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How To Make Your Period Come Faster

Updated on August 21, 2016

Having Your Period While On Vacation Sucks- But It Doesn't Have To!

If you are looking forward to a special weekend away, or a wonderful vacation that you have scheduled, it's always nice to have the least amount of stress going into your special days. When you're worried about getting your period and having it for your time away, it can seriously put a damper on things. Things can especially get worrisome if you are planning to be sexually active, or planning an intimate weekend with your significant other. Many women think that they have a set schedule for their menstrual cycle. Women who are on the pill know exactly when they'll get their period and can plan accordingly, but millions of women who are on no type of birth control normally await their period on a 21-28 day cycle.

There are some things women can do to hurry the process along. These things aren't widely discussed and they aren't very well known, but some there are indeed some simple things women can do physically, and some things women can digest to make their periods come a little early. Speaking from experience, I have a very regular menstrual cycle but I was worried about a special weekend with my honey- and I read up on making my period come faster. I was shocked and surprised that it actually worked like a charm, and I got my period a week early.

Aspirin is Your Friend

Aspirin Thins Your Blood

Aspirin is a blood thinner. It's really that simple. There are many online articles that discuss the fact that one shouldn't take aspirin to induce a period, but the truth is, taking an aspirin every day can be very good for your heart. You shouldn't take more than a recommended daily dose and you should ask your doctor if it's okay that you take aspirin at all, but taking it once a day (especially if you don't normally take it) may speed your period up a few days. Other anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and naproxen are commonly used to decrease bleeding, as they decrease the inflammatory response in the uterus, and cause the blood vessels to close off some. - Dr. Lori Mcneal, Obstetrician and Gynecologist

If you are trying to speed your period up and you get it, avoid taking anti-inflammatory pain killers if at all possible.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Estrogen

Vitamin C aids in producing the hormone estrogen. Estrogen helps build the lining in a woman's uterus which of course, is the blood which is dispelled during a woman's period. If you are looking to speed your period along, you can eat foods rich in Vitamin C like broccoli and citrus fruits. Cranberry juice is a great source of Vitamin C as well. You can also take supplements every day, but it's a good idea to talk to a doctor before doing this. Vitamin C can be a factoring cause in miscarriages as well, so you should definitely not take the supplements if you are pregnant.

The bottom line is Vitamin C can help build up the estrogen in a woman's body and cause the uterus to contract. This can speed up a period in a healthy woman.

Other Foods Can Help

Speed Along Your Period By Eating These Foods

There are other foods, herbs and spices that may help speed your period along. Celery stalks have a compound in them that speed along uterine contractions. Some herbs that help a woman's period along are ginger and parsley. Tea can be made with either and drank. The main reason why this is very helpful is because the uterus can expand so this will cause menstruation to come. Parsley, yarrow, sage and rosemary stimulates blood flow in the uterus.

Tropical fruit juices work as well. Mangoes, oranges, papayas and juices made from these fruit concentrates will help jump start a woman's period.

Have You Ever Tried To Prepone Your Period?

Have You Ever Done Anything To Make Your Period Come Faster?

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The Bottom Line

If you are wanting to get your period over before you have made some special plans- whether you'll be having some sweet time with your honey or if you just don't want to deal with having your period- there are certain ways to try to speed up the process.

However, everyone who does decide to take a natural path to attempting to make their menses come earlier than usual should consult a medical expert to make sure that whatever method you use doesn't hurt your body or make you sick.

It should be mentioned that vigorous exercise may make your period come a bit earlier too, just like sex. The blood flow to the body is stimulated by exercise just as it is with sex, and this blood flow can help the uterus contract and shed the lining early.

Hopefully some of this information has helped, and you can find some way to enjoy your time without having to worry about cramps, leaks, bleeding and bloating. Good luck, stay healthy, and have fun!


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