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How To Use Cucumber Fruit as Alternative Laxative to Cleanse the Bowel

Updated on March 12, 2022
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Miebakagh57 is a retired Chief Administrative Officer. I am passionate about aerobic exercises, food, nutrition, and good health.

Introducing Bowel Cleansing

They are many ways in which you can cleanse your bowel. This is because toxins that build up in the body needs to be eliminated via, the colon. One special thing about this organ is that should it fail to work properly, the build-up of toxin in the body will increase many times. That is why our bowel needs to be properly cleaned. How long will it take to cleanse the bowel? Two days? Except on very rare medical condition, your bowel can be cleaned within a day. They is no need for drugs. Drugs can bring relief but comes with side effects. The safe method I am about to discuss has no side effect. It's natural.


  1. Cucumber fruits.
  2. Cucumber fruits benefits bowel cleansing.
  3. Cucumber fruits benefits every person.
  4. Herb teas.
  5. Laxatives.
  6. How to make your bowel cleansing regime.
  7. Ingredients.
  8. Instructions.
  9. No side effects.
  10. A good morning green.
  11. Cucumber salads.
  12. Health benefits and tips.
  13. Vital tips on eating fruits.
  14. Importance of washing fruits and vegetables before eating.
  15. Conclusion.
  16. References.

The Bowel Cleanse Itself

Using drugs to cleanse the bowel will dehydrate the body, and the intake of additional water will not properly balance the body fluid. At most 60% of our body weight is made up of water. This needs to be replaced regularly due to losses in saliva, urine, stool, sweat and the digestion solid foods. Naturally, the colon is self-cleansing should it get dirty. Giving it much work than it can do is a problem.

What is needful to cleanse the intestines are fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber. Such foods must also be rich in calcium and potassium. They must be low in the Glycemic Index (GI). Otherwise, the result will be negative. Better be as natural as possible.

Cucumber Fruit Benefit Bowel Cleansing

As said, cucumbers are natural alkaline fruits. They are best eaten raw. Without sugars, fats and oils, and proteins, they are one of the best natural alkaline fruits for cleansing the bowel. Have you ever wonder why most of us take on three to seven servings of fruits and vegetables every morning? Very few of us also take these as a snack, side dish or main meal at lunch or supper.

The actual taste of a cucumber fruit is water or tasteless. Some types or varieties have a bland taste. The fruit has no energy value or just 1%. The energy computation in the seeds is negligible. Cooking, stewing, steaming or frying them is okay with some persons as delicacies.but is of little nutritional value.

Cucumber fruit benefits every person in many ways. For those who want to lose weight, it is one of the best. It is mostly water. An energy computation of between 15-16 calories (less than ¼ of a cup of fruit) has been estimated. With its rich water content and high alkaline value, it is no wonder that it can serve as a cleansing regime. While most fruits can add small amount of toxin to the body if taken in excess, or form a mucous during the process of digestion, cucumbers will help to eliminate the toxin or neutralize them. For example, the joints of bones produce uric acid crystals. This can cause pain and inflation. The electrolyte water in the cucumber fruit being in a natural distilled state is superior to other waters. The water in the fruit naturally helps to eliminate the uric acid in the joints, and at the same time encourages waste removal from the body without reducing water in the body.

Cucumber Fruit

Cucumbers with low GI are very low in calories
Cucumbers with low GI are very low in calories | Source

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber salad that help cleansed the bowel
Cucumber salad that help cleansed the bowel | Source

Herb Teas

One of the claim best natural purgatives is herb tea. It is cheap to get over the counter. Boil one tablespoonful of the herb with a glass of water, and add one or half teaspoonful of alkaline 'Epsom' salt to the brew while allowing the hot tea to reduce to a warm level will cleanse your intestine. But the frequent occasional stool can be serious with some discomforts.

Castor oils also are purgatives. The oil is very unpleasant to the taste with a nasty flavor. Do not give herb teas and castor oils to children.

Herb lemongrass has a very pleasant taste and aroma. Unlike herb tea and castor oil, it is very alkaline. It can be taken as a relaxing and refreshing drink instead of black tea. Add a teaspoon of brown sugar or honey to 40 cl of the tea to taste. It helps regulates the body temperature and ward of feverish conditions. Lemongrass, lime fruits, and cucumbers are natural synergy item that works in tandem.

Laxative Effects

A laxative is any natural or artificial intervention that can stimulate the removal of the feces in the intestines. It can be an herb, a fruit or a drug. A laxative becomes necessary when the bowel is not able to evacuate digested and partially digested foods, water and bacteria in the intestines, as a result of constipation. The bowel cannot move or its consistent movement has been impaired. Drinking too much water to soften the dirty will not help matter. Some persons have resort to colon enema, via the rectum which in most times only complicated the problem. Taking drugs will result in diarrhea and loss of too much water from the body.

The best stimulating ingredient in a mild form is fruits and vegetables. This at the same time will maintain and promote good health. Cucumbers can act as a mild laxative. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of natural fibers that help to maintain bowel health and at the same time by a process called peristalsis keeps the digested foods moving.

Hydrotherapy Tool

A Hydrotherapy tool: drugs either herbs or chemical solutions is filled with the tool and pump into the  anus.
A Hydrotherapy tool: drugs either herbs or chemical solutions is filled with the tool and pump into the anus. | Source

Prevents Constipation

“Cucumbers are a perfect blend of both fiber and water. Therefore, they help to protect your body from constipation…” -Organic

How to Make Your Bowel Cleansing Remedy or Tea

You will need the ingredients below. Substituting other fruits in place of cucumber will not work. Be natural.


