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How to Find Cheap Health Care Clinics - 5 Ways to Cut Medical Cost

Updated on December 30, 2013

Medical Clinics for Low Income Centers To the Rescue

Low income medical services such as urgent care centers are being built all over the country and they are needed more today than ever before. Millions of families are devastated by the downward turn of the job market and with millions of baby boomers competing for the same jobs as teenagers, college grads and people that have been downsized, it's no wonder the chaos we are in.

Our seniors can't afford to retire and there are so many more of them than ever before in history. Most can't afford health insurance at all or their medications.That means millions of families suffering because of high medical cost or lack there of, the numbers continue to rise. Our only alternative is to learn how to lower cost and afford our medical services the best way we can.

Insurance has always been used basically the same as car insurance. We continue to pay and the prices constantly go up. Anything considered "Insurance" is going to drive the cost up, so you will see more "alternative medicine" and "preferred primary care" instead, signaling you of the lower cost.

If you do have Insurance it is best for you to save money and go to an Urgent Care Center to save in residual cost. If you go to a hospital you will pay a co-pay and still owe money. While going to an Urgent Care Center and paying a minimum co-pay and being seen for nearly free. You may even be billed for the co-pay.

Health Care Clinics for Low Income?

An urgent care center is a place you can walk in to see a doctor for a check up or on an emergency basis without incurring the enormous charge of an hospital emergency room. They are equipped for emergencies but not critical care. They will let you know if you will refer you directly to a hospital if your injury is out of their scope.

If your injury is life threatening that is a clear indication that a hospital is the right place to be.

Urgent Care Facilities are the best bet for prices that normally go with your income. If you don't currently have an income you may qualify for free services or the minimum charge.

It is best for you to remain calm as much as possible and remember these people are over worked and see many people per day. A bad attitude will definitely benefit you in this or any medical facility, so leave all egos at home.

Urgent Care Hours

Urgent care centers are not known to stay open 24 hours like an hospital but there are a few. Find out where they are to avoid expenses in the case of an emergency.

Always consider the hours if you have a schedule that only frees you on a certain day. You don't want to find out the facility you chose to go to closes early on your day off.

What to Expect in an Urgent Care Facility

There are normally general physician in an Urgent Care facility. It is best to call several and see what services and hours they operate.

  • Early hours
  • 23 hours
  • Late hours
  • Pediatric
  • Dentistry

You will be able to find an Urgent Care provider in most larger cities. This type of medical facility is not only offers low income medical services but low cost emergency services. Search the internet for the one closest to you. Most Doctors in an Urgent Care Facility have regular practices or work in the hospital.

5 Ways To Cut Cost for Medical for Low Income

  1. Doctor On Demand is an iTune app that allows you to talk to an actual Doctor for only $40 a fraction of a doctors visit.
  2. is an organization that is fighting for affordable health care for individual needs in the United States.
  3. is a discount prescription card that allows you to save up to 65% off of your prescription drug for you or your pet. You can go right now and print your own discount prescription card or use the activated numbers.You are also able to get a discount dental plan.
  4. is a website that real Doctors answers your questions within in minutes.
  5. Getting your medications outside of your area can mean lower cost. Pharmacies price certain drugs according to demographics.Exam: Buy heart medication in senior retirement areas for better deal.

Cheaper Medical Cost For Low Income

Thousands of people go to the hospital and incur impossible charges for non emergencies events every second because of lack of health insurance.

Finding the cheapest way to get the medical services and medications you need is essential today. Hopefully there is something great in store for use from our government. Other countries seem to have found the answer, why we can't copy what works for them is telling me our health is not as important as the money that is squeezed from us. I love our country and hope that we can do better. Until then.........

I hope this information will assist you with your future medical needs and have opened your eyes of how helpful an Urgent Care Center can help you save tons of money.

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      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Thank you Ms Dora and MsSuziecat7 for commenting.

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      suziecat7 4 years ago from Asheville, NC

      This is a great Hub with lots of useful information.

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      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      This article is very helpful. Thank you for the information on Urgent Care Centers and especially on those 4 ways to cut medical cost.