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6 Enjoying Stress Relievers of the 21st Century

Updated on January 27, 2018
JR Cuevas profile image

Ray is a civil engineering student and former student journalist. He loves to write about education, technology, and lifestyle.

Life is full of problems and lots of things can cause you stress. It can be stress from school, stress from the workplace, stress from paying your bills, stress because of the world events and stress from all other problems in life.

Do not consider stress as unimportant. In fact, stress can cause so many diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, gastritis or ulcers and much more. It has also a great impact on your mental well-being because it can cause problems with your thinking, conflicts about your decision, depression, and anxiety.

Stressful days
Stressful days | Source

Meaning to say, whatever position in life, whether you’re a business person, an engineer, an artist or an average worker, you experience stress and can lead to some serious diseases that you don't want to acquire. Even your president experiences massive stress. You always think of giving your 100% best and praying not to disappoint anybody, trying to meet the deadlines and striving to pass the standards of your superior people. Just continue what you are doing and don’t you worry because here there are so many things to do to relieve and deal with stress.

1. Stress Reliever Toys

Have you tried popping the bubble wrappers from box packages at your home and felt the feeling of pleasure? Are you one of those people who just loves to squeeze anything and fidget small things?Surprisingly, these things you are addicted to are good stress relievers. Relieve stress by maximizing the use of different desk toys available iin the market. Stress reliever toys give you the feeling of calmness and let you focus on your work. It also serves as a preparation for your hands before doing writing exercises or any hand-coordinated activities. They are a big help to an individual by increasing the mental alertness and finger awareness.

If you are after the trends, I assume you are knowledgeable of the newest stress reliever toys. Stress reliever toys are actually for autistic people. For some reason, this can also be helpful for you to decrease the anxiety and mitigate your stress. Here are some of the most popular stress reliever toys today.

Examples of Stress Reliever Toys

  • Fidget Cube
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Rubiks Cube
  • Stress Balls

Fidget Cube

Fidget cube is a stress reliever toy in a cubic structure filled with different types of buttons designed by Antsy Labs. Primarily, fidget cube is a toy consisting of six sides where you can glide over your fingers, click, spin and roll over. Obviously, it is something that you can fidget with your hands. It is consists of different buttons like on/off switch, a roller, a disc, a rubbing stone, and a joystick type of button. It is a stress reliever toy with unusually addicting form and lets you remove all the stress and anxiety in your mind and body.

Fidget cube
Fidget cube | Source

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner, from the name itself, is something that you can spin by your hands. It is alluring to use because it takes time before it stops. Fidget spinner has a fan type structure and often described as a midget electric fan where you can spin it unlimited. It has a bearing on the center allowing it to rotate smoothly thus creating no noise. Made from different materials like plastic, stainless steel, brass, or copper. But the most abundant are those made of plastic.

Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner | Source

According to studies, the first appearance of fidget spinners is during the 1990's. But it became popular just now. It helps people with A.D.H.D. and anxiety by releasing psychological stress. It was in Forbes's “Must-have office toy for 2017”. However, during the 21st century, opposite to its rapid increase in popularity was its end in some schools in Europe and other states in America. They say that fidget spinners have a negative impact on students. During lectures, it could take away a student's attention and could also interfere with the professor's concentration. Definitely, fidget spinner is a great desk toy to relieve stress.Fidget spinners will never be a distraction if used in the right place and at the right time.Fidget spinners could never be a distraction if used properly in the right place and at the right time.

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's Cube is an all time stress-reliever. It is a puzzle-type of stress reliever toy that is in three dimensions. The amazing part about this toy is that its colors are very soothing to the eyes. It produces non-irritating sound while you're solving the puzzle. Composed of six faces each with square tiles in different colors-red, white, orange, blue, green and yellow. To solve, the faces of the cube must appear with the same colors. Today, Rubik is available in different sizes, shapes, and color.Not only for smart people but also for the average ones. Everyone can play this. Make sure you know the basic moves. Decades have passed yet it is still appealing to the people and marketable.

Rubiks Cube
Rubiks Cube | Source

Stress Balls

Pound that stress with stress balls! The most popular stress reliever toy available in the market are stress balls. A stress reliever toy that you can squeeze because it is malleable. Squeezing the ball helps you relieve stress and release tension. This stress toy can always come in different shapes and sizes. Stress balls are spherical in shape. In some body treatments, stress balls filled with foam are the ones used to rub over the body. You also have other options. Making your D.I.Y. stress balls is an option. Plastic balloons will be the cover while rice, flour, or beans are the ones filled inside. Be creative as well by drawing on the surface of the plastic balloon or pasting designs and stickers of your favorite.

Squishy Stress Balls
Squishy Stress Balls | Source

What is the best stress reliever toy for you?

