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How To Minimize Age Spots On Face

Updated on April 28, 2011

Age spots on face, hands and body can make you feel a lot older than you really are and there are many skin treatments that you can do to help minimize them and also get rid of them safely. When we find age spots on the face they are often called liver spots which can be brown or yellow in color.

These types of blemishes on the skin are usually caused by too much sun exposure and often seen in people over 45. But it is quite common to see younger individuals with age spots as well, which is why it is very important that you cover your skin at all times when you go out into the sun.

Although age spots on face or body are harmless, they can often cause individuals to have a low self esteem and can also stop them from doing everyday activities such as going out with friends or family.

Age spots also make your skin look older, and you should get the right skin treatment available that is safe and effective for your skin and body. There are many different ways that you can remove age spots such as using creams as well as making a few changes to your lifestyle.

Prevent Age Spots On Face
Prevent Age Spots On Face

What Causes Age Spots On Face

The number one cause of age spots on face and body is too much sun exposure. Individuals who have a lighter complexion are more prone to getting age spots on their skin. When UV rays touch our skin, it causes the melanin content to multiply into clusters, which is why you get the look of age spots on your skin.

Another reason why you may get age spot on face is that you may have a nutritional deficiency,which is effecting your liver. This usually only happen in rare cases, and you should always consult your doctor first before starting any type of skin treatments.

Age Spot Removal can be done successfully, only if you do it correctly. There are so many anti aging skin care products out in the market today that it can be very hard to choose the right one of your skin type.

The best way to find the right treatment is to make an appointment with a dermatologist, where they can tell you what skin treatments are best for you. Depending on how long you have had age spots on face or your body, you may only need skin cream treatment.

There are also other types of treatments available such as laser treatment, which can also be effective in improving the look of your skin and also minimizing the signs of aging.

Home Remedies For Age Spots On Face

There are also many home remedies that you can do to help improve the look of your skin. This type of treatment are often used by individuals as they do not contain any harsh chemicals that can damage your skin.

Aloe Vera Gel has been shown to help improve the look of your skin and also help get rid of age spot on face and the body. You can easily find this gel in your local pharmacy or health food store.

The use of lemons is also effective when it comes to improving your skin. They not only help remove toxins from the skin and body, but can also help cleanse the whole body. By using a little amount of lemon juice on your age spots, you should see an improvement within a short few months.

As long as you protect your skin when you go out in the sun and also cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, you should see an improvement in your skin.


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