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17 Ways To Be A Kinder Person

Updated on January 10, 2017
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As a child, I was taught to give to the sick, elderly, and homeless. This legacy is practiced today by my children and grandchildren.

Any act of kindness is always appreciated by the elderly - even a cheerful "How are you."
Any act of kindness is always appreciated by the elderly - even a cheerful "How are you." | Source
Take time to listen to someone's sorrows.  No need to give advice, simply listen and be empathetic.
Take time to listen to someone's sorrows. No need to give advice, simply listen and be empathetic. | Source
Offer to walk a neighbor's dog.  Provide care for homeless pets.  Report any signs of animal abuse.  Help take care of the ones that care for you.
Offer to walk a neighbor's dog. Provide care for homeless pets. Report any signs of animal abuse. Help take care of the ones that care for you. | Source

17 Acts of Kindness To Practice

We are all kindhearted (well, most of us are) and like to do kind things for other people. But sometimes we just can't think of anything to do. I've come to your rescue with 17 different ways to be a kinder person.Please feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments section of this hub.

How To Pay It Forward With One Kind Act At A Time

  • Write a "thank you" note to someone who doesn't expect it.
  • While driving, look for opportunities to stop and pick up litter..
  • Pay the bridge toll for the car in back of you.
  • Wheel in a neighbors trash carrier for them.
  • Prepare a sack lunch for a homeless person and hand it to them as you pass by.
  • Prepare homemade chicken soup for a sick person.
  • Help an elderly person load grocieries into their car at the supermarket.
  • Visit a nursing home, find out who has no family and spend time with them.
  • Give a "grouch" a hug.
  • Pump gas for the elderly and wash the car windows..
  • Adopt a homeless pet instead of getting a new one..
  • Notify police immediately when you see a pet left in a hot car.
  • Donate unwanted goods to charity
  • Purchase gifts to hand out at a childrens hospital.
  • Donate your talent or time to a school or hospital.
  • Recycle everything. There isn't much that can't be re-used in some way.
  • If someone in line at a supermarket is short a couple of dollars, cover the amount.

He who gives when he is asked has waited too long.

~Sunshine Magazine

A Simple Act of Kindness

When someone extends a helping hand to us or does a good deed, we seldom if ever can pay that person back. But we can help someone else and when we do we are paying it forward. Now is the time to pay it forward and make a better world.

One afternoon as I was out doing errands I suddenly became thirsty, craving a diet coke. I was completely worn out and anxious to get home. Just up ahead I spotted a McDonalds and pulled into the drive-through ordering a small drink.

Waiting in line in front of me was a man in a "U-Haul" van picking up his order. As the driver of the van was paying for his food I noticed a wave and a smile directed to me as he drove out of Mc Donalds.

As I proceeded to pay for my drink, the young woman at the pick-up window also smiled and said "There's no charge. The man in the u-haul paid for your order."

Big deal? Some of you might be thinking "no big deal." But to me it was. It was a very big deal. That small act of kindness took me from a very tired and drained shopper to a lighthearted, beaming with energy person.

I will never see the man in the u-haul again. I will never be able to thank him. But I can "pay it forward." Another act of kindness to pass on to someone else.

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light. ~Norman B. Rice

  Cute, warm and dangerous - my ugg boots
Cute, warm and dangerous - my ugg boots | Source
vocalcoach and Clancey
vocalcoach and Clancey | Source

Kindness Given Freely By A Complete Stranger

I didn't remember much after I hit the pavement. Somewhere, off in the distance I could hear a siren screaming. The voice of a woman softly telling me not to move and that help is on the way.

Another voice echoed, "Lift her head gently so I can make a pillow for her with my coat." I was so cold that even my pink sweatsuit and pink leather Ugg Boots lined with soft lamb's wool couldn't keep my body from shaking.

I would learn later that wearing those Ugg Boots was a big mistake. It seems that the emergency room had it's share of women experiencing nasty falls because of the way the soles are constructed.

All I could think about besides the pain coursing through my body was my little Shi Ztu. He and I were just beginning our walk in a nearby office complex with pebbled walks and green lawns. Somehow I tripped and down I went.

I pleaded for the kind woman kneeling next to me to keep my little dog safe. She was a stranger, but this kind lady was all I had. She assured me that my Clancey would be well taken care of and I was not to worry.

The sound of the siren became louder and in seconds I was being lifted into the ambulance. The kind lady was given my address as well as directions to my neighbors house and once more she assured me that Clancey would be well taken care of.

Where My Accident Happened

Nashville, Tn:
Nashville, TN, USA

get directions

A Beautiful Example of Kindness

Laying in a hospital bed and hooked up to an IV, all I could think about was my little dog. Was he hungry, scared and confused? All I wanted to do was go home. The nurse came into my room and handed me the phone. "You have a call from the lady who helped you." Because both of my hands were a little banged up from the fall, the nurse held the phone up to my ear. It was like speaking to an angel.

She assured me that Clancey was just fine and at my neighbors house being looked after. She had went to McDonalds for a bite to eat and ordered a side of chicken and some water for Clancey. Then she drove over to my area and went door to door to find the right neighbor to take care of Clancey until I arrived home later that evening.

I thanked her for all she had done. I also found out that she lived quite a long distance away from me. She wished me well after making sure there was nothing more she could do for me.

She also called the hospital to check up on me several times during my evenings stay. I never saw or spoke to her again.

3 Simple Acts of Kindness

  1. Smile at people
  2. Say "Hi".
  3. Pick up stray trash


Little Clancey with his 'binky.'  Clancey is now with my son Todd, in the arm's of angels and playing "catch."
Little Clancey with his 'binky.' Clancey is now with my son Todd, in the arm's of angels and playing "catch." | Source

Final Thoughts

I will never be able to repay the nice lady, that good samaritan, who stopped to help me when I fell. She went way beyond the call to come to the rescue of a perfect stranger and her little dog. But I can pass on what I have learned from her. I can pay it forward and make a better world.

The feeling of paying it forward is one of the best we can experience as a human being The reward is in the doing, in the act of giving. There is no thought of reward. There is no need to be thanked.

Find some inspiration and jot down a list of ways you can pay it forward. Consider more small acts of kindness that you can generate. Once you've learned how to do this, it will change your life. Charity is pure love.

expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.

~William Penn


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