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How To Stay Safe From Contracting The Swine Flu(H1N1) Or The Dreaded Flu Bug This Fall and Winter

Updated on March 13, 2010

How To Stay Safe From Contracting The Swine Flu Or The Dreaded Flu Bug This Fall and Winter

This year will most likely, be a very bad time for contracting the Swine Flu or just the regular flu bugs that has been plaguing mankind forever. Here are a few tips for minimizing your chances of contracting them.

* Always wash your hands

*Use a hand sanitizer, avoid the ones that just has alcohol in them, that will not kill these bugs. Read the labels of the sanitizer you are using

*Use the hand wipes too, I don't want to list a name brand here, but you know the ones that are out on the market today.

*Some Grocery stores will provide the hand wipes the second you step in the store, use them, wipe your hands, the grocery basket down, etc...

*Do not rub your eyes, or stick you hands in your mouth, that is the quickest way to get infected, besides you inhaling vapor particles from a person who is infected

*Cover your mouth with a tissue, or put something in your hands to cover your mouth when you are coughing and sneezing, to prevent particles from escaping into the air

*If you are ill, do not go to the office,or to your job, either stay at home or go and see your Doctor

*If you start running a fever, and the fever is not breaking, do not wait to see if your fever will break, go see your doctor immediately, don't wait until the condition worsens

*If you are sick, for GOD sakes, don't mingle in public places. I see more people who have the flu now, and they are just dragging themselves out in public places, STAY AT HOME, if it is not the H1N1 Swine Flu. If you have contracted the Swine Flu, go and see your doctor immediately or admit yourself into a hospital.

*There is a Swine Flu Vaccine Available, too early to tell how effective it will be

*Drink lots of fluid, and juices.

*Eat well balanced meals


*Get plenty of rest

*Take the Flu shot if you believe you are at risk - I have my opinions about the Flu Shot, sometimes, the batch that you are being inoculated with, may not prevent you from contracting a different strain of the Flu Bug that may be prevalent at the time you contract it.

*Take Ibuprofen, or over the counter medicines to reduce the pain, chills, fever associated with the flu. Do not give a child under the age of 18, aspirin, if he or she has a fever with the flu, giving a child aspirin could cause them to contract Down Syndrome.

*If you contracted the Swine Flu, Don't even try to think that you can medicate yourself, go see your Doctor Immediately!

We live in a time, where people think that they can travel being ill, well you cannot, so go see your Doctor! Matter of fact, do not even travel to places, where you know the Swine Flu may be thriving in that locale.

Use good common sense, and even if you are not sick, limit your activities in public places. Trust me, there are people who are sick at this very moment, who will be dragging themselves into those same places that you maybe visiting too. So be careful, and safe.

As I have stated before, the Swine Flu Vaccine exists, but it is just too early to tell how effective it will be, and that being said, means that you have to limit your exposure or activities in public places, and as I have stated before, if you are ill, go to the doctor or admit yourself into a hospital immediately.


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