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How can you tell if a person is meant to be in your life?

Updated on August 11, 2014

love at first sight

Most of us need only to review the events of our lives and we tend to observe that there are instances, which stands out beyond any other that seems to grab hold of your spirit man. We were unaware that the components of these events had us in their direct path.

And since we were unconscious of them, often our dull perception prevented us from seeking to unveil these event and we merely “shelf them” while others who are more discerning begin to enquire into them, for they are either troubled or excited in their consciousness. And so, they made a determination to find out why was it that this uninvited event had suddenly broken through into their lives.

One such event has been termed, “love at first sight” not to be confused with lust at first sight.

Love at first sight is not only a preview on an intended relationship but a God given vision of a relationship at hand that had been in the past in God, presently on the earth and in the future with God.

Love at first sight has very little to do with the flesh but a whole lot to do with the spirit. That is the reason that when agape love is present, it is your soul and spirit that is first activated. Love at first sight looks beyond the expectations of the flesh and boldly give credit to the unseen weaknesses.

Physical love only comes into its fullness when spiritual love has come into its fullness. Unconditional love must ascend in supremacy over eros and philleo. Note that physical attraction does bear its part but it is secondary to the spiritual promptings.

It is not uncommon to hear husbands and wives allude to the fact that when either of them met each other it was like they had known each other before even though they had never met.

I remember the first time I met my wife; I was working in the admitting office at the college where she was to attend. I was busy addressing the questions of the new students when all of a sudden a young lady got out of the line she had been in and looked puzzled at the list of classes that were available.

I walked towards her, as it was my job to assist new students, and as we spoke, it suddenly appeared that I had known her all my life, as if she had been a family member. This I later found out was a spiritual nudging but I failed to recognise it and so gave it no further attention.

There were many female students registering for classes that day but God brought her to be in a divine appointment; to grab hold of my spirit. We were spiritually introduced but either of us recognized the profundity that it would bear on our lives. But even though I did not understand the full extent of the contact, God had stirred my spirit so that I would continue to be mindful of her, not knowing that she would eventually be my wife.

Love at first sight is one way of knowing that a person is meant from the foundation of the earth, to occupy or share your life in a covenant relationship.


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