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How To Outwit Your Demons

Updated on August 13, 2013

How Smart Are You?

Lets see just how smart you are. Do you know how to outwit your demons, and if so how would you do it?

Many of people have some sort of demons we carry around with us and are having a hard time getting that devil off our shoulder.

When I decided to surrender to my alcohol demons I had to figure out just how I could outwit them and play the game that they were playing in my head. They have had complete control over my body for many of years and now it is time to put them in their place and out of my life forever.

They feed on our misery, and beat us to death with the addiction they have given us and many of us alcoholics can't seem to get rid of them. The demons love to make your life a living hell, but reward you with getting you high or drunk and ruining your life at the same time.

Sure, they will destroy your life and take down others on the way. They have no feelings. They have no compassion or care in the world except to be continuing fed their daily alcohol supply, and if the supply is cut off for any length of time the demons will make you sick and make you feel so ready to kill yourself if the alcohol is not fed to them soon.

Are the Demons in You ?

What I Did and Said to My past Friends

Here is how I outwitted my demons. You have ran my life for many years and now it is time to have the ball in my court. I am very bitter with my demons for what they have done to my life and other lives that I love and adore. So, I don't care what I say when it come to outwitting my demons.

  • You need to control them like they controlled you all those years of your addiction.
  • You have to tell them no more, you will not ruin one more second of my life.
  • I will put in your place, and that place is in hell where you belong.
  • You will not stay in my body for one more second.
  • Once you surrender and cut the supply of alcohol off they will make your life (in the beginning) a living hell, but DON"T give in to them because that is exactly what they want.
  • I said you had control of my life for years because I was thinking with a negative attitude telling myself I can not beat my demons, BUT now thinking and acting with a Positive Attitude you will never beat me at your game
  • I love myself and others too much to be destroyed by the addiction you gave me.

See, you can outwit and beat anything in life if you truly want to win bad enough. I have won and regained my life and my sobriety back and will never let the demons control my life for one more second.

Anyone that wants to get their life back in a positive way can do it as I did. You just need to want it so bad that you will do anything it takes to get the job done and get rid of the demons that have been controlling your life and other lives for years.


© 2012 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Amaya31 yes indeed we can not let these demons of any kind run and ruin our lives. Thank you for your comment and Happy Easter to you and yours!

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Billy - Thank you for commenting. My positive attitude I now have has change my life 100% and it also helped me to get and stay sober. the power of the mind can do wonders to a person only if they try to change and get positive and then you can defeat anything.

      Thanks Billy for your kind words.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Love your outlook on life and the positive attitude. Right on with your approach; I can attest to the positive results of such thinking. Great job my friend and keep spreading the word.