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How To Stop Smoking And Not Gain Weight

Updated on December 1, 2016

Stop Smoking and Weight Gain


Don't Feed The Habit In Any Way


Two Reasons Smokers Gain Weight When Quitting Smoking

1. They Substitute Something For The Habit Like:

  • Candy
  • Gum
  • Sunflowers Seeds
  • Taffy
  • Toothpicks
  • Pie
  • Chewing on pencils

2. Their Metabolism Slows Dow

Why Your Mouth Needs Attention When You Stop Smoking?

The reason most people tend to substitute food or toothpicks for smoking is because your mouth wants attention! Your mouth becomes like it's own zip code. Your mouth starts saying "give me candy, give me food, give me gum, pie anything!"

Attentions To A Smokers' Mouth Over a 20 Year Period

30 Cigarettes a day
X 10 attentions to your mouth a day
= 300 attentions to your mouth in 1 day
300 attentions a day x 365 days in a year
= 109, 500 attentions to your mouth
109, 500 attentions to your mouth in a year
x 20 years = 2 million attentions to your mouth!

You Go To The Refrigerator To See If There Is Any Entertainment There For Your Mouth!


STOP Giving Your Mouth Attention By Substituting Food For The Habit!

There is nothing more sad to me that seeing someone who has quit smoking ten years ago and they still have a toothpick hanging out of their mouth or they are sucking on lemon drops! It is like someone has quit drinking but they still exhibit all of the old behaviors of drinking called a "dry drunk".

Smoking Is Like An Adult Pacifier..Here Are Father And Son With Their Pacifiers

| Source

The Top Part Of The Writing In This Book In Hebrew Says

.. "Suddenly Daddy says: Tell me son, you are already 4, isn't it time you quit your pacifier? It is making your teeth crooked. It's always between your lips. It's really dangerous to your health.

In the Nicotine Solutions program, my students give their mouth attention in a different way. Instead of smoking to give their mouth attention, they brush lovingly so they froth up at the mouth, and floss to get food particles out of their mouth so they won't be triggered to smoke.

Most smokers smoke right after a meal. It has to do with your blood sugar. Having a cigarette or food raises your blood sugar causing you to want to smoke. If you get the food particles out of your mouth then you won't want to smoke and you will be giving your mouth more loving attention that it so desperately needs. This goes double for chewers because they much higher amounts of nicotine and there is a much more oral aspect of the habit for the chewers.

This Oral Gratification is also good for people that want to lose weight because you can get the food out of your mouth and you are not triggered to eat more with a clean mouth. There is one more part of this assignment that we do in class but I will save that for when you attend a free informational meeting to hear about how the Nicotine Solutions program works and you will be given a sample assignment that you can start working on right away.

For flossing I recommend Johnson & Johnson Reach Total Care floss. My dentist gave me a sample of Reach Total Care a while back and my teeth are very close together and my teeth always break the floss or it gets stuck in my teeth and the Reach Total Care does not break or get caught in my teeth and it is truly amazing.

There Is A Metabolism Change When You Stop Smoking

As a Smoker or a chewer your heart rate beats 10,000 more beats a day because you smoke. Nicotine stresses out your heart and makes your heart beat harder just to pump the blood through.

10,000 beats a day of your heart is not a lot of calories, but over time it can add up to a three to seven pound weight gain if you don't know how to deal with it. You need to address this metabolic change. Changes in your metabolism don't happen all at once and that is why cold turkey doesn't work very well to stop smoking because cold turkey is abrupt and it is hard for the body to adjust.

It takes at least twenty one days to make or break a habit and we have you smoke for the first six weeks of the Nicotine Solutions program to give smokers time to adjust to their slower metabolism so they will not gain weight and will be able to stop smoking calmly, comfortably and permanently.

...........Don't Go Cold Turkey


To Sum Up

1. Don't Substitute Anything For The Habit- You Want To Let It Die Of Neglect

2. Give Your Body Time to Adjust To New Habits- It takes At Least 21 Days To Make A New Habit - Don't Quit Cold Turkey.

3. Sign up for a FREE Kick Butt Starter Kit from Nicotine Solutions and get started on some assignments that will help you cut your smoking by 25% without even trying!

For More details on What Happens to Your body when You stop smoking with cold turkey, Zyban or Welbutrin Check out my Hubpage


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    • profile image

      bonny verughis 11 months ago

      glad there are people who genuinely care about people in trouble.

      this is the second month after quiting but the tingling effect is still on and its really irritating.

      hope to hear something about reducing this.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 2 years ago from Alameda, CA


      Glad you enjoyed the information. probably best not to use cough drops because it keeps the habit alive ....good to let the habit die of neglect.

