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How To Treat Cellulite Effectively

Updated on May 7, 2017

Cellulite Needs To Be Treated

Cellulite Can Be A Problem

Mention cellulite, and some people flinch. It’s one of those unpleasant facts of life, and it’s most definitely not something to flaunt. It really is quite a problem for many people. It’s one of those topics that nobody will bring up in a conversation at a dinner party. That’s for sure ! Cellulite is caused by stress, cigarettes, alcohol, hormones, unhealthy eating habits, poor blood circulation, and also crash diets. Cellulite is not very attractive, and getting rid of it as quickly, and as effectively as possible, is some people’s main aim.

Watermelons Is A Great Diuretic

If you have cellulite, don’t despair. There are some steps that you can take to get smoother and slimmer thighs and hips. For instance, you can try eating healthier. A low fat diet high in fibre will really give a sluggish system a much needed boost. Watermelons contain a natural diuretic which helps to remove excess fluid from your body. Celery can also help to eliminate some of the cellulite. A diet that includes a lot of fresh fruit and fresh raw vegetables is a good idea if you want to detoxify your system. Cellulite has to be treated from within, and it also has to be treated on the outside. Drink at least six glasses of water per day. Drinking water will help combat fluid retention, and it will rid your body of toxins too. Coffee, tea, and alcohol are quite high in toxins, so drink a little less of it, and try drinking herbal teas and pure fruit juices instead.

Detox With Watermelon

Improve Your Circulation

Improve your circulation by giving yourself a massage. Mix your own anti-cellulite oil with two drops each of rosemary and fennel essential oils added to three teaspoons of almond oil. Massage it very firmly into your cellulite, and work upwards over the affected areas. If, however, you are in the early months of pregnancy, then do avoid using essential oils.

Give Yourself A Massage

Give Skin Brushing A Try

You can also give skin brushing a try. Use a body brush on dry skin before showering or bathing. Use long strokes, brush over the affected areas, and work towards your heart. Get yourself a good body brush. Skin brushing is an effective way to help drain toxins from the body, and it should be done at least four times a week.

Exercise definitely helps against cellulite. Start doing aerobics for about forty five minutes four or five times a week. You can also try jogging, rope-skipping, walking uphill, or any type of vigorous exercise that you enjoy. You will gradually become firmer and slimmer, and best of all is that you will feel so great.

Daily Exercise Helps

Anti-Cellulite Products Is Effective

There are a whole variety of products available on the market at different prices, and they all help in the fight against cellulite. Any one of these Anti-Cellulite Firming Body Lotions contain a unique blend of special ingredients that will help to smooth out that dreadful orange –peel skin.

It Is Not Impossible To Have A Cellulite Free Body

Visit A Beauty Salon For A Treatment

Something else that you might want to try is to make an appointment at a beauty salon in your area, or in any other area for a special treatment against your cellulite. You may have to go for more than one treatment, but it is so worth it, and after all your lumpy bits have been smoothed out, and you feel like glowing with pleasure, you may even feel like making an appointment for a facial as well, which of course you totally deserve. Cellulite can be treated effectively, but it takes time and effort, and if you are very determined, you will eventually have smoother and slimmer thighs and hips, and you will feel so very satisfied.


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