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How To Stop Gingivitis From Progressing

Updated on July 16, 2011

Some diseases are impossible to stop or slow down, but fortunately, there is a natural remedy to stop Gingivitis from progressing.

What I am going to relay to you is pure common sense but there are several products on the market that can also greatly assist.

Gingivitis is a gum disease caused by bacteria. It eventually gets into the bones under the teeth and can destroy the roots. The last stage is called Periodontitis which leads to tooth loss.

People that have braces and retainers for teeth straightening purposes are severely handicapped when it comes to teeth cleaning. These small little contraptions can be a permanent fixture on your teeth for two or more years. It is extremely important that your teeth are kept very well brushed during these years as disease can set in fast.

In as little as 30 minutes after a meal, food can begin to decay in your mouth and the longer it remains there, the harder it will be to fight this disease when it does form. Teenagers are more likely to have braces on their teeth than are adults. When you get to be an adult, you have more important issues to deal with and teeth seem to go to the bottom of your to do list.

Smokers and pop drinkers are 50% more likely to come down with Gingivitis. The main reason is that these folks most likely don't brush as much because to them, teeth are a non essential commodity. What's most important to them is that craved for Nicotine and Sugar hit. Nothing beats that kind of bliss, except maybe sex and I've never heard of sex causing Gingivitis -- maybe Gonorrhea but not Gingivitis.

If you do end up going to the dentist and he tells you that you have the disease, don't panic. O.K., - so in twenty years, you'll be toothless. That doesn't have to be the case. There is a sure fire way to stop this disease in its tracks. I've had Gingivitis for over fourty years and my teeth are still very strong and healthy.

When the dentist told me what I had, I was very upset at the Orthodontist for having caused this, but it wasn't his fault. It was mine for not paying more attention during the brace wearing years. Food always got stuck in my teeth, especially corn , meat and soft candy. That lasted for three years and then in the fouth year, the dentist tells me I have Gingivitis. Yee, Gads! No! Thousands of bucks were spent on those meat cutters and now I'm going to be toothless? You mean to say I'll have to gum my food to death rather than chew it?

I haven't stopped brushing my teeth for fourty years and when I say brushing, I'm talking three times a day - lightly massaging the gums. Those rotating electric toothbrushes are simply the best.

But even brushing isn't enough to save your precious grinders. A strong mouthwash is mandatory when fighting an enemy such as this one. Your teeth are the first thing people see when you come face to face with each other. Nobody wants to say hello to someone whose teeth are falling out right in front of them. It just isn't proper etiquette.

Always remember that flossing is just as important to get in between the teeth and evict those invading food particles.

So, there are three main points to look at here, especially if your teeth have undergone "Brace Therapy" for years.

Brushing three times a day -- Flossing after meals -- and Mouthwash. You must force yourself to do these little efforts on a daily basis, without fail. If you don't want to follow my strategy, from someone that has this disease, then -- happy Gumming to you. My advice is for you to at least use a strong mouthwash twice a day, especially before bedtime. You can buy the Non Alcohol mouthwash now which won't burn the inside of your mouth. I'm sure this has caused many people to avoid rinsing.

The bacteria love to play during those overnight hours when everything is quiet. I prefer to kill those suckers before their party begins. Long Live Me and Long Live my Teeth!

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