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How To Shield Yourself Energetically

Updated on December 4, 2017
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Jody has been working with energy her entire life and has been sharing her experiences in order to help others for over 15 years.

There are many type of shields and ways to shield. They are limited only by your imagination. Some will work better for some people that they will for others. Shielding at it’s basis is energy work. And energy follows thought, so what you focus on the shield (energy) doing is what it will do. Different types of energy also resonate at different frequencies. Some combine easier than others.

Grounding First

It’s important to ground yourself before you create your shield. If you don’t know how, I have another hub on different ways to ground that I’ve linked to this one. Grounding is important because it allows you to distance yourself from the distractions around you so you can focus on what you are creating. If your thoughts are running circles around each other, your shield will fall apart as you are creating it. Centering is also beneficial. It tends to happen as you ground so many people consider them the same, but they are actually two different techniques that work synergistically. I go into centering in another hub as well.

Creating A Shield

Most shields are created first with your own energy. Visualization (even if you don’t get a mental picture if you can feel it or get a “knowing” then you’re doing fine) is part of creating a shield because this gives it the properties you want it to have. If you’re not sure what your energy feels like, rub your hands together until they feel warm and then pull your hands apart and slowly bring them closer to each other. You’ll start to feel a resistance, kind of like there’s something there pushing them apart. Sometimes it helps to do this with your eyes closed. That resistance between your hands is your energy. That is what you will be working with to start. Below I will give several ways of creating shields. It is important to allow the beneficial energy to still flow through it. Shields are kind of like screens, they let the air (beneficial energy and info) flow through but keep the bugs (anything unbeneficial or unnecessary or unwanted) out.

Types of Shields

  1. One easy way is to imagine a dense ball of energy/light at the core of your being. Feel it begin to expand cleansing, rebalancing, and healing as it does. Feel it grow until it has spread throughout your entire body, then feel it grow a little more so it expands to the outside of your body so it’s like a second skin. Then focus on what kind of protection you want it to be. It can be reflective, like a mirror, reflecting back what is unbeneficial for you. It can be rubbery to bounce away anything unbeneficial. It can be like a camouflage that makes you energetically disappear into your environment. It can be like a black hole that eats anything unbeneficial that comes at you. It can be fiery hot to incinerate what is unbeneficial. It can be anything you want or need it to be.

  2. Another easy visualization is to imagine walking into a pool of light (or for some people shadow works better) and when you walk out you’re coated with it like a second skin. The same as when you jump in a pool of water and how the water sticks to your skin as your come out. You can give the energy whatever properties you want or need it to have the same as in the first one.

  3. This next technique is a little different, and a bit more advanced, because you are drawing on energies outside your own. Feel the energies of the elements around you; the heat of the sun, the cool of the moon or starlight, the feel of the wind on your skin, etc. Then wrap your chosen energy, or energies, around you. You might feel it like a bubble around you or like a blanket that you’ve wrapped yourself in, or even like you’ve grown a thick protective bark. You can then give that energy it’s purpose or ask the elemental spirits connected with that energy to protect you from that which would harm you.

  4. You can also use one of the previous shields and give it a taste or have it give off an energy that is absolutely disgusting to anything that is unbeneficial to you. This is very effective if there are energies feeding on you. You will want to let the shield be able to “read” the energy of what comes into contact with it and change to fit it. This will make it able to change constantly. Kind of like a computer reads code and adjust accordingly.

Tips On Shielding

There are other ways to shield, and to layer shields, but most are variations on the above. With all shields you can also “tie” them into an external power source that will feed them, or for the absorbing kind have them feed on the energy that is directed at them that is unbeneficial and use that energy to repair themselves as well. It’s kind of like plugging in an alarm or appliance. You can connect it to the Sun’s energy, to the Earth’s, to the Cosmos, to anything. It also shouldn’t take minutes to create. The faster you create it the stronger and more complete it is. Feeling it and knowing what it is doing is the easiest way to quickly create a shield. As energy forms it starts as a sense, then condenses into a feeling and knowing, then into thought, and finally (eventually) it comes into the physical, depending on what it is. So by feeling and knowing it’s there, you’ve already created it. If you’re dealing with energetic beings, you can also visualize them not being able to see you or them being repulsed by your shield’s energy and leaving you alone.

Things To Be Aware Of

If you feel drained after creating a shield, it’s because you have used too much of your own energy for it. If this happens each time, I would recommend using external energy to create the shield. This is especially important if you are dealing with energetic entities. If you are drained from creating the shield and they break it, you are left defenseless. There’s a lot of energy out there that you can draw from that isn’t other people or beings. Taking energy from others without permission is not a good thing (you are stealing something from them that they need, sometimes desperately) and depending on the being can get you into a lot of trouble. The energy that is just floating in the ether around us is one of the easiest sources because it’s always there. Everything gives off a certain amount of energy, more if it’s in a state of change. That energy flows to and condenses into rivers of energy called ley lines which flow into pools or lakes of concentrated energy called nodes. Be careful about using these when you’re first starting out because they are extremely potent and powerful. Some people find them naturally easier to work with than others. Some people won’t mess with them at all because they aren’t able to tolerate the concentrated energy. For some people, just being around is causes nervous issues from anxiety to actual nerve pain and muscle weakness as it overloads their body’s electrical system. Electricity is a form of energy and our nerves are electric conduits. Too much of anything is not good, and that includes energy.

Have you ever used any of these shielding techniques before?

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© 2017 Jody Cope


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    • jacope profile imageAUTHOR

      Jody Cope 

      3 months ago from Missoula, MT

      You're welcome. Different colors can be useful for different purposes as each color vibrates at a different frequency and thus will have a different effect not just on you but on the energy around you. As you work with it, you'll find that people will react differently (though it may be very subtle) around you when you use different colors in your shields. You can also combine different colors into the same shield. Using the visualization of different colored threads woven through the fabric of your shield is one way to do so. I would highly recommend looking up information on light and color therapy if you focus a lot on creating your shields with those focuses. Medical journals can be a great reference for that.

    • tiffany delite profile image

      Tiffany Delite 

      10 months ago from Wichita, KS

      I have visioned myself wrapped in a pink cocoon of light. The light cocoon is healing a protecting me. Sometimes, while keeping the cocoon wrapped tight around myself at the center, I expand the edges to include my home, my block, my neighborhood, my city, even the entire globe! I think I will do some research, hone in on this, and perfect my technique! Thanks for the article.


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