See results

2. Socialize

What type of person are you when you're with your friends? Are you the crazy one? The silent? The leader?
You certainly become yourself when you're around with your friends. You become rowdy and do awkward things. By that, bonding with your friends can distress you.

Stop wrecking your mind by being alone at home just staring at the window and doing nothing productive. It is time for you to go out and start socializing. Being able to talk to other people is a good way of releasing stress in your mind. Humans as social beings are made to enjoy socializing. Engaging yourself by socializing improves mental health and maintains the connection between different people. Just avoid talking about anything related to your school or office that will stress you out even more. Try to start with, converse with non-stressful topics like your favorite TV Shows, food, your unforgettable experiences during your travels, your pets or your crushes.

Attend Gatherings

You might want to consider attending different gatherings and social events in your school or your company. Start socializing with other guests in the event. Be present also in your high school and college batch reunions. This activity will surely release all your stress.

Gatherings | Source

Go Clubbing

In the blissful nights of your city, night clubs are so on point.You party together with your friends where you can show your moves on the dance floor, drink vodkas and just forget about everything. With so many party-goers in clubs at night, you might meet new people and be friends with them. You had real fun and gained new friends.

Disco ball in clubs
Disco ball in clubs | Source

Stay at Home and Do Fun Things

Another fun thing to do while bonding with your friends is playing video games or play cards at home. There are new game consoles where you can try without worrying things for a while. But if you don't have any of those electronics, you may just consider playing cards. With so many games that you can play with cards, you can fill the whole day playing with it. You can also order some food and deliver at your home.

Playing cards
Playing cards | Source

Karaoke With Friends

Singing is a way of expressing yourself. Sing to express what you feel and release all the depression and negativities in you. In many Asian countries, karaoke hub is popular. Karaoke is a good choice in distressing yourself.

In the Philippines, every household has a karaoke set. That's why many Filipinos are good singers. Aside from that, karaoke singing is one of the stress relievers of most Filipinos. Karaokes are always present on every occasion to entertain guests and to make them feel the comfort. Karaokes are present in bars, in malls, etc. There are also many Karaoke hubs available anywhere. Just be reminded not to go alone. Be with your friends or your family members. Believe me, "the more the merrier."

Karaoke Singing
Karaoke Singing | Source

Call a Friend on Phone

Calling a friend on your phone falls under the social support. By this, you can release all the stress and take advises from your friend on the phone. You can talk about your problems and just let your friend counsel you. Always keep in your mind that when it comes to interpersonal relationships, it's better to have a single communication with so much quality rather than many affiliations to but without quality.

Call a friend
Call a friend | Source

Chatting Online

In this modern days, we have become socialites in the platform of social media sites where you can video chat or send direct messages to other people online, either your friends, family members, or merely strangers. There are also many available sites where you can chat random strangers with similar interests. Chatting online also lifts your spirit up and could make an emotional impact by thinking that someone is there for you and someone is there to talk with you.

Communicate online
Communicate online | Source

Join a Club or an Organization

Joining a club or organization is also a form of social support. Why not join groups of your interest? Here you’ll experience companionship from your members and feel the affection. Receiving social supports will be a great help for you to lower your anxiety and feel more confident.

Network of people
Network of people | Source

Pick a Type of Socialization

What is the form of socialization that relieves your stress?

See results

3. Listen to Songs

Plug in your earphones. Open your phone and scroll through your favorite playlist. Listening to your favorite songs is one way of relieving stress. It is one of the easiest ways and the usual go-to to drop down those stresses of yours. Music calms your mind and lets you be in a different dimension where you can just care nobody and listen to your favorite songs. It is a big help in lowering down your stress hormones. According to studies, classical music or any slow songs are better because it calms your heart and slows down the pulse rate to its normal.

Listen to your favorite songs
Listen to your favorite songs | Source

4. Eat Comfort Foods

Who's fool going to say no to food? Many of you love to eat and according to studies, eating your favorite food can lower down your stress level and increase mental satisfaction. The only problem with that is when your favorite food is actually not healthy. Yes, I am referring to those big burgers, mac and cheese, your favorite junk foods and all other foods from fast-food chains. Examples of healthy foods are leafy vegetables, tuna, chicken breast, berries and all other foods that improve your body and your brains by healthy living and remove all the stresses from within.

Your favorite comfort food
Your favorite comfort food | Source

Foods rich in B vitamins and B 12 are good depression and anxiety wreckers. Having an intake of any of these will help you get through your stressful days and fully function as a slave to your work and time. Here are the most effective foods that will mitigate your problems with stress.

Leafy Vegetables

Be a veggie lover instead of craving for those carbohydrates from burgers and pizzas. Leafy vegetables are good producers of chemicals that stimulate pleasure and calmness of your mind and your body. One good leafy vegetable to remove stress is spinach. Spinach is a vegetable that produces dopamine and serotonin in your brain and will help you boost your mood. Try searching now for some magnificent dishes associated with spinach to increase your likeness to it.

