movement are subject to get hemorrhoids.

I was told to use a sitz bath, which is a device that sits over the toilet with warm water and a saline solution. You sit on it and it bathes your hemorrhoids, which made them feel better for the moment. I used Tucks Wipes, and stool softeners. Those items helped, but they were not a cure. I even thought of surgery.

After a lot of praying, a cure came to me. One morning I was watching a morning talk show, I can't even remember what the subject of the show was that day. Something that the host said shouted at me. She said that she had hemorrhoids, and that she stopped eating beef and her hemorrhoids went away! So, I stopped eating beef, and my hemorrhoids went away! In about a week, It was all over. The actual veins were still there. But the pain and the itching was all gone. No more sitz bath, no more tucks wipes. no more stool softener. no more thoughts of surgery. no medication. I was back to normal in such a short time.

From that day to this I had not eaten any beef. I substituted with ground turkey for my burgers, and meatloaf, and spaghetti with meat sauce. I just want to tell hemorrhoid sufferers that the cure is so simple. No Beef!


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    • profile image

      sara 3 years ago

      Yes you are right. I also cannot eat beef as the haemorrhoids swelll up

    • profile image

      Hemi 4 years ago

      I was on an island eating only fish fruits and veggies, and noticed it was gone. Then back home had a bbq and it was back. This confirms it to me. I wonder if i can eateat without it swellig again... Ever?

    • profile image

      Dile 5 years ago

      I can say that I am going through the same thing. It seems that not eating beef it is actually helping.

    • profile image

      emointel22 7 years ago

      great advice! i think altering diet should be the first way to see if a problem can be fixed. i eat beef very infrequently, however, still got (and have) hemorroids. doctor didn't have any recommendations other than stool softeners (which help) but i have the contributing factors: I worked over twenty years on my feet and now work sitting all day. Working on my feet caused vericose veins and the sitting can cause the hemorrhoids. Does having one condition make you vulnerable to the other? Doctor says no but I'm still wondering....also I am overweight which is bad for both I'm told. So I'm of the mind that diet change (little or no beef for sure) higher fiber and more water has certainly helped. Exercise for sure. Sitz baths and stress reduction. I have definitely reduced flare-ups down to minimal but they haven't gone away completely. Thanks for speaking about this personal subject!