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How To Become Healthy - Best Tips

Updated on June 23, 2011

Our body is just like a machine.We give food to our body just like oil for machine.A lot of waste material is produced When a machine is working which will decrease the efficiency of the machine.

In the same way some waste material produces in our body which are poisonous. We have to get rid of those waste.Other wise this waste material will spoil our body.We should learn the process of cleaning our body.

  1. we are habitual to have a Tea or coffee early in the morning.If we want to get rid of this habit and we want to reduce our body waste drink warm water instead of Tea or Coffee.looking funny !But it is really good for health.Mix lemon juice or ginger juice with warm water.This technique will work great.
  2. After wake up try to concentrate on your breath for at least Five minutes.There are two benefits of Inhaling and exhaling strongly.One is there will be enough supply of oxygen to our body.Wastes from our body,lungs will sent out.At the same time with this exercise our Lymph juice system will be improved.
  3. Keep Good amount of time for your bath.It is not that good bathing means bathing with good perfumed soap.Body waste will sent out through our skin.So when you are bathing you have to brush your skin with little hard surface and get rid of body waste.You have to brush your skin in a clockwise method.
  4. It is also important to keep not to allow any waste to our body.So keep an eye on your diet.Calculate how many calories your body needs and take enough food.It may look difficult at the starting but it is necessary for good health.
  5. Fasting is also one of the best thing we can follow.But enough sleep is necessary while you are fasting.
  6. Change your habit of taking Tea into Green Tea.It is very helpful for your digestive system.It will send out poisonous body waste.
  7. Keep yourself away from Junk food.Give importance to raw vegetables and fruits.Vegetables are good for tissues.
  8. Take care about your cooking oil.Olive oil is very good for cooking.But many can't use this costly oil.At least use a quality oil.
  9. Drink at least five liters of water daily.It very important.
  10. Skin care is very important.There are many methods available for skin care.Steam bath is very good thing to do.


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