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How To become A Self-Motivator

Updated on April 5, 2017


Everyone has a dream for their future. That includes all types of people rich, poor, young, old men and women. Many of them work hard to make them the reality. But, the road to our dreams is not straight. There are times when nothing works in our way. We lose confidence in our thinking and decision. We think that what we are doing is worthless and is a dead end road. So we get thoughts of giving up. We lose faith and feel defeated. In tough times like this, we look for someone who can get us out from this situation. We look for an angel or mentor who can guide and give an instant solution. Sometimes a mentor can guide you with experience. But many people are not that much fortunate or resourceful to have a mentor. It is also necessary that you should keep calm and not freak out during such situations.

Thus you must have someone close who can motivate and give you thoughts about future every day and every minute. That person is right inside you. Because no one knows more about your fear, emotions, feelings than you. You just have to keep faith in yourself and you will feel less stressed during tough times.

Also, the best motivator can't help you if you don't have that internal motivation because you will not be able to use it fully.

Thus, self-motivation plays an important role to become successful.

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval "

— Mark Twain

How to motivate yourself

Self-motivation requires you to change two things

1) Thinking process

2) Habits

Before telling you how to make changes in them, let's understand why the change in them is necessary.

  • Every decision of yours is affected by these two and your decision makes your future. Especially when you have to take a decision in seconds.

  • Thinking process and habits are like two-edged swords if not used properly, they might harm you.
  • The thinking has a direct effect on your decision and habits have indirect effects.
  • There are continuous thoughts running through your mind and they never stop. They continuously affect your decision. For example, if someone has a negative thinking process and is going through a tough phase, then due to his negative thinking process, he will get continuous thoughts of quitting.

  • Also, habit plays a major role during this time. If a person has an addiction (habit) he will spend more time on it, then on finding the solution to solve the problem.

First, you have to make your thinking positive then you can make changes in your habits. If you have positive thinking cycle and good habits, this will help you to self-motivate because during tough times you will get continuous good thoughts like 'I can do this', 'I am not gonna give up'. Though it takes time, you have to keep patience for good

How to make changes in thinking process

Why is it necessary to have positive thinking process is scientifically proven by Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto.

Dr Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of thoughts on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to positive and negative thoughts and subsequently, water is frozen so that they would form crystalline structures.

When negative thoughts like ‘I am sad’, ‘I can’t do anything’ etc. are made above crystalline structure was obtained.

When positive thoughts like ‘I am happy’, ‘I am best in the world’ etc. are made this crystalline structure was obtained.

As you can tell, the water stamped with positive words is far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than that stamped with dark, negative phrases.

And By the way, your body contains average 60% water. So think how your thoughts affect your body.

To get a positive thinking process can follow these steps:

  • Understand silently your thoughts and mind as the third person in the different situation and see how they react. See them as the third person and don’t get carried away with them. You will feel that all those negative feelings like anger, jealousy are not made by you but your mind.
  • Setting goals and visualising them every day: You can set goals to be achieved and write them. Read them once in a while. Every day for 15 min. visualise your goals by closing eyes. Visualise that you have achieved your goal and living your dream life. It makes you feel better.
  • There is no other way: Our subconscious mind doesn’t like to be in the bonds of the goal. So whenever you set goals your subconscious mind gives you reasons to quit it. So whenever you get thoughts of quitting, just tell yourself ‘there is no other way I have to achieve my goal’. If you do this again and again your subconscious mind gives up and gives you thoughts to achieve your goal.
  • Avoiding negative conversation. Whenever you are in conversation with someone just make it positive and avoid negative talking. If the person you are talking is creating negative talk then tell him not to do it. If he doesn't listen to you avoid talking to him

Habits that help self-motivation:

Here are some habits that help you in self-improvement.

  • Waking up early. Most of the successful people wake up early in the morning. Waking up early helps you to increase your productivity. You can do exercise early in the morning, which will freshen up your mind and help you to think positive.
  • Eating healthy. Our eating habits directly affect our thinking process. Scientifically it has been proven that eating healthy produces good hormones and makes you feel good
  • Spend some alone time in a day. That helps you in connecting with your soul.

These habits helps you to boost positive thinking, which in turn help you to self-motivate

"You yourself, as much as anybody in entire universe, deserve your love and affection"

— Lord Buddha


In the end, you can motivate yourself with positive thinking and good habits. But you must love and trust yourself because if you don't then you can't expect anyone else to do that. The best expert that can motivate and guide you is right inside you.

© 2017 Ketan Pande


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