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How can you treatment neck pain.

Updated on September 15, 2015
Neck pain
Neck pain | Source

Most of the people aged more than forty are known to neck pain. It is a disease of decaying backbone or survical spin. Backbone is divided into various parts in medical science such as survical spin of neck part, thoracic spin of back, lumber spin of waist, sacral spin of waist down. Backbone is moved frequently in two parts such as survical spin and lumber spin. As survical spin moved more, thin part’s decay of backbone is also more. The decay of neck backbone is called survical spondilosis in medical language.


  • Neck pain and such pain may spread to shoulder, hand and finger.
  • Shoulder, arm, hand and finger may feel abnormal feelings or paralysis.
  • Arm, hand and finger may feel weakness.
  • Always neck feels stiffness and slowly increases pain.
  • Increase pain as movement of neck and working as standing.
  • Sever pain after overtime or pulling sane thing by bending neck into down.
  • Pain increases as sneeze coughing or bonding to forward.
  • Pain may come to the front starting from the back side of the head.
  • Body feels weakness, sleeping is hampered and feels unable to work.
  • Many thinks burning feels in hand.

Detection of disease:

Disease may easily be detected by knowing the age, profession and history of disease aside an X-ray of survical spin.


Main treatment is physiotherapy and therapeutic exercise beside medicine. A specialist physiotherapy doctor taken various plans on condition of the patient such as manual or manipulation therapy, therapeutic exercise and various electro medical equipment is used here such as interpharential therapy. Ultra-red ray, micro-web diathermy, Ultra sound therapy, short web diathermy & intermittent traction, transcutenias electrical stimulation etc and for some it may require to take full rest for two three weeks after getting admission into a hospital. Alongside the patient has to maintain some rules and regulations such as –

  • Don’t work by moving forward.
  • Use a medium size pillow while sleeping.
  • Keep the monitor of computer as eye label while working with computer.
  • Use cervical collar while working or making journey.
  • Do not snap your neck in the salon.
  • Maintain the advice of physiotherapist doctor.


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