Leafy Vegetables
Leafy Vegetables | Source

Citrus Fruits

This kind of fruits has so many essential nutrients to offer. B vitamins, Vitamin C, folate are 3 of the most needed nutrients by your body to release stress.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits | Source

Dark Chocolate

Everyone's favorite that has the best taste and offers good effects to your mind. Dark chocolates are good mood changer and are a good food to reduce stress. They have antioxidants that relax your vessels and produces chemical properties like anandamide to block depression and anxiety.

Dark Chocolates
Dark Chocolates | Source


Eggs are one of those foods that help you in fighting your stress. Eggs are protein rich foods and protein is the most important nutrient to intake to start with the healthy lifestyle and release all the stress. It is a good energy provider so you will feel positive all day.

Eggs | Source


Two best benefits of salmon are a booster in losing weight and stress reliever. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients that can ratchet those hormones that give you anxiety and depression.

Salmon | Source

If you really cannot resist eating your favorite food which is not that healthy, you can somehow put some twist on it. Adding healthy foods in your favorite food will help you relieve stress and stabilize your sugar. Just remember not to eat sugary and processed foods but instead eat foods that are gluten-free.

5. Go to Spas

Do you get relaxed when you are in quiet places with such a fragrant and soothing smell that gives you chills and affection feeling? Then you should try to go to spas. It's the perfect time to treat yourself for giving 100% to all of your tasks. Go to your nearest spa for a full body treatment. No doubt, you'll be relaxed and feel like you're in heaven.

According to science, spa treatments will not just remove your stress but also lets you have a balanced lifestyle. Spa treatments improve you physically, mentally and psychologically where the mind-body-spirit linkage is what is all about.

Spas | Source

Do you know the different spa treatments today? Relieve your stress and try all of these.

Body Treatments

Don't just settle with a beautiful facial skin. Treat also your body the way you treat your face because that's also part of your skin.Body treatments are moisturization and exfoliation that removes those dead skin cells for a better complexion and healthy-looking skin. Body treatments can come in different forms. It comes with an aqua therapy, body polishes, wrapping the body and much more.

Face Treatments

The face is your main aesthetic. So taking good care of your face also means taking good care of your whole self. Facial treatments are moisturizer treatment, cleansing, anti-aging treatments and much more.

Face Treatments
Face Treatments | Source

Massages (Body and Face)

The most popular spa treatment is probably this one. Let your therapist apply those hard pressures on your body and let go of all the bad energy inside you. Feel those long strokes from the hands of your massage therapist. In some spa shops, stones and other paraphernalia are used to massage the body.

Massage | Source

Manicure and Pedicure

Do you think that girls are the only one allowed to have their nails done? Well, boys too. There has been a stigma that manicure and pedicure is a girly thing. Primarily because of colored cuticles and various nail arts are seen from girls. The primary things done are cutting, shaping, and cleaning. Color polishing is just secondary. Always keep your nails clean. Also, never hesitate to include manicure and pedicure in your list to fully gain relaxation. Believe the feeling of pleasure by your spa shop.

Manicure | Source

6. Sight-seeing

No doubt that sight-seeing is on the list. What can you ask for from those breathtaking sceneries of various tourist destinations in your country? Sight-seeing different nature forms are one of the best ways to relieve stress. Aside from the fact that you're far away from your workplace, you become calm because of the greenery things around or the relaxing sound of the ocean waves. According to science, the green color has a soothing effect on our mind and body. Green helps an individual loosen up. Green lifts up one's positivity.

The best advice when you are sight-seeing is to go to places you'd never been to. Walk around that place and capture awesome pictures. It will be better if you have a companion with you. Feel everything and use the energy absorbed to give you good aura. Different activities might also be present. Since owners are trying to monetize the place, they have gimmicks and other activities that can attract visitors. You can trek going to the peak of the mountains, swim on beaches, and much more activities to experience.

Sight-seeing | Source

7. Retreat

Like what we usually do during high school. Retreat is one of the most effective way of reviving yourself from too much stress caused your studies/work.


Life has become very stressful. Stress Management is the only way to relieve your stress. You can do all the stress relievers mentioned above. Performing at least one of the stress relievers above will make a big impact on your whole-being. There will be few improvements and from that, you'll be able to function well again. Table below are the certain effects on your body, mood, and behavior after you relieve stress.

Effects of The Stress Relievers Mentioned Above

On Your Body
On Your Mood
On Your Behavior
No more headaches
Motivated and focused
Good sleep
More social connections
Healthy body
Eating right amount
No more chestpain
No more anxiety and depression
Not look for tobacco
No more muscle pain
Not look for alcohol

Which stress reliever tip is your most favorite and really relieve your stress?

See results

© 2017 PellucidRay


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