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How Well do Weight Loss Injections Work

Updated on October 20, 2012

There are many different possibilities to weight loss injections. Basically, these are for people who want results today. In general, the let's-get-it-over-with-quickly approach doesn't really work. The body has a way of getting its own back. Nevertheless, some of these methods are more effective than others. Let's take a look.

Let's start with the vitamin injection method. There are some weight-loss clinics that tell you that taking vitamin B-12 injections can help you lose weight. These injections cost quite a bit of money; fans of these weight loss injections will tell you that the vitamin helps you boost your metabolism. You'll feel more energetic, they say, and your quicker metabolism rate begins to burn more fat than before.

Scientifically speaking, the only way that a B-12 vitamin injection can help you boost your metabolism is if you already have a B-12 deficiency and this has slowed your metabolism down. If you are healthy and if you have enough B12 in your system, there is absolutely nothing that more of it can do for you. But at least, it doesn't harm your health if you take more of this than you actually need. There is one way in which massive quantities of B-12 can harm you though. It does interfere with certain medications.

HCG is the other popular weight-loss injection. It's been around for some time now, and there are terribly conflicting reports about how effective it is. To be certain, it isn't approved by any health authority anywhere in the world. In fact, they actually warn against it. Those who do take it up to see what it's like though, claim that it is so effective that there is just one reason that they can think of for why the government won't approve that. They believe that government is trying to protect the interests of Big Pharma.

Conspiracy theories aside, the mainstream press stands against it. Even if they do see if that people who take these weight loss injections do claim to lose perhaps a pound a day.

hCG is the bodily hormone. Women's bodies produce it throughout each pregnancy. The hCG that they use in these weight loss injections comes from the urine of pregnant women. The theory is that the substance helps break down abdominal fat.

There is a caveat though. You have to go on a near starvation diet when you go on an hCG regimen. There certainly is research on this, and it isn't positive. Most research does come to the conclusion that any weight loss achieved through an hCG regimen should be credited entirely to the starvation diet and not the hormone itself.


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