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How Your Imagination Can Undermine You

Updated on January 8, 2012


Your imagination, if used improperly,can undermine you. It can make your life unproductive and ineffective. The classical example is the proverbial day-dreamer; Certain individuals are always creating “pie in the sky”, but they never make “bread on the table; ” Everyone knows the person who is always waiting for his ship to come in. Whenever your imagination keeps you from productive activity, it is being abused. This is a rule to be remembered in regard to the proper use of your imagination. Men and women who sit around fantasizing and daydreaming, but who achieve nothing, are not creative thinkers.

People with creative imagination produce! A creative imagination is always a realistic imagination. In Thomas Edison’s time, the light bulb seemed to most a revolutionary idea. But for Edison, it was a fact that simply needed fulfilment, and this is what he did! Alexander Graham Bell didn’t just think about talking to someone at a great distance. He used this idea of his imagination to bring about the fulfilment of his thought, he invented the instrument we call the telephone and now the mobile phone. Today we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world because of his creative imagination.

You must distinguish between idle daydreaming and creative productive imagination. The former will take you nowhere, and the latter will take you to success and fulfilment. Idle daydreaming is always a form of procrastination. It is the misuse of one of our greatest gifts. This abuse of your imagination can hinder and hurt you.


An individual who allows his imagination to make him suspicious and distrustful of everyone is doing serious harm to their personality. They are moulding for themselves a pattern of severity and narrowness, as this condition persists. They become less and less sociable. Smiles and pleasantries are diminished. Your imagination if not controlled can cause all sorts of difficulties. On a day-by-day basis, you can wake-up in the morning and imagine numerous reasons why you shouldn'tn’t go to work, or why you won’t be able to manage certain tasks, which need to be accomplished. Your imagination can be your friend or your enemy, learn how to make it work for your best interests.

Your imagination can hinder and work against you if you do not get a grip on it and learn to control and guide it in the proper manner. If you imagine a task to be too difficult and hard to undertake, you will defeat yourself before you even begin. Most of the difficulties which people experience in life occur more often in their imaginations than, in fact. You can allow your mind to create all sorts of difficulties which might take place in the future. These negative creations of your thoughts cause fear, and sufficient fear can actually paralyze you. Many people with outstanding talents and abilities who didn’t make the grade, because they couldn’t control their wayward imaginations. You have to learn to be relaxed that is the first step in combatting the problem. From a relaxed state, all things become much clearer, and you are better able, by being self-aware, to reverse negative thoughts. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to use whether you try self-hypnosis, or visit a hypnotherapist. There are also many excellent relaxation and hypnotherapy tapes on the market. So get started, and learn to make your imagination your friend.


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