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How dangerous is sitting and standing

Updated on May 30, 2017

How dangerous is sitting and standing?

The limitless amounts of sitting and standing that we do in a day are something nobody really thinks about we just do it. Did you ever think that sitting and standing could be dangerous? most people think that it is just a reflex or something that you do out of instinct. The limitless amounts of sitting and standing that you do depend on what you are doing at the time, don’t you agree? If you sit for long periods of time, you can risk having metabolic syndrome, which can cause, heart attack, or stroke. Those who, sit and a great deal have a slower metabolism and a lower life expectancy. It is said that sitting for 11 or more hours a day increases death by 40 