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How Will Grey Contact Lenses Look On You?

Updated on December 10, 2012

Step 1: Pick the Best Shade for You

There are nearly as many different shades of grey contact lenses as there are different skin tones. So be sure to choose the shade that compliments your skin tone, and hair color the best! For example some grey contacts come with yellow, black, or even light grey centers. All of this is so that you can choose a shade of grey that has the intensity you desire. Your options are many.

Step 2: Accentuate your look with makeup

You can really accentuate your look by pairing your grey contact lenses with the appropriate makeup. Using the correct makeup can even make the lenses look really natural. Adorn your eyes with the correct eye-shadow shades, lash lengthening mascara, and properly groomed eye-brows for a lovely look! If you've never tried Lancome's Hypnose, do yourself a favor and try it. This mascara literally makes it look like you fake lashed on. People will literally be hypnotized No lie, it's a must try.

Step 3: Get a Prescription

Yes, you still need a prescription even if you don't wear glasses. Any eye doctor can give you a prescription to wear colored contacts. You do not have to buy your contact lenses from the doctor who approved your prescription, but getting a prescription will ensure that your eyes are healthy and ready to wear contacts. Another reason is due to safety. In most areas of the United States, contact lens dispensers must be licensed. This means if you purchase contact lenses from a dispenser and they do not ask to see your prescription, then they probably are selling the lenses illegally. In the event that you do purchase your grey contact lenses from an overseas dispenser, or one in the US who is not licensed then you are certainly purchasing at your own risk. Risking the health of your eyes is not worth it! Please only wear approved contact lenses sold by a licensed dispenser.


See below for before and after pics

Below are some before and after pics, but remember that the end result depends upon the brand as well as the color of your eye, skin tone, and makeup.

When it comes to wearing colored contact lenses, you will find MANY differing opinions as to who should wear them, and who shouldn't wear them. The same is true when it comes to grey contact lenses. Some people feel that certain ethnicity's should stay away from grey contact lenses. Others feel the exact opposite. Some feel that you are expressing your individuality by wearing colored contacts, while others feel you are being fake. The wonderful thing about living is that we do have the right to make our own decisions, even when it comes to wearing, or not wearing colored contacts. We must strive to steer away from imposing our personal opinions on others, especially if they are in a negative light. Never should our opinion make another feel bad, or change the way they feel about themselves. (Of course, this is MY opinion). When it comes to the subject of grey contact lenses, as mentioned before, this is a heavily debated topic. Friends, this article will show photos of how grey contact lenses look on a range of eye colors. You will be able to compare how they look, and decide FOR YOURSELF, if grey contact lenses are for you!

Grey contact lenses Photo
Grey contact lenses Photo

Chestnut Brown Colored Eyes

The photo to the right is of grey contact lenses on the eye of an Asian girl. As you can see, her original eye color is a chestnut brown. The grey contact effectively changes the color of her eye. You can still see the brown coming through towards the center of the contact a bit. So the grey contact lenses don't completely cover the natural eye color, but they do cover it enough to accomplish the drastic change you are looking for. My opinion is that the hazel coming through a tad gives it a nice effect. Of course there are many different companies whose contacts will have more coverage than others, or less than others.

Grey contact lenses Photo credit:
Grey contact lenses Photo credit:

Light Blue Colored Eyes

This photo is of a girl with a naturally colored light blue eye. You can definitely see a difference here. Pay attention to her eye makeup. It certainly brings the grey contact lenses out even more.

grey contact lenses
grey contact lenses
Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Dark Colored Eyes (Brown or Black)

This photo shows how grey contacts will look on a darker eye. Now the original eye color to the right isn't the darkest of the dark of eyes, but the effect grey contact lenses will have will be very similar. Pairing grey contact lenses with dark eyes is one of the combinations that receives a lot of "differing opinions". Some feel that pairing grey contact lenses with dark eyes is extremely unnatural. Others feel it adds a touch of exotic class to their looks. Others don't put that much thought into it and just wear them for the fun of it, or for the fun of matching their eyes, to the color of their outfit! Ladies, do your thing and wear, or don't wear whatever your hear desires! If it makes to feel great, and adds to a positive outpouring of your personality, then go for it!  One of the hottest ladies with grey eyes (in my opinion) is the beauty storm from X-men.  Yes!  Storm from X-men has grey eyes and is one of the most exotic looking women in comic book history!

Now keep in mind that there are many many different brand companies on the net that sell grey contact lenses. Not only are there different brands, but there are also different types and shades of grey. Usually the each company will also have comparison photos on their website for you to get an exact feel for how their specific shade will look on your eye.  The most popular brands for grey contact lenses are Acuvue, Clearly colors, Freshlook, & Focus.  With these companies, you will find a range of grey contact lenses that have brown, green, and blue undertones.  Have fun!


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    • profile image

      stye treatment 6 years ago

      not that much of a difference, i guess you would only notice if you knew that person for a long time and something about them would look different

    • profile image

      Steve 6 years ago

      The make-up definitely helps to accentuate the colored eye contacts

    • bewisemyson profile image

      bewisemyson 6 years ago

      Hi Jean, I have posted photos above of a few girls of Asian decent, you can check out how the grey contact lenses look on their eyes! Hope this helps!

    • profile image

      Jean 6 years ago

      I have very dark eyes that I think it is more appropriate to call them black. I'm Asian, pure Filipino. I'm thinking of getting gray contact lenses. Do you think it would suit my black eyes and tan skin?

      I was thinking of this as a more or less nearest result:

      Just a bit darker than her eyes (I know they might be contact lenses too, though).

    • luminita1977 profile image

      luminita1977 6 years ago from New York

      Good article,thanks

    • electricsky profile image

      electricsky 7 years ago from North Georgia

      I think the wearer of contacts are more concerned about the eye color than who is looking at them. Some people don't even notice eye color.