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How To Meditate For Beginners At Home with Meditation Technique And Benefits

Updated on October 25, 2015
Meditation | Source

Meditation is part of India from time immemorial. Later in this era, it became popular in another part of the world by many spiritual leaders and gurus. Previously the aim of meditation was spiritual and self-realization. However today its use is only limited to make your body fit and mind free from stress.

Today life becomes too hectic and tough that common men’s mind filled with different thoughts. Everybody mind is plagued with some kind of problem and issue. Therefore, people are looking for different ways and techniques to free themselves from this tension and depressed condition.

What Is Meditation?

The meaning of Mediation is to think about a certain thing or focus mind and body on the breath. Every yoga institute has a different definition of meditation, but they recognize above definition. Meditation is not sitting at one place, but it is a way to know yourself and our relationship with the supreme lord.

What Is meditation
What Is meditation | Source

How To Meditate For Beginners At Home

Purpose Of Meditation

People have a different reason to do the mediation. Some do the mediation to calm their mind from stress. Some try to find the solution of their problem. Some want to realize the self, others want to concentrate their mind so that they can study better. So before mediation if you ask yourself that why are you doing meditation then it will be good.

Place Of Meditation

The place of meditation is also important.It can be the roof of your house where sufficient sunlight comes. Room of your house is good as well that has a dim light. Garden is the best place for meditation as it is easy to meditate there. Keep in mind that place should be open and clean for better meditation.

place for meditation
place for meditation | Source

Time Of The Meditation

The best time for meditation is early in the morning. As in the morning, your mind remains free from any thought because of the good night sleep. Therefore for maximum benefit, try to do it in the morning. You will achieve the best result. If you can’t do it, then you can do it anytime in the whole day.

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Good Diet For Mediation

For meditation, a good diet is important. If you will take heavy or too spicy diet in the night, then it will be difficult for you to meditate. Meditation candidate should take light and no spicy meal in the night.One should do meditation with empty stomach. With this, it will be easy to concentrate.

Good-diet | Source

How To Sit For Meditation?

Normally for better mediation it is proper to sit in the Lotus posture. If you have the problem, you can sit in the chair also. Sit on soft cotton cloth or mat. Straighten your hand and place on knees. Touch thumb with an index finger. We call it Lotus posture as shown in the below picture. By this posture, positive energy begins to flow in the body that helps in concentrating the mind.

Sitting-posture | Source

Meditation Techniques

  1. Breathing Meditation

There are different techniques to do meditation for beginners. However, the most important is there should be some object to do the meditation. The easy way to start focusing on the breath. Take a deep breath and feel that it is going inside. Keep it inside the body for some time and leave the it. Don’t force yourself. Just concentrate on the movement of breath. Go deep and try to hear the sound of the breath. Yoga expert call it pranayama in yoga language. It is the basic meditation.

2.Sun Meditation

Sun meditation is very old and popular in India. Beginners can do basic sun meditation which is given below. In this technique, person meditates on rising sun in the morning, when the sun remains cold and doesn’t give any heat.

See the sun for some time and meditate on the same sun between eyebrows by closing your eyes. Imagine that morning sun irradiating each body parts internally, your whole mind, heart, lungs, hands legs and eyes. Filling each part with unlimited energy. It is worthwhile meditation, increases concentration power and gives the maximum result. There are sages in India who are expert in it and do many miracles.

3.Tratak or Flame or Third Eye meditation

In tratak meditation, the person sits straight in the Lotus posture. Keep candle at some distance and see the flame of the candle without blinking his eyes. He sees it without any interruption. When he or she can't able to do it, Person closes his eyes and meditate on the flame of the lamp. The result of this meditation comes when we do it for a long time. Some people or student do it with morning rising sun.

This meditation increases memory.Settles agitated mind and give peace.Improves eyesight.It is helpful in bringing good sleep.

Guidance From Meditation Expert

There is one personality named Sri Ramdev baba is famous in India and other countries because of its original yoga breathing and yoga exercises. There are various types of breathing meditation like bramhri(bumble bee) and Kapal Bharti breathing. Below you can see his video displaying how to do different pranayama or breathing meditation.


In any meditation willpower is most important. If your willpower applied in imagination is strong, the result will come in short time. Willpower in term of mediation is that what you are thinking is happening.

If you adopt any meditation, practice it daily. Then the difficulty that usually beginner feel like losing interest or leaving it midway because of some problem, will go away after some time. After some time, you will begin to do it easily.

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Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is useful for the common public as well as the student. It gives you relief from stress and peace of mind. It increases the concentration and memory power. It brings magical changes in your behavior. It makes your face brighter and clear free from pimples and marks. If done properly in the guidance of expert teacher, it can be path of spiritual realization.

At Last

We can say that above all steps are necessary for good mediation. The best result will achieve when you apply all of these steps.One should start from basic meditation like Breathing meditation.It is best for both experienced and beginners. It will make your breath proper and deep. So start meditating.


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