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How To Run and Bodybuild Too

Updated on March 21, 2014

Running and Bodybuilding

Running and bodybuilding have been two separate subjects for a long time, and for good reason. That is, they have never gone together very well. Quite frankly, they contradict each other in many different ways.

The most common argument is the basic principle of nourishment. That being: a bodybuilder needs excess nourishment to add additional mass, and; a runner needs excess nourishment to perform running. When these two activities are combined, the nourishment demands go up drastically. Not to mention, the hormonal confusion caused by both aggressive bodybuilding and running.

However, there is a solution. If pursuing both productive body building (meaning you seek to achieve results) and running, you must perfect both timing and nourishment. This isn’t an easy task. In fact, many people think they are doing it right; however they never get the results they want. But, if you keep these basic principles in mind, you can achieve real, worthwhile results.

Necessary Workout Supplements

  • Fish Oil (Joint support, brain support, metabolism support)

  • Protein (mass-gainer if you are skinny, whey isolate if you have fat to burn)

  • New running shoes (running combined with leg day bodybuilding risks shin splints without good shoes)

The Principles Of Bodybuilding While Running

Rules to Live by, Rules to Gain by.

1.) Do your running early in the morning, take protein beforehand, eat a solid meal with carbs immediately afterwards.

2.) Divide your muscle groups into different workout days. See Bodybuilding Like Mark Wahlberg for a great plan

3.) Have an excellent meal plan (see meal plan below)

4.) Sleep well! You need at least 9 hours of sleep for this lifestyle. Without enough sleep, you will burn away instead of buildup.

The Weight Training Meal Plan

6 meals a day

Primary focus on Proteins

Avoid Carbs after 5 pm

Fats are not the devil, but not as important as protein

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