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How a tennis elbow brace helps heal injuries

Updated on March 21, 2011

There are millions of people who suffer from injuries especially when they overuse a certain part of the body. Generally,workers who often use a hammer or screwdriver as part of their job can develop tennis elbow. Indeed, not only tennis players suffer from tennis elbow but other people involved in work activities that include gripping tools. Once tennis elbow sets in, pain on the outer part of the elbow and elbow tenderness near the bone would be felt by the person.

Most of the time, repetitive stress damages the muscles and tendons on the lateral aspect of the elbow which results to tennis elbow. Tennis players, especially beginners, are the ones most affected due to heavy practice. One of the options to speed up recovery is to use a tennis elbow brace which is often suggested by medical professionals.

A tennis elbow brace is a support that  prevents injury by providing lateral counter-force to the magnitude of muscle contraction that can alleviate muscle tension. A tennis elbow brace is composed of inelastic material that further restrains movement of the muscles. Whenever indications of tennis elbow are felt, the primary intervention is RICE method.

R means rest to prevent further injury on the area.

The letter I means ice that can be applied to inhibit swelling or inflammation. This also helps relieve pain which can help a person resume normal activities.

Lastly, CE means compression and elevation. The tennis elbow brace is primarily used to compress the muscles. Recovery can be enhanced by elevating the affected area while using a tennis elbow brace.

If case you have to use a tennis elbow brace,several products with different features are available at medical supplies stores. You can also browse online and check some sites that promote tennis elbow brace that comes along in different sizes and features. Acquiring a too large or too small tennis elbow brace can be inadequate in providing compression thus defeating the purpose.

The point is to have the right amount of compression which is not too loose nor too tight at all. There is also a type of tennis elbow brace that includes a forearm splint which provides support to the forearm. Nevertheless, do not be too dependent on a tennis elbow brace since prolonged use is not advisable. The best measure is to visit a physical therapist and follow the RICE method.


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