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How to go a man/woman darkness world.

Updated on September 15, 2015
How to take drug by the syringe
How to take drug by the syringe | Source

Eating, wearing and living are the fundamental demand of a man. We all know that to eat well food, wear good dress and the environment in living home as well us to make good relation with parents, siblings and all of human being of society is called a normal life. But we have no enough time to think that there have many human beings who are no leading the normal life. They sleep on an open road, where they wet by rain and dry by sunshine. They led life by eating food that collect from the dustbin. In the aristocratic society, they have no value. Such this life’s name is an intoxicated life. They can’t think of life without intoxication. They have food in stomach or not, they have to drugs. Like this amiss/street child and addicted people who are going to destruction. What should we do to return them? This is our little attempt, if someone read it and try to do something, we will be thanked.

How can they involve in dark life:

Many of them push themselves in the deep darkness world. For this situation, they have own responsibility to take this situation. Sometimes parents and friends are also responsible for this. If the parents don’t care of their children from childish, don’t fill up their desire/demand, don’t look after their children, it would be foolish hope to get something from them. Illiteracy of parents is responsible for this because they can’t teach properly; even poverty of parents is another responsible to be an intoxicated. They also led their own life who lost their parents as well as relatives. They left their life to eat or not to stay or sleep beside the rail station and various roads. This guardian less child led life their own choice. Thus a child goes to dark by intoxication, theft and snatching. According to various Non-Government-Organization, 85% street child have involved with intoxication, 19% is taken heroine, 44% has involved with smoking, 28% taken various tablet and 8% has taken drub by injection. There have many spots in city where teenage and adult adductors have taken drugs. By NGO 80% of street child who are drug addicted and also involved with criminal activities from 9 to 19 ears. Not only come the children who lost their parents and relatives but also lower, middle even higher classes of people also involve with drug by temptation their friends. They outrage their parents for money. Even they don’t care of giving murder them for taking money.

How to stay a drug addicted man on the road
How to stay a drug addicted man on the road | Source

How can they collect money for intoxication:

  1. By stealing: stealing is a common or habitual work for taking drugs. For stealing they roam various narrow streets and take what seen by them. Sometimes, they roam around the famous shopping mall for stealing. Even they steal shoes from the Holy place like Mosque, Temple, and Church etc. for collecting money to drugs.
  2. By selling scrap: They come out with a sack for collecting empty bottle, empty cane, cardboard box, papers, ironical tools and so many. After they sell it in scraping company and take drug with that money.
  3. By snatching: Drug addicted person can’t control themselves for long time without drugs. For that they snatch precious things from the common people by fearing with sharp knife as well as gun. Even they can easily hit on them for a little money.
  4. By begging: Sometimes, they begin to beg for taking drug. The system of begging of them is strange.
  5. By acting false: They roam bus-stand, rail station, in front of Airport, shopping mall and several of important places by wearing dirty cloths and taking various false prescriptions. Someone says “I have no parents” somebody says “my mother is in hospital, I have no money for treatment”. But actual it is a way to collect money for drug.


What they eat for survival:

They are the most neglected than other people in society. The aristocrat and elite live for away from them. Major of time, they stay in deep intoxication that help them to forget eating food. But they have also need food for only living. Actually they collect food from the dustbin as well as the various hotels which are rotten and musty. Even they snatch food from the various shops.

They are being used and supplying in drugs:

By showing the greedy of money, one kind of profiteer pick up some child that’s family has not educated and from the street who stay in the side of railway station or slum for supplying drugs in society for making money. In this situation, anybody has to be amazed to see the scene of taking drugs of child whose age 9 to 15 in the slum of capital city. They earn a few by colleting scrap that spent all for taking drugs. One kind of profiteer push the school student (that family are not conscious) in the work of collecting scrap strategically by showing the greedy of money. Another black merchant have who supply the drug by the street child. As a result, Drugs is at hand of them. Pay by day, the street child begins to take drug and one of time it speeds epidemically.

What should do to come back them on right track:

Firstly: Government for people. So, Government should take some step to come back them on right track. The street child needs rehabilitation and intense care for that the government should make specific policy. To gives enough facilities. They should organize welfare board. As well as for rehabilitation taken a long term plan and enough fund.

Secondly: The problems have to solve socially. The education of family and society has to be the great things. As they are renounced from the family and society. So, NGO (non-government-organization) and GO (government-organization) should come to help them. By giving good education such as theoretical and practical as well as technical. If they can so in various work to learn, the sum of street child and addicted child can be reduced.

Thirdly: Guardians should be taken care of their child and monitored them, what they do, where they go, whom friends are their company. If they strictly look that of course it will be reduced.

You are welcome to my hub for any comments

You are most welcome to my hub for any comments.

Thanks to all


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