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How To Tell You're Gaining Fat

Updated on October 28, 2014

Fat or Muscle?

I recently came off of a 3 month maintenance/bulk phase. Bear in mind that I am not a bodybuilder, fitness coach and nor am I involved in any field that requires me to write about this. I'm just speaking from personal experience :D

1. Is Your Waist Increasing?

For the first 8-10 weeks I had gained a good amount of muscle. My waist had only increased by 0.5 inches (it went from 30.5 to 31). I'd asked my friend about how I could assess whether I was gaining muscle or fat and he told me if I was gaining inches on the waist it was fat- if not, its muscle.
My chest and arms increased in size and my waist stayed the same (more or less).

2. Do Your Shirts and Jeans Still Fit?

If you're gaining weight the right way, your chest and arms will feel bigger and so, your shirts will be tighter. IF your clothes have become tighter from the waist, you're gaining fat.

3. Jiggly or Soft?

This is going to sound a little weird but just go with what I tell you.
As you gain weight, feel your body or look at it in the mirror. Does it feel and look firm or does it seem more jiggly? If its more towards the jiggly side you need to cut back on calories or lose some weight before gaining weight again.

4. Your Face
Do your cheekbones still show? You WILL gain some weight in your face but this SHOULD be water. Your cheekbones still show. If you're gaining fat, your face will look more circular and round.

5. Weight Increase

How much do you weigh? If you've gained 2-4 kgs in 3-4 months, its safe to presume you've put on 0.25-0.5 lbs of dry muscle (which is great!). Any more than that indicates that you are putting on fat and that's the worst thing you can do to yourself on a bulk.

Remember that the whole point of a bulk is to GAIN MUSCLE. NOT FAT. I

As soon as you notice these changes, do take note and change your diet or workout. If you're not a bodybuilder or professional athlete/fitness coach, its better that you stay lean while bulking.

For more information feel free to hit me up or comment below :)

Here's a picture of me after a 'dirty' bulk
Here's a picture of me after a 'dirty' bulk
Here's a picture of me on a lean bulk
Here's a picture of me on a lean bulk


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