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How You Can Best Detox Your Body with Water Lime Lemon and Grapefruit

Updated on October 3, 2022
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A historian, computer geek, and interested in western, alternative and herbal medicine. A health enthusiast, fond of exercise and nutrition.

The Food Canal

Detoxification takes place in the food canal
Detoxification takes place in the food canal | Source


Detoxification took place in the food canal. Bowel cleansing is a vital regime in herbal medicine. A serious practitioner will take your intestines into healthy consideration when prescribing a holistic remedy. Even an orthodox doctor likes a thorough cleansing of the alimentary or food canal. This is to ensure the food nutrients, and remedies/medication effective utilization. If the oral remedy is to work, your bowel is the first connecting system. It should be in a well working condition. Many detoxification regimes start from the stomach. However, some of the detoxification ingredients contain sugar, which initiated a digestive action; but hardly affects a cleansing and scrubbing action. Natural alkaline ingredients are the best solution for this. In this article, I'll show you just how you can use cucumber, lemon, lime, and grapefruit to make an effective home remedy to cleanse your food canal; thereby adjusting the hydrogen ion index (pH) of the bloodstream.

Give Your Stomach a Rest

'An ordinary meal is digested and passed on by the stomach in about four hours, so a space of five or six hours between meals enable the stomach to complete its work and have a short rest…eating too much, eating too frequently, and eating at irregular intervals may overwork the stomach, and cause digestive disturbance. One simple remedy for this is to give the stomach a rest by not eating for several hours…and washing out the stomach by drinking plenty of warm water'.-F. Daniel

Ayurveda or Early Morning Water Therapy

Your bowel needs to be rejuvenated. Cleansing it and allowing it to rest is one way to fine-tune it. So some drink a glass or two, or 1 litre of warm water in the morning before a breakfast meal. This is 'Ayurveda therapy'. But if you can slice a lemon into a glass of water, it equates to a herbal remedy. This will effectively tone your digestive system. Nevertheless, I realized and observed that a remedy with citrus fruits like lime, lemon, and grapefruit in combination is much more effective if taken with a cup of cucumber fruit one hour before breakfast.

Fresh Bottled Water

Water is a good detoxification agent
Water is a good detoxification agent | Source

What Detoxification Means.

Detoxification means to remove harmful or poisonous substances from the body. This is naturally done by the liver. Anything taken into the body has a minus side effects and the negation needs to be removed, including food residues and drugs. Excessive food nutrients like sugar need to be detoxified out of the body. Giving the alimentary canal a rest from digestion is the best method of detoxification.

Purpose of Detoxification

Detoxification is necessary for the following issues:

  • Chronic diseases and conditions of allergy.
  • Digestive disorders like diabetes mellitus.
  • Obesity and its associated illnesses.
  • Insomnia or lack of sleep.
  • Fever conditions.
  • Resistance to infections.
  • Persons exposed to high environmental pollution.
  • Generally, malaises and disabilities to a headache, sore throat, weight loss or gain, and much more.

Detoxification is a tool for preventing diseases, increasing overall health, and resisting diseases.

The Food Canal

The canal during digestion gets dirty and tense. Fats or oils and proteins take longer to be digested. You have to give your digestive system a break. Food that is digested in the stomach passes out after say four hours and empties its 'chimney' little by little via, the pylorus or pyloric sphincter into the duodenum until all the digested foods empty out into the small intestine. Yet, digested food particles stick themselves to the lining and walls of the stomach and intestines overnight. This needs flushing out early morning.

Absorption and Assimilation

To absorb the maximum nutrients from the digested foods, the body cells of the food canal need to be well suited for the processes of absorption, assimilation, and diffusion. This will take place in the various sections of the duodenum, the ileum, and the small and large intestine. Starch and sugar in the stomach; fats and oils, and proteins in the small and large intestines. Starch and sugar that are not digested in the stomach, but in the intestines, are absorbed therein. Further absorption and assimilation of residual water and mineral salts took place in the rectum.

