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How to Rob a Bank in Subconscious Realms

Updated on November 13, 2017
Subconscious Realm
Subconscious Realm | Source

In Depth Description

Robbing banks in subconscious realms, is an idea I actually came up with years ago. I was doing some character development for a new book. My main character, would get deep into a meditative state and go into different realms and rob banks. MY character would wake up with real money, right in his hands. One day I decided to try it, and my technique worked. As a matter of fact, it worked, over and over and over again. I decided I had to share this technique with anyone who was willing to learn. Now, although, I did not wake up from my meditative state with actual cash in my hands. I did, see an increase in my business clientele. People who owed me money, magically appeared in my paypal and cash app the day after I did the technique. I also won a small sum of money on a lottery ticket, the night after I did the technique once again. Another time I tried the technique I had a stranger place money in my hands the very next day. I will go deep into details, I have also added a Youtube video for visual purposes. What we are actually doing is, pulling abundant energy from different realms into our physical world. So basically manipulating the subconscious mind and realms. Now remember, the title is just for shock value. We are not actually robbing anything. This bank we pull abundant energy from, is the universal bank account. The universal bank account runs freely, for everyone, it never runs dry. We can all dive in and take what we want and bring it back into our material world. Lets begin....

Casting A Spell
Casting A Spell | Source

Step 1. Cast A Spell!

This technique works best if you are in a deep meditative state. I would say meditate for ten to twenty minutes before attempting the first step. Some people have been meditating successfully for years, and can achieve deep meditative states, just by closing their eyes. If this is you, you may dive right into step number one. if you have seen the Dr. Strange movie, then you know this step. Step One, cast a spell. This particular spell involves creating a portal into another realm. So, during your meditative state, you will see a circle cutting into the darkness of your mind, kind of like the one above in the picture. You can see it starting as a red dot and moving clock wise into a circle.

Step Two - You are going to see your self, your full being, standing in front of the circle you created. Now take both your hands and place them on the circle. Take a minute and feel the coldness on your palms. Now with all your might, move this circle to the side, creating an opening. Now, you have a portal you have created from your subconscious mind, with is basically outer space, into a different realm.

Step Three - Now see your self, your full being, climb through the hole/portal into the new world you created. Slowly place your leg through the circle and pull the rest of your body into the darkness of the circle.

Step four - Look around the room, there is plenty of light. You will see a vault, the door is open and inside is stacks and stacks of cash. Walk inside the vault.

Step Five - Walk towards the table with lots of cash, fill up your arms with as much cash as you can.

Step six - Steadily walk back to the portal you created, slowly, be careful not to drop any cash. Climb out of the circle with your stacks of cash. Make sure you see yourself, with tall stacks, going back through the circle to the darkness of your subconscious mind.

Step Seven - Now hold your cash and see your self back where you started. On the other side of the circle, where you created it. Hold the cash tightly and slowly fall back into your body. See your self falling back. See your spiritual self reconnecting with your physical self with the stacks of cash, still in your arms.

Step Eight - Interlock your Spiritual and physical body, become one again.

Step Nine - Slowly come to, and come out of your meditative state. slowly sit up if you were lying down.

Step Ten - Awaken! Open your eyes. Now look down into your arms, using your imagination, see the money, you took from the vault. Using your imagination, throw the cash into the air. Feel the money landing on you face as it comes down. Touch it, smell it, become happy, it is real!

Cash Money!
Cash Money! | Source


You have just robbed your first bank in the subconscious realms. Now keep your eyes open for money. If you own a business, watch out for increased clientele or sales. If you work a job, you may receive a bonus or more hours. If you play the lottery, prepare to win. If your just broke and in need of cash, look out for money miracles, that fall from the sky. This is a very powerful technique, that can help you manifest money and fast. You can access the universal bank account, any time you want. The money flows freely and never runs dry. Do the technique any time of the day, and as much as you please. Good luck and many many money blessings, namaste!

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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 3 months ago from Shelton

      this is crazy but I Loved IT!!!

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 4 months ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @devikaprimic Thank you, when I discover techniques that work, I share

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I have never tried this however, you shared an informative and unique hub on such a topic.