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How To Select The Right Fitness Certification Course In Singapore

Updated on October 28, 2010

Steps To Identifying The Right Singapore Fitness Certification Course For Yourself.

As the World-Wide Fitness Industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, demand for personal trainers, fitness instructors, group exercise instructors and wellness coaches are increasing ever more.

Correspondingly, this has also led to an increase in the number of fitness enthusiasts - from Singapore to India and to all other parts of Asia - to seek professional fitness certification and credentialing in order to become fitness professionals to cater to the growing demand.

Unfortunately, not all certification agencies or organizations out there are recognized or even legitimate. Many are in fact operated by unscrupulous "Fly-By-Night" opportunists or "Certification Mills" who see great money-making opportunities in churning out 'little-study required' or even 'no-study required' type of fitness certificates in exchange for payment.

The following provides some useful guidelines to distinguish the genuine contenders from the pretenders in the fitness certifying industry, regardless whether you're seeking certification status in Singapore, Philippines, China or any other part of the world:

1. Reputation Of Organization

The fitness certifying organization that you choose should be credible and reputable. It must be a LEADER in the fitness industry, and has national/world-wide recognition. Graduates of the organization should be recognized and accepted by major commercial fitness facilities, national educational institutions and government health/fitness boards. The 'brand' itself of the certifying organization should evoke familiarity within the fitness fraternity, and be synonymous with quality and prestige.

2. Quality Of Certifying Faculty

The faculty or board overseeing and implementing the certification process should be made-up of qualified and respected fitness educators and authorities. These personnel should have stellar professional and academic qualifications, vast experience in the fitness field, and universally recognized as the foremost authorities on all things pertaining to fitness.

3. Quality Of Curriculum And Study Materials

A genuine and credible fitness certifying organization should provide a study curriculum that is both thorough and comprehensive, covering all angles of the intended topic of study. It should be complemented by a slew of top-notch study materials including, but not limited to: study texts, guide books, lecture notes, DVDs, CD-Roms and other online interactive media. All materials should also cater to both the theoretical and practical applications of the intended study topic.

4. Quality Of Certification Process

The certification process of a genuine and reputable fitness certifying organization is usually intensive and extensive, requiring periods of no less than 12-15 weeks of in-depth lectures, hands-on workshops and rigorous private study by the candidate concerned. This period of formal lessons and individual study should then culminate in an independently assessed examination that is both thorough and comprehensive, covering all the requisite study topics via theoretical and practical assessments.

5. Continuing Education Credits Requirement

A recognized fitness certifying organization would usually require its graduates to maintain an active credential status via continuing education credits/units. This process is to ensure that fitness professionals play an active role in keeping themselves relevant and updated in the fitness field via lifelong continual learning and upgrading. Fitness professionals of these certifying organizations usually have to attend approved courses and programs within a 1-2 year period from the point of their certification, and submit official documentation of their participation or course completion in order to re-certify themselves.

The following List Of National And International Fitness Certifying Organizations would be a great starting point for anyone wishing to pursue a respected and recognized fitness certfication course in Singapore or Asia.

Hopefully, equipped with the above knowledge, all would-be Fitness Professionals from Singapore to elsewhere in the world, can now separate the chaff from the wheat, and make the RIGHT choice in choosing only those certifying organizations that would best provide them with the necessary education and credentials to be successful in the fitness industry.


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