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How Yoga Can Help You.

Updated on April 23, 2013

How Yoga Can Help You.

Yoga is the ancient Indian science which is almost five thousand years old. During those times it was practised by yogis or ascetics who have renounced the world and were in search of God. Their main purpose was to achieve moksha or liberation and to avoid birth and death cycle. God realisation is their ultimate goal which is sought ultimately by several yeras of meditation and penance.

But, today yoga has beem commercialised since it has a therapeutic value. Yoga is used as an alternative therapy to cure several types of physical and psychological ailments. We all want a healthy life. Absence of disease is the right defination of health. Health is valued only when it is lost. Good health comprises of a sound mind in a sound body. A diseased state is that when there is a pathologicai condition and abnormal symptoms are noticed.

In yogic language the body reaches a diseased state when there is imbalance in the flow of pranic energy. According to the renowned rishi or sage Vashishtha a disease is caused when there is irregular flow of energy, insufficient flow of pranic energy or when pranic energy flows more than the required amount. Yoga seems to be the only answer for the management of stress which even our modern medical science accepts and recommends to tthe patients. The individual should make his own effort to destress himself. However, in recent times our conventional system of medicine has accepted the fact that there is a direct link between mind and body for any abnormal pathological condition to give birth in the body. The disease starts in the mind and then progresses towards the body which is termed as ' psychosomatic illnesss. in medical jargon.

There are five layers in the human body called ' Panchakoshas' according to our Upanishads. They are called as annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vidynanamaya and anandamaya kosha. Disaese begins in our mind causing imbalance in the flow in pranamaya kosha or pranic energy and the disease begins in the annamaya kosha or the physical body. A disturbed, irritated and agitated state of mind creates imbalance in blood supply, nerve supply and oxygen supply to the entire system of body creating a diseased condition. Our negative emotions act upon the mind and mind acts upon the body.

The regular practise of yoga acts at the spiritual, emotional and physical level and creates a a balanced state. Yogic pactises such as dehasadhana or asanas, pranasadhana or pranayama that is breathing exercises such as kapalbati, brahmari or honey bee sound, anulom viloum or alternate nostril breathing and basthrika brings about a balance in the body at all the three levels. Then there bhavasadhana which includes mantras, japa, bhajans or hymns sung in God's glory, stotras and dhyana or meditation which also contrbutes hugely to control the disturbed mind and generate positive energy and bring about a balanced state at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Yoga stabilizes the mind which is in a state of disharmony and clears the energy blockages which has been caused by long period of stress and pessimistic thinking. Once the blockages are removed there will be sufficient flow of nerve supply, blood supply and oxygen supply to the affected organs and the disturbed system and thus promote healing. In our life circumstances don't change sometimes we do keep suffering from hardships for a long time. But, a yogic way of living and thinking will definately help us to adapt to the unpleasant situation in a much better way.

Yoga has a therapeutic effect on the mind and thus it will aid in our treatment whether it is conventional system of medicine that is allopathy or alternative system of medicine like homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani or Siddha etc. Yoga not only helps us manage and cure an existing ailment but it also helps us to prevent any new disease by improving our immunity system.


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