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How To Stop A Cold - 2 Things That Work For Me Every Time

Updated on October 4, 2015

No More Cold Misery For Me

I hate colds! I think a better word to describe this wretched virus would be "misery." I'm not sure who decided it would be called a "cold" but to me that term is way too benign.

I know there are thousands of articles written about what to do to rid oneself of a cold. My recent search shows there are also thousands that give ideas as to how to shorten one or make it milder, but this is what works for me, everytime.

Keep in mind, articles on the Internet don't expire so perhaps years from this writing, there might actually be a cure or prevention. But for now, I hope this will help someone facing this misery.

No. 1 - ZICAM. It comes in various forms, but here's what I do that's most comfortable. The nasal gel is meant to squirt up your nose. I can't stand that! The nasal swabs are expensive and you certainly don't need to reuse one to save money. You'd be reinfecting yourself anyway.

Take A Qtip Swab and squirt a dab on each end. Yes, it's slimy! Press one slimy covered end of the swab inside the outer side of one nostril about a quarter of an inch up and hold to the slow count of ten. Repeat on the other side using the other end of the yucky Qtip. If there's excess that needs wiped away, make yourself presentable but do not blow your nose for a while. Repeat every four hours, day and night.

No. 2 - AIRBORNE. My preference is lemon, but they do come in orange and other flavors. In a half cup of water, dissolve one tablet. I never use tap water. Wait until it is completely dissolved. Drink it down. Do this three times a day, waiting about four hours between. If you find generic brands, leave them alone! I've learned this the hard way. Others might have the same ingredients, but the amounts might vary.

To prevent a cold from starting, you must begin this regimen at the first sneeze, sniffle or back-of-the-throat weird feeling, like itching or soreness.

To reduce the severity or length, you can begin the regimen later, but for me, once a cold settles in, it's harder to get rid of by any method. Also there's a greater risk of secondary infections such as sinus troubles.

Common sense should tell you to keep hydrated. There's nothing better than water and, in my opinion, untreated water.

Also, because a cold usually makes your body feel rotten to some extent, I take two Ibuprophen a couple of times during the day. For this, I can't tell the difference between generic and brand.

By the third day, I'm over it. The great thing about my method is no misery. I'm not stopped up in the middle of the night. I'm not coughing or sneezing and my nose doesn't run like a faucet.

I've tried zinc mixed with echinacea mixed with vitamin C and so on and so forth, but my method works for me everytime.

Just thought I'd share this in hopes others might find relief also. God bless you with a misery-free life.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for sharing. I join you in hoping that others find it helpful. Very thoughtful!


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