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Chin and Neck Exercises - How To Stay Young Looking Naturally

Updated on October 24, 2013

Neck Muscles

Facial Exercises to Look Younger

If you find yourself with a less than taught jawline these days, there is help for strengthening and tightening the muscles in this area for a more defined and youthful appearance.

This sagging skin around the chin and neck area can become more pronounced due to aging, heredity or if you've lost weight. Whatever the reason, toning up these muscles will give you an instant lift and can take years off your appearance.

I've always been on the thin side, but have inherited a bit of a "turkey neck" due to heredity. I've had loose skin under my chin and particularly in the neck area since my 20's. As I get older, believe me, it's not getting any better.

Also with age and the decrease in collagen production and gravity itself, already sagging skin will continue to get worse.

Adopting an exercise program to specifically work these areas can have a dramatic effect in a relatively short period of time.

"Gulping Fish"
"Gulping Fish"

Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Problems you can have with your neck include -

  • Loose, sagging or hanging skin
  • Rings
  • Cords
  • Wrinkles

Since any of these problems take away from your appearance, they also add on the years.

The muscles in the chin and neck area are tightly connected, so it's best to perform a series of facial exercises. But, you could certainly do targeted exercises for the neck.

Here is a sample of a neck exercise that can help a great deal to get rid of the lines, rings and tighten the muscles:

  • Open your hand and place at base of throat across collarbone
  • Press hand down while stretching neck and chin up towards the ceiiling while pushing bottom jaw out
  • Stretch bottom lip up towards the ceiling - do not swallow - and pretend you are a "gulping fish" (sticking bottom lip out for each "gulp")
  • Perform 10 "gulps" per set
  • Start over from beginning, doing 5 sets of "gulps", switching hands for each set

Facial Exercises to Reduce a Double Chin

To make your sagging neck look even worse, you might also have to contend with a double chin.

Much like loose or sagging skin on the neck, the undefined chin is another thing that can make you look much older than you are. Even if you are of thin to average build, you may experience sagging skin under the chin or a full-blown double chin.

The good news is that there are targeted exercises that can help a lot with firming up a flabby chin.

Listed below is one of the facial exercises for a double chin you may want to try for help in firming things up.

Perform this chin exercise 2x a day and notice the area firming up within two weeks.

  • Place your thumbs, one in front of the other, under your chin, fingers on jawbone
  • Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and while doing so, press & slide your thumbs, one after the other, from front (right under chin) to the back (area where underside of chin meets neck)
  • Each time you slide your thumbs from the front to the back of your chin, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  • Repeat 40 times

You should be able to feel the chin muscle work as you slide each thumb under the chin.

Facial Firming Exercises

In the time it may take to see results from one of the many topical creams available on the market today, or to recover from a cosmetic procedure, you could be getting noticeable results from a good facial firming exercises program. Plus, the chin and neck exercises featured here offer a safe and affordable alternative to stay young looking naturally.

Why wait to start on your journey towards re-capturing that youthful profile? Get the "411" on CHIN AND NECK EXERCISES to get started right away.

Plastic Surgery Neck Lift

If you could have plastic surgery on only ONE part of the face/body, what would you choose?

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    • patricia_bruce profile image

      patricia_bruce 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      What a nice comment! Thank you so much! I love these exercises...I'm going to do more of them come the new year! Hope you have a wonderful 2014 : )

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 4 years ago from Miami Florida

      I like your article .Thank you for the exercises for chin and neck. You are wonderful.

    • patricia_bruce profile image

      patricia_bruce 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      Oh, Sara -

      At 70 lbs, it sounds like you're way too thin. Have you been to a doctor? I don't know why you'd have dark underarms/thighs, but I'm sure a doctor could tell you. I hope you know that it doesn't matter how tall you are or how much you's what's inside that's important. Do you have family or trusted friends that can help you? Please reach out to those who love you for support. You deserve to be healthy and happy, and have no reason to be ashamed about anything. My prayer for you is for healing and the strength you need to get through this.

    • profile image

      sara 4 years ago


      m 19 n my weight is 70 I want to become tall and thin anyhow please help me please I feel very ashamed and embaressed

      I have dark underarms and thighs I don't know what is to be done I feel like dieing

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago


      I have been trying the neck exersises you suggested and feel a difference

      Like. You I'm slim but have some neck fat and is noticeable when you turn your head sideways lol