  1. 2 pieces fresh lime fruits.
  2. Water 50 cl.
  3. Fresh or dry lemongrass.
  4. 1 tablespoonful wild honey (not commercial preparation) or a cube of sugar.
  5. 2 cups cucumber fruit.
  6. Bottled soda water use 15 cl.




  • Wash lemongrass in water.
  • Use a string of the grass to tie up the whole.
  • Wash kettle, boiler or pot with water.
  • Put the lemongrass in the kettle or pot.
  • Pour in water 50 cl.
  • Heat cooker or stove.
  • Put the kettle on heat or connect to an AC source.
  • Boil the content for 5 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and allow it to simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Now, pour out the warm tea into drinking glass or cup.
  • Allow another 5 minutes to lower the liquid temperature.
  • Slice lime into two half.
  • Squeeze its juice into the warm tea.
  • Add honey or sugar and stir.
  • Add 15 cl the soda water.
  • Wash the cucumber.
  • Chew this while sipping the warm tea.
  • Serves 1 person only.
  • You can give half of the finished product to a child.

Put Lemon Grass in Kettle


Pour 30 ml Water


Boil for Five Minutes


Pour the Warm Liquid into Glass


Add Soda Water, Lime, and Honey


Your Sweet and Aromatic Flavor Herbal Remedy is Ready

The finish product
The finish product | Source

No Side Effect

Do not peel the cucumber when taking a bite. Chew thoroughly and wash it down with a sip of the warm tea.. This will safely evacuate dirty in your digestive tract. The habit to purge say three to four times in the day will not arise. You should expect a slight occurrence of this once. You should take this remedy in the morning before your main breakfast. The merit is that the stomach and intestine are thoroughly scrub. A mild purge will result depending on the strength of the preparation. No side effects.

A Good Morning Green

A cucumber fruit can be eaten anytime. But what type of fruit do you prefer to eat in the morning as a breakfast? Have you taken the trouble to prepare a fruit breakfast for yourself? Did you include cucumbers? Two or more fruits that are in synergy with one another and combined with cucumber can cleanse your digestive system instead of resorting to drugs and laxatives.

Combining Fruits for Good Health

Eating varied fruits and vegetables regularly in combination promotes good bowel health.
Eating varied fruits and vegetables regularly in combination promotes good bowel health. | Source

Good Morning Cucumber

Cucumber Salads

A Salad can be made with any food item: root vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, and fish etc, but the base is always a "leafy green."

It can be served moist, warm or cold. It can be dish out as an appetizer, side dish, main course or as a palate-cleansing salad. After the cleansing, take a cucumber breakfast salad after an hour and regularly take such a breakfast once or twice every week. A fruit breakfast is easy and simple to prepare. It is certain fact that fruits do not dirty the stomach and intestines. It keeps the digestive system clean. It energized the body cells and helps in the digestive processes. This is due to its many mild acids, mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins B, C and K. But ensure your choice of fruits and vegetables include very low to medium glycemic index fruits to avoid the disadvantage of creating a type two diabetes mellitus. Fruits are very easy to digest. The starch or sugar is edible. They are easily assimilated it into the body cells. Unlike fats, oils, and proteins that need to be broken down into smaller units for the body to be used in the various metabolic process.

Another Cucumber Salad

Eat your cucumber salads regularly
Eat your cucumber salads regularly | Source

Health Benefits and Tips

1. A fruit and vegetable salad is nature’s remedy to keep the bowel moving.

2. Clean the digestive tracks.

3. Rejuvenate the digestive system.

4. Sufficient water retention in the body.

5. Hence, prevent dehydration.

6. Promotes good health.

7. Dark green leafy vegetables should be boiled for 2 minutes before eating.

8. Fresh fruits when in unripe or semi-ripe state has more nutrients-vitamins, mineral salt and photo-chemical in their skin than in the ripe state.

9. Eat a cucumber along with onions, tomatoes, and carrots.

Cucumber Salads Compare

Cucumber salads
average calories
cucumber with tomatoes
cucumber with onions
cucumber with peanuts

Fats and energy content of cucumber salads

Vital Tips On Fruits

  • Made a plan to eat fruits and vegetables even for lunch or supper.
  • A serving of five as recommended by the USDA can be made easy by taking ¼ cup of differing fruits plus a vegetable.
  • Eat a cucumber or two alone or eat them with two or more fruits at least three times in the week. You can have it in salad form if desired.
  • Your choice of other fruits should be low in GI not above GI 10.
  • When tasty, try a cucumber if at hand instead of drinking water.
  • Eat fruits that are very high in GI twice a week or better still two times in the month. This is to avoid the type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • The importance of the cucumber fruit can be seen in the fact that the Roman Emperor Tiberius make sure that the fruit was made available on his dining table daily throughout the year. This he does by planting a garden of the fruit in his compound.

The Importance Of Washing Fruits and Vegetables before Eating

Fruits are normally grown on farmlands. Some are grown under greenhouse conditions. With this said, they are liable to one form of dirty or pollutant especially inorganic chemicals that are used as sprays to control pests.

Apart from this, various insects, birds, and reptiles usually visit the farms and drop their wastes on them. All the same, we should take good care of these goodies after harvesting or buying them from the farmers or in the market.

Furthermore, fruits are easily polluted by both buyers and sellers. Their hands are at times not thoroughly washed and can be infected with a cold virus.

Before eating fruits, thorough washing of the fruits in fresh clean water and later rise fruits in the strong solution of salt water. Risen thoroughly again in clean fresh water before eating your fruits.

Speak Your Mind

What is Your Opinion on Washing of Fruits and vegetables?

See results


Cucumber is natures best fruits to cleanse your bowel. Eat them regularly along with other fruits. They are low in calories and carry lots of nutritional benefits. A cucumber a day can keep you well hydrated.


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5. Sweet cucumber fruit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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