    • Emma Johnson1 profile image

      Emma Johnson 2 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Good piece! I agree with the cough drops. I personally used to smoke all the time, and gum and cough drops were my saviors! (probably not too great for my teeth but definitely better over the long run!)

    • profile image

      April 4 years ago

      I quit smoking and I have felt a lot of stuff firstly my body came out in a rash then itchy. pains in my sides sometimes cant breath well and a lot more..but I haven't put on any weight so that's a good thing I don't use sweets or anything in place of cigs..also I have this thing in my ear pump pumping sound every few hours apart from that I am fine haha

    • profile image

      margaret 5 years ago

      like so meny people i feel so bad i in my 5 th week of not smoking, im cough cough cough, cant sleep and ive put on a stone already in weight now that i hate, i don't want to smoke again but how do i get the weight off now and keep it off help please. margaret

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 5 years ago from Alameda, CA


      You said that I should not tell people that cold turkey is a bad idea.

      Here are the reasons that I tell people that quitting cold turkey is not what I recommend.

      I have been teaching people to stop smoking ever since I quit in 1978:

      The reason I don't recommend cold turkey is

      -It takes 21 days to change a habit- smoking is ALL about changing habits and routines.

      -It takes time for the body to detoxify from the nicotine.

      -When you smoke nicotine causes the heart to beat 10,000 more beats per day when you stop cold turkey the body does not have time to adjust and that is when people tend to put on weight because there is no adjustment time

      - Smoking is such a pervasive, multifaceted habit that it takes time to deal with all of the different aspects of the habit-such as emotional, social, routines, physical detox and the list goes on and on.

    • profile image

      Hayley 5 years ago

      I think telling people not to quit cold turkey is a bad idea. I personally have tried every method possible and what worked for me was 'cold turkey'. I think any effort, in any form, of quiting is comendable and should be applauded. I think the whole idea of smoking while you learn to quit is right on target. Information on how to handle and go about not smoking is so vital.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 5 years ago from Alameda, CA


      Walking would help but your body is changing at a cellular level and your muscles will be a little sore for a while a month or so. You can use tiger balm to rub on the sore muscles.

      Maybe take some hot baths!

    • profile image

      abby 5 years ago

      Day 10 and cold turkey, everythinis ok except for the muselles pain . do you think i should walk more often ?

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA


      Glad you liked the hub. You don't want

      to substitute anything for the habit because that will keep it alive.

      The Marathon is a good idea!

    • profile image

      Haylily76 6 years ago

      I found this hub very useful, me and my husband quit smoking last Sunday and have managed a week so far. As mentioned on your info some replace smoking with something and my hubby have been sucking boiled sweets to help aid our craving. We do have an electronic cigarette each and I use mine occasionally, when the voices in my head are telling me I want a cigarette!!!!! But my hubby says he has challenged himself not to use it?? We mentioned potential increase of appetite even though we are not hungry so have agreed to go running as a family as from tomorrow. Hopefully that's will improve our chances of succeeding and becoming more healthy. Maybe a good opportunity for us to sign up for the London marathon for next year? I will keep u posted!!!!! Thanks again for your helpful site

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA

      It was all done by me on hubpages. I have been teaching people to stop smoking since I quit in 1978. It is all original content I could never outsource this kind of thing .

      Thanks for the complement.

    • profile image

      Lyrica 6 years ago

      I love your site! did you generate this your self or did you outsource it? Im searching for a blog style that's similar so that's the only reason I m asking. Either way keep up the nice work I was impressed with your content really.

    • profile image

      Eangseng 6 years ago

      Today i will teach you how being fat. ypu need to exercise every morning and drinking water too! Please stop eating oily food.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA

      Hi Apache,

      All I can say is to do a little more exercise that is easy on your body like swimming or yoga.

      Try not to substitute anything for the habit like candy or gum etc. but you said that you haven't done that.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA

      Everyone has a different timeline. I guess the reason that I don't recommend cold turkey is that for most people cold turkey is very abrupt for the body to handle and sometime the body is still adjusting after a year.

      So I notice that with different people there are different reactions and your body took quite a while to show any.

      You might want to go to a doctor just to be on the safe side because this is very rare for you to be having these reaction after 1 year.

