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How a Few Tiny Steps Changed My Life For the Best!

Updated on February 7, 2015
The next best thing to fruit and vegetables!
The next best thing to fruit and vegetables! | Source
Take good care.
Take good care. | Source

Get healthy! Get fit!

Do you feel overweight, out of shape, and overall just no good? I have been there, I was 30 lbs overweight, suffering from intense lower back pain, and when I would look in the mirror, I held sickening disgust for the image staring back at me. It is safe to say that I hated myself, and that is truthfully heartbreaking. I am going to share a few secrets with you as to how I lost weight, got into shape, and am now on the fast track to success! I am so happy with where I am today, and believe me, believe in yourself and know that you CAN do it! Please repeat these words out loud to yourself right now. Ready? Don't be embarrassed. Say, "I love you, and I believe in you. I am beautiful, and I am worth it!" As Silly as it sounds, saying things like this out loud to yourself every day can change you life. Come along with me and figure out the few life changes I made to become who I am today!

Diet, Diet, Diet. I repeat, Diet, Diet, Diet! Abs are not made in the gym, abs are made in the kitchen. My boyfriend and I started a strict, meat and greens diet, oh boy does it work! Greens are good for you for so many things, they are good for digestion, and help regulate your restroom cycle, and so much more. I know many people have a lot of issues when it comes to using the restroom. Take a look at what you're eating and see if anything could potentially cause constipation or diarrhea.

Have you ever heard of a product called Juice Plus? I introduced this product to my diet last May, and it has been in my diet since and will be for the rest of my life. What Juice Plus is, is a product that helps you get over 30 vegetables, and fruits into your blood stream in capsule form within seconds! It is not a vitamin supplement that you go and buy at a supplement store or a drug store, it is WHOLE FOOD! Non gmo, gluten free, vegan, no junk added, it is 100% natural. So I purchased shake powder, fruit and veggie capsules and grain bars, and they became a part of my daily diet. This product is the next best thing to fruit and vegetables! So, I am in love with my JP and soon after became a sales representative for the company and now sell it, spreading good health and wellness all over the world. What could feel better than that? If you are reading this and would like to take a look at my website, feel free to check it out at, On there you will see my contact info! Or go ahead an order as you please! Please note, this article is not me trying to sell a product, it is me sharing health and wellness and I want everyone to be aware of what is on the market.

So the next step I took to lose weight and gain muscle was exercise. I have never been a gym junkie, I am all about doing it at home! I would walk 1-3 miles everyday, depending on how much time I had, I also do basic yoga poses 10 times in a row. What they are is, I would go to downward dog, down to plank, and cobra all in one. You can youtube or google what these positions are if you do not know how to do them. Doing these10 times a day really builds core strength and works on flexibility!

So in a quick recap, Diet, greens, JP, yoga, and cardio. You can do it! Believe in yourself always, love yourself every second of everyday. The relationship that is the most important in your life, and will always be, is the relationship with yourself. Once you love yourself, you can have a successful relationship with anyone in this entire world.

Love always,



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