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How To Quit Smoking Without Pain And For Good

Updated on April 15, 2011

101 Ways To Quit Smoking

There are literally hundreds of methods how to quit smoking all over the internet. Some of them ask you to utilize some products like nicotine patches, some of them ask just for more will power and for changing you social behavior. Some of them ask you to quit smoking all at sudden and then offer some way of controlling your withdrawal symptoms. You will even see sources claiming that methods such as hypnosis, acupuncture, acupressure and all that elusive stuff will help you. They all have something in common. They rarely work, but they always cost you money. And if they do not work they just use the lack of your willpower as an argument. Here I am gonna tell you about a method, that is very straightforward. It is actually quite old and works surprisingly well. Will it require some of your willpower? Yes, of course, but with a very, very little effort, just by employing some control over what you are doing you will be able to quit smoking very easily and effortlessly. There is just one and only requirement to succeed with this method - you really need to be serious about quitting smoking. Everything else is easy.

Step 1 - The Preparation

First, you will need to establish, how much cigarettes do you smoke on average each day. It does not have to be exact. Just to get in the ballpark. Let's say you smoke two boxes of cigarettes a day, which would typically mean you have 40 cigarettes a day. This is the number you would start with on day one which is today. The goal is two subtract two cigarettes each next day until you reach number 20. If you do not smoke more then 20 cigarettes a day you can skip the next step.

Step 2 - Going to 20 Cigarettes A Day

So, for the next day you will buy 2 boxes of cigarettes. Open the first box and throw 2 cigarettes away. Now you have 38. Good, this is what you have for day 1. Set a tracking diary for this and write it all down - the date and the number of cigarettes allowed. It is absolutely crucial to keep this tracking diary - this will make you feel you have things under control. You need to control the situation. Even better is to have it on a visible place. Under no circumstances exceed the number 38 on day one. Remember, you will subtract 2 cigarettes each day until you reach 20 cigarettes a day. This process will take 10 days. If you do not want to throw the cigarettes, spare your box number one and put them into it but DO NOT USE it until it is full - 20 cigarettes. Than you may use it instead of a new one. Be sure to track your progress every day a keep the diary. You should not have any problems with this pace. If you absolutely must have more cigarettes then allowed for the particular day, do not, DO NOT exceed to quote you had the previous day. Good.

Step 3 - Going To Just A Few Cigarettes A Day

Once you reach 20 cigarettes a day you will continue exactly the same way, except from now you will only subtract 1 cigarette a day. Keep in mind, that for each day you need a box, that contain the exact number of cigarettes allowed for this day, not more. If you ever end up with some cigarettes left in the end of the day, throw them out. Keep in mind, this is the only way, you can have control over the whole situation, so be consistent. Once you get to less then 10 cigarettes a day, you may loose the pace to subtract 1 cigarette every second day or even every third day until you you reach the last 5. It does all depend on you, but under no circumstances exceed your daily limit. It is better to stay on 6 cigarettes for 5 days, than break the schedule. Keep your tracking diary. At this point you will feel great, because you will have already made a huge step forward in reaching you goal.

Step 4 - Getting To Your One Cigarette A Day

Once you reach 3 cigarettes a day, you may slow this pace even more to say 5-6 days with 3 cigarettes, then another 5-6 days with 2 cigarettes, but do not cheat. At this point you may even want to push yourself harder as you will feel you really have accomplished something, that seemed impossible in the beginning. Once you get to your one cigarette a day, you may keep it as long as you want, but never go back to two.

Step 5 - Going From One To Zero

At this point it is not finished yet. You will not need you diary anymore, but you will need to get from your one cigarette to zero. That is little tricky, because you will still have some psychological addiction to many things you did not even notice before - like the fact you have your cigarette box with you, you hold the cigarette in your hand or you just carry a cigarette lighter. To overcome this you will pick your last cigarette but you will just have a few inhales if you need it and then you just douse the cigarette and put it back into the box. You may pick it again, play with it, hold it in your hand, in your mouth or whatever you want, you may even light it again and have a few inhales and then just douse again. After some time you will realize you do not need it anymore and than - your are free.

Last But Not Least

This method works for sure. I have seen it being done quite a few times. It will cost you nothing and you have nothing to loose. It will allow you to quit smoking in a totally painless way, with no nasty withdrawal symptoms, with no money spend on anything. Easy Peazy. All you need to do is to keep the simple tracking diary, follow the instruction and be consistent. It could not be easier than that. So, if you are serious about quitting smoking, start today and let me know how it worked.


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