    • profile image

      gladiquite 6 years ago

      i quite smoking 1 year ago cold turkey. i had no cravings no withdrawels. i smoked for 45 years. its been a year im getting a runny nose, weight gain.shortness of breath. why after a year of quitting.

    • profile image

      apache 6 years ago

      I went cold turkey, 5 months ago, since then I have gained 1 stone in weight per month, even though I have not snacked and have eaten sensibly. I have arthritis, so can not excerise to mmuch, can anyone help me please.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA

      Hi Infocrl,

      Whoo hoo go for that pool! Keep up the good work. Your body is going through a lot so let it take its course. There may be some days when your body feels like staying in bed and some days when you are ready to exercise.

      Listen to your body and eventually you will have more energy that you did as a smoker but it will take time.

      Your body will try to stay status quo and keep everything the way it was stand firm in your exercise.

    • profile image

      infoctrl 6 years ago

      Today makes day 10 of stopping smoking cold turkey. Surprisingly I started feeling depressed today. It could be because I have already gained 4 pounds since I stopped. However, usually swim every day, but last week (week one of stopping) for some unknown reason each day I went to the indoor pool, the water temperature was cold so for a week (which is the first time) I was not able to swim at all. I started back yesterday and want to go today, but am feeling lethargic. I came across your site today and am very glad it is out there. It explained a lot about the symptoms I am feeling like the sleepiness, depression and just being out of sorts. A lot of your information I was already doing so it is refreshing to know I subconsciounsly knew what correct steps to take. Your site filled in more detail some of the side affects of stopping smoking. Thank you for providing the information. I will add it to my favorites. For today, it has motivated me to get dressed and hit the pool after typing this comment. Which is a good thing because before reading your site, I just wanted to go back to bed. So thank you.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA

      Didn't mean to make you feel bad. Ok 2 years. I remember quitting smoking like it was yesterday and I wrote a diary for the times that I can't remember!

      I think it is good when people quit smoking no matter what way they quit and congrats to you. Who knows now maybe your husband will quit too.

    • jennjenn519 profile image

      jennjenn519 6 years ago from Cocoa, Fl

      Thanks, Lela, way to make an ex smoker feel confident and good about themselves. Not. Where do you come up with the idea that a year is the point at which I will be completely free? Why not 6 months or 2 years? I know people who have quit for years and gone back.

      Kudos to you for having being quit so long. But by this point, I imagine you have forgotten what it's like to be a smoker or a recent quitter.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA


      Thank you for your comment. You quit three weeks ago. When you disagree with me it will have more credibility when you have quit smoking for at least a year.

      I have quit smoking in 1978 and have been teaching people how to quit smoking ever since.

      Cold turkey actually causes the body to be in a constant state of stress. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit and for the body to adjust to changing habits and routines and I agree only 3 days to get the nicotine out of the body.

      Allen Carr books work for some people and his books just cover the cognitive aspect. So good that you quit and please check back with me in a year or two when you have more than 3 weeks under your belt.

    • jennjenn519 profile image

      jennjenn519 6 years ago from Cocoa, Fl

      "Suddenly Daddy says: Tell me son, you are already 4, isn't it time you quit your pacifier? It is making your teeth crooked. It's always between your lips. It's really dangerous to your health. I enjoyed that comment.

      Your article was a good read, but I am sorry, I have to disagree with you on 1 thing. Quitting cold turkey is one of the most proven methods as all of the nicotine is out of your body after 3 days. When we try to ween ourselves off of it, we are only prolonging the torture.

      You are right, you don't have to gain weight when you quit. I quit cold turkey 3 weeks ago, changed my diet, and started excercising again. No weight gain.

      Sorry, I have to agree with Allen Carr on this one. Cold turkey is the best way, unless you want to torment yourself for weeks. As soon as that last cig is smoked, the body starts craving another one. So, how does weening yourself off work? It makes your body prone to be in a constant state of stress, waiting for that next nicotine fix. Why prolong the inevitable? Just quit.

    • Lela Bryan profile image

      Lela Bryan 6 years ago from Alameda, CA


      Usually sucking on cough drops keeps the habit alive and causes people to gain weight. Everyone is different.

      Did you gain weight in those 6 months after you quit smoking? Just curious.

    • profile image

      sarah 6 years ago

      i sucked on halls cough drops and tooth picks for my first week then dropped it and was good to go...6 months strong!

    • kathrynsunga profile image

      kathrynsunga 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      This is just so true, I stopped smoking and here it is I already gained weight. Thanks for the tips that you have included in this hub. Will try to religiously follow them. Thanks a lot!


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