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How To Stay Strong After Surrendering To An Addiction To Alcohol

Updated on August 13, 2013

In this hub I want to try and explain to you "how to stay strong after surrendering to an addiction" and the ways I have found that helped me till this day to be strong and not to give in to my past demons.

It is so easy to go back to your old ways of drinking alcohol even after you have stopped drinking for some time. The thing is, once you have surrendered to your addiction to alcohol you must do everything in your power to never go back to drinking no matter what happens in your life that may upset you.

I have found that having a positive attitude has helped me so much in staying sober and not giving in to my past demons. There were so many things that happened in my life over the past 3 years that could of made me start back drinking alcohol, but I had to be strong enough to fight back the urge to drink.

We all know that drinking alcohol solves NOTHING. Drinking alcohol doesn't fix any problems, it only makes matters worse.


  • I started off with a positive attitude and told myself I will never drink alcohol again. I made this promise to myself and will never break that promise.
  • I looked at my past life of drinking alcohol and all the things I missed out on because I put alcohol before anything else.
  • I saw that my life was falling to pieces slow, but sure and I didn't want to lose what I had, including my family and my own life all because of an avoidable addiction to alcohol.
  • I looked at my future and what it would be if I were to continue to drink and abuse alcohol. What I saw was good enough for me to get and stay sober with no regrets of the rest of my years living in sobriety.
  • I saw that my physical appearance was declining and I didn't like what I saw at all. Weight gain, weak, tired, low self-esteem, thinking nothing but negativity and so on. I knew that is not the life I wanted to live and something had to be done fast.
  • I thought to myself all the things I wanted in my life that I could not achieve because of my addiction to alcohol.
  • I had many dreams and goals in my life that I wanted to accomplish before my life ended and by continuing to drink alcohol I would never be able to fulfill any of them.
  • There may come a time that you may have to say goodbye to your drinking buddies and start a brand new sober life without them.
  • You may want to look at all the things you may have done wrong while being under the influence of alcohol.
  • Think of all the wonderful things to can do being sober and enjoying your family and friends with a clear head.
  • Think of when you woke up in the morning when your head was ready to blow off from drinking too much alcohol the night before.
  • Think of all the people you have hurt in your days of alcohol abuse.

We are all smart people and should realize that drinking alcohol is NO GOOD for any of us. Alcohol make us someone we really are not and not to say it is killing every person that abuses it slow, but sure.

We can all get and stay sober if that is the life you wish to have or we can slowly kill ourselves by drinking and abusing alcohol. Our demons just love the fact that we are all weak and it is our job and our life to prove the demons wrong.

Surrender to your alcohol addiction once and for all and stay strong to yourself. Believe and you shall achieve my friends!!!

Don't Miss out on This Beautiful Life!! Surrender Now!


© 2012 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 5 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Carol- Thanks so much for your comment and for reading. I am sorry to hear some of your family members have had a problem with drinking. Hopefully they will see the light and surrender once and for all.

      @ teaches12345- Hello my friend and thank you for your comment. The one thing I have learned is that you MUST stay strong to stay sober and this is why I write to hopefully help others realize there is always hope for your sobriety

      God Bless

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Great message. I do believe addicts must surround themselves with a support group that will keep them focused. Fighting the demons is hard to do, but knowing your strength will get help you overcome. Blessings.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I think all of us could benefit from reading this hub. Though I have never had the problem personally I know many who have including some family members. If everyone could assess what has happened in their lives..but maybe for some instead of facing is easier to have another drink. Voting up and sharing.