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How To Organize To Reduce The Bubbles

Updated on September 12, 2013

Climb Every Mountain?


The Mountain In My Life

Ever have the bubbles? I think bubbles are good name for it, but some prefer to call them brain farts. In this day in age, these symptoms can happen whether you're young or old.

The problem is memory loss and it could happen to anyone. Typical conditions associated with it are ADHD, ADD, Alzheimer's, Dementia and even Amnesia.

I have problems with memory at times, but I'm not going to label myself with the above. All I say is that I get the bubbles occasionally.

And what's the worst of my bubble enemies? Paperwork. It seems that, for the last 20 years or so, I've been just drowning in paperwork. Ever since I worked in the post office, I've been dealing with a mountain of paperwork.

Multitasking To The Max

I'm one of those people that tends to take too much on their plate; currently referred to as multitasking. despite the business chic name for it, it still means that you're underwater somewhere. There's too much work for just one person to handle yet there's only 1 pair of hands doing it.

I honestly think that I could get the rest of my house under control if not for the paperwork I have to deal with. But as a single mom, who works two jobs at three different locations while trying to set up a business at the same time; to say that I don't have time is a gross understatement.

I have to come up with a plan, because all this paperwork is just not working. So I think that I finally figured a way to handle this.

The Organizer

You see, I have a Neat organizer. The version I have is the smaller mobile version. Regardless, its very effective. I can scan any letter or legal size document with ease, and dispose of the paper copy.

My initial plan was to start going to my files and scanning everything in the files into the computer. However, I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork on my desk. I can't even get to the files yet because the paperwork on my desk is starting to take over the entire room.

First I thought that I would go through the paperwork that was not filed yet and then sort it and file it into binders. Initially, that's how I started out a few years ago trying to tackle the mountain of paperwork I was dealing with.

I did, after a period of time; manage to get quite a bit of it into binders. However I still have quite a bit that is not in a binder yet. The stuff in the binders are very neatly organized by year by date etc;. However, now I have an excessive number of binders along with a bunch of files with unfiled paperwork still stuffed in them.

I absolutely dread dealing with the paperwork and everytime I look at it I just say no. Yet the paperwork is driving me crazy and I want to be rid of it. So FINALLY, I think I've come up with a plan.


What would you call the paper pile in your house?

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Somewhere...In The Vicinity Of My Desk...

You see, part of my bubble problem has been that when I get bills or notices in the mail I open it, I look at it, and then I set it down somewhere. More often than not, it get somewhere in the vicinity of my desk; and I continue about the business of life working two jobs at three locations. Soon there's more mail and then more paperwork to have to deal with; and eventually what I thought I put in a safe place gets lost in the shuffle.

And God forbid someone is coming by the house. Then in a hurry to clean up, everything will get grabbed and shoved into a box. I may remember what's in the box at the moment this happens. However, I will totally lose track of it a few days later.

So when I was looking for that citation that I needed to pay before my car registration renewal came up; I had no idea where it was. For these reasons than others I've decided that the best way to put a cap in this paper workflow is to stop it as its coming in the door.

The Key

You see, I can't get to the old while dealing with the new that's coming in. Considering the fact that the bubbles are becoming frequent visitors in my life due to too much juggling, I need to get a little more assertive in addressing that. So even if something is coming the door that I can't handle right away or manage right away, I think I've got to attack it immediately.

Prime example: who pays doctors bills on time? Most people try to get them paid as soon as possible but it's not always immediate. There are your everyday regular bills to cover your daily living expenses that have to come first. So when you get these notices you look at them, you acknowledge them, you mentally make a note; and then you set it down to get back to it later.

You never know what might come up, what emergency might lie ahead, or what other things you may have to take care of prior to taking care of that bill. So I think that the key to eliminating some of the clutter of paperwork is simply to scan it as it comes in the door before you even pay it.

Create A Clutter Free House

Create a filing system on your computer in your Documents folder. Make categories according to the documents you need to scan and then subcategories if necessary. And try to isolate items by year. This will prevent a mountain of scanned documents to go through later when you're looking for something.

As you get new information, new documents or new mail coming in the door; if the piece is relevant to what you need to do or take care of, scan it immediately. Keep a small notebook by your computer with notes as to the most current things that you need to address; or, have a current folder in the actual scanned Documents folder.

This way you can refer to the notebook or to that folder every time you open your documents in the computer. What's the new stuff coming in the doors out of the way then you have time to go back and start getting the old stuff without as much trepidation. This will lead to a more clutter free house and a more happier and organized you.


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