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How To Walk The Narrow Plank Over The Abyss of Indecision And Uncertainty

Updated on May 19, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Night of Floral Descent
Night of Floral Descent

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Karmic Implications

What do you do when you experience the day’s energy as estranged, emotionally draining, disassociated, mangled and bizarre? You know what I’m talking about, when everything seems to go haywire.

Your words are misunderstood, your facial expressions reveal too much and your actions are blatantly misfired. {Not to mention how suspicious, jealous, insecure, envious, worried, and sexually frustrated you are.}

The last thing on the agenda involves your trying to explain, adding kerosene to the already explosive fire. Then, of course, you get angry, defensive and bitterly sarcastic. (Not a favorable outcome)

 In order to release the accrued psychic debris, once having gotten caught up in the muddled incoherent conversations of the day; let them go immediately. Don’t hold onto the words spoken in haste, exasperation, defense and more importantly, don’t add undo signficance to outlandish emotional drama.

When you emphasize an occasion of ill-repute, nothing productive (that you can see) can come from it. No matter what the engaging circumstances entailed, you can’t possibly begin to determine what actually occurred or for what divine reason.

Above all, if you are interested in growing through the troublesome affair, do not feed it ‘mashed potatoes and gravy’ to fatten the barrel of discontent.

Don’t spend one minute reflecting on a turbulent matter which has no logical clarification. That’s what ensues when we, as human beings, try to interfere with the workings of sacred business.

Our thoughts are jumbled, our words mumbled and our actions fumbled in response to an event whose tentacles of explanation are left dangling in the celestial wind.

We can ascribe whatever meaning we want to in order to justify our (or someone else’s) abrasive actions but to no avail. Why won’t we just leave the matter alone?

 IF you choose to continue talking about it, the ‘stink’ will increase and you will turn out to be the one who smears diaper dump in a ridiculous blabbering masquerade of deflected jumbled non-sense.

What has occurred IF you are genuinely interested in discovering some of the mystery is this: YOU have vacated the premises. {YOU and Elvis have left the building.} You have summoned conflicitng life situations (supplied with competent convincing actors) that would give you clues as to what it is you need to do with your life since you are not happy with the present environment.

In fact, you are currently lodged between the bolder of two divertive realities.

Example: “What to do verses what NOT to do.” [In order, not to lose too much, you are clinging to the remnant of a ‘time, place, person, situation, idealistic notion not conducive’ to the current instability of reality and/or present state of inconsistent mind]. In other words, your season has changed.

Accept the supposition, not only are the roads aversive but also diametrically opposed. Slip back; hold tight: everything’s gonna be all right! If you were literally standing before a down sloping transverse pool of quick sand, and not painstakingly careful, you would be submerged before you could bat your eyelids.

So, what to do? Nothing! Be still.

Let the winds of adversity blow over and around you. You simply remain in the whirlwind until it passes. Do not defend, excuse, apologize, or try to explain. The exhausting process involved in and disposing of personal emotional dramas requires quite an elaborate stage to play itself out in.

Yet, in the process, you are able to experience a new vision of yourself you never thought possible. Always, and forever has a hidden part of your personality been disguised from you (just out of view) waiting for the unlikely expression to unfold in a totally unexpected manner.

You may inadvertently misinterpret these episodes as something so bad but nothing could be further from the truth.

These inexplicable little sessions are just the beginning of your moving into the next orb of your current existence. How can the episodes feel familiar to you when you’ve never been here before?

Karma is splitting you right down the middle and what will be left once the season passes, is descriptively decided upon what is genuinely important to you.

How long will you insist on playing games of preferred security, comfort and familiarity while you sublimate your own sexually motivated instinctively imbued talent? How long will you continue to believe that you actually can repress an inner drive to connect, express and communicate a natural artistic gift you possess?

Stop weaving such a tangled web of self-concerned deceit. Who cares if ‘they’ don’t understand what you want/need to do? Do it anyway! Stop listening to the negative, non-supporting, pessimistic comments. Everywhere you turn, you see yourself.

Stop running and face the obvious consequences of your artistic desires staring you right in the face.

Be not a partner with others engaging in forms of gossip and dispute over untried experiences. You don’t KNOW until you jump into it! Until you empty the idea of being so ‘good’ and ‘unruffled’, you will continue in a lion’s pit of dejection.

Back and forth and back and forth, indecisively alternating is a perfectly sound way to operate at this time. Don’t be so hell-bent on resolving an issue not ready to be resolved.

IF you are calm enough, still enough, quiet enough, you will recognize, out of this evident subterfuge, an extremely creative original warrior face of yours, which you mistakenly thought caused you excessive trouble.

You must embrace the unrecognized discarded self!

By doing so, you will come clean with the one and only meaningful destiny (intent) of your soul.

Remind yourself: This apparent troublesome situation is the perfect stage to lead you where you need to go but if you continue to molly coddle yourself by ignoring significant events, omens, symbols, dreams, and signs, nothing but a probing unclear sense of doom will pervade your being.

You must be available to your soul’s sacred intent!

Therefore, you will experience an indescribable uneasiness while you make the unconcealed transition from a ‘dabble of uncertainty’ to more chaotic turmoil before you are afforded the strength to pass over the proverbial abyss.

The break through is imminent and the things you perceive as preventing you from moving ahead are the vital substances needed to pad the spring board. You are hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich but this time, that game of shoe fly just won’t work!

You can’t board the train with an outdated ticket. A new day of unsurpassed opportunity is upon you. Peer at it squarely. Look beyond the boundaries of repetitive assumption. Where is your attention flowing? Follow it!

On what point are hung up? Kick it to the curb! It no longer appeals to you. Buy a green spotted glass giraffe to remind you that you are NOT fitted for the coffin, yet. Do the unlikely. Surprise yourself.

Do you really enjoy playing unproductive games and mindless boring routines? Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind. What artistic venture can you deduce to express it creatively? Attract what you WILL!!!

Don’t be afraid of your inherent sacred sexual imaginative prowess.

Around The World And Back Again!
Around The World And Back Again!


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