Actually, the digested foods that 'pass through the walls of the food canal' does so through the processes of absorption, and assimilation of 'dissolved' food nutrients. Starch becomes sugar; fats and oils become fatty acids and glycerin; proteins become amino acids in a water solution that's easily absorbed via, the lining walls of the intestine by a process called peristalsis. The walls or villi of the intestine contain an intricate network of 'capillary blood vessels'. Here, dissolved food nutrients are easily assimilated.

The villi is a large surface area through which the smaller units of the digested foods: sugar, fatty acid and glycerin, and amino acid enter the inside of the body.

The Ingredients

  • 2 or 3 cups cucumber.
  • 3 medium-size grapefruits.
  • 5 pieces of limes.
  • 5 pieces medium size lemon.
  • 1 Litre of fresh running water.

Fruit Ingredients

Alkaline fruits: lime, lemon, cucumber, and grapefruit.
Alkaline fruits: lime, lemon, cucumber, and grapefruit. | Source


1. Big jug.
2. Knife.
3. Cups.
4. Water.
5. Drinking glass.




  1. Wash hands then, utensils, and fruits.
  2. Fill a one and a half litre size jug with 1 litre of running water.
  3. Peel, slice, and squeeze each citrus fruit: lime, lemon, and grapefruit into the jog of water.
  4. Mix thoroughly and share into 5 cups or glasses.

It will take you less than 60 minutes for the actions. Feel free to take your time.

Serving Size

Serve one cup of juice with two cups of cucumber fruit to one person. The cucumber should be chewed thoroughly with skin and a sip of the juice taken to wash it down. For this to be effective, allow an hour of respite. Later, drink a glass of dilute lime or lemon water. This will invigorate the system.

Hint: take the remedy once or two times a month. But every morning, slice a lemon or lime into a glass of water to flush your digestive system. This will also prevent vitamin C deficiency in the bloodstream.

Your first breakfast should consist of fruits and vegetables to enhance the effect of the remedy. Any of your favourite fruits and veggies are welcome. This gives your food canal a further break from fats and protein digestion that allow the liver to detox unwanted fat and other drug side effects. Good if you take your snack with just fruits alone before lunch or dinner. Or, the day you do the detoxification should be your fruit day. You eat only fruits and vegetables and nothing else for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. This gives your digestive system an excellent break for detoxification.

Per Serving

Serve a glass of the juice plus one cup of cucumber to one person
Serve a glass of the juice plus one cup of cucumber to one person | Source

Fruit-Vegetable Salad

Eat a fruit-vegetable salad after detoxification
Eat a fruit-vegetable salad after detoxification | Source

Frequency of Detoxification

Actually, detoxification should be done once or twice a month with a space of two weeks between. Some persons feared that detoxification de-mineralized and de-vitalized the body. This can be true when it is done with inorganic material like purgative herb teas, or castor oil. This results in frequent stooling or faces expulsion from the elementary canal, resulting in the loss of too much water from the body. Vitamins and minerals pass out of the body.

When done with organic ingredients as the story depicted, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are absorbed by the body. Therefore, the fear of the loss of vital food nutrients here is a fallacy.

Sensitiveness to Citric Acid

Some persons are sensitive to the citric acid in citrus fruits: lime, lemon, grapefruit, and even orange, and tangerine. Such individuals should work their detox with just fresh water. So, for a whole day, you drink fresh water until the evening. This helps detox the body. Equally, slice and soak fresh ginger root for 10 minutes in the water if you care. Use a lobe size of ginger equal to a lobe of garlic in a 70 cl bottle of water. Take this along with the cucumber. When thirsty, drink a glass of water; and eat a cucumber fruit when hungry. The pure, electrolysis water in the cucumber fruit helps much in the detox process.


Your food or alimentary canal is scrubbed, wash, cleansed, invigorated, and rejuvenated. No running tummy here. But the breakdown of unwanted fats occurred in the body. You only pass out dirty at the call of nature. Food nutrients specifically vitamins and minerals are better absorbed and assimilated, helping the sugar, starch, amino acid, fatty acids, and glycerine to deliver their normal energy functions.


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3. Wikipedia detoxification

4. Medical definition detoxification

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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