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How To Survive The Holidays Without Drinking Alcohol

Updated on July 4, 2012


For all those that have overcome their drinking problem in the past and now living a life of sobriety may often ask them self, "how to survive the holiday's without drinking alcohol." All of us that stopped drinking alcohol wonder how we will survive with all these Summer Holidays coming up.

Today, the 4th of July when millions of people are having cookouts and drinking till wee hours in the night just waiting for the fireworks to start at dusk. I so remember those days and before dusk came most of us have had enough to drink, but continued on drinking alcohol to just get drunker.

Just a short story about today the 4th of July 2012 and going out to eat at a bar and grill located on the Barnegat Bay. My wife and I took a table right at the Tiki Bar and I watch all those people drinking ice cold beers and mixed drinks as I was drinking Coke and a black coffee and said to myself, "I would give anything to have a ice cold beer on this HOT Summer day, but was that really what I wanted?" the answer is NO I really didn't and could not have that cold beer, because I knew just one sip of that beer and I would relapse for sure.

All of us that have quit drinking alcohol have that craving every once and awhile as I had today, but you must be strong enough to say no. It can be so hard to fight the demons that lurk inside us alcoholics, but with the strength and determination to continue to stay sober you will win that battle as I did today.

When the summer comes or any Holiday the urge to drink alcohol for some reason gets higher, at least it does for me. I watch those drinking that cold beer and having shrimp and clams in the balmy salt air overlooking the bay and thought to myself, "the feeling they are having right at that moment having that buzz and getting drunker will only last for a short time. Sooner or later they will have to stop drinking alcohol for the day or night and go to sleep waking up with a hangover for some and for others maybe not.

I will wake up feeling the same as I did this morning, refreshed and with a clear head. No dry month, no huge headache and with no munchies from the booze wanting to eat anything in site to soak up the alcohol.


The ball is in your court my friends and all of the people that are trying their hardest to beat the temptation to drink alcohol. As far as my little story about, here is what I did and what I thought about when the craving and the urge came about me.

I first thought to myself that is urge will go as fast as it came and I can not let those demons back into my life ever again. You have to think to yourself just how hard you worked on getting and staying sober and if you give in and take that first drink no matter if it is a holiday of a Hot Summer day you will be doomed. For myself, that would be it for me, but maybe others that had a drinking problem it maybe different for them, but I hardly doubt it.

Our alcohol demons will always try to get back into our lives, but you have to be strong enough just to walk away and say, "no thank you!"

You must always remind yourself just hard you worked to get where you are now being sober and living a life of sobriety. So, none of us can take that chance of taking that little sip of beer or booze, because that sip could change your life once more and this time it maybe worse than the first, so be very careful of your decisions and don't let others that are drinking make you feel the urge to drink. You are a much stronger person that they are so don't forget that.




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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I have never drank alcohol, but I can still imagine the hard battle it must be to walk away from the temptation. It takes a strong person to be able to say no. Voted up.

    • rust profile image

      rust 5 years ago from East Texas Woods

      I'm glad you're keeping your life together and sharing it with us. I've written a few installments of a series about alcoholism and know well how frustrating those "trigger" situations are. Spent the 4th evening with a large jug full of fresh brewed tea and can go to bed now knowing I won't be hungover in the morning, which is significant. Not quite alcohol-free yet but am WAY better than I have been for decades. Thanks for the article!

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Much needed hub Clean, this is the most dangerous night of the year with alcohol and driving related injuries. Thanks for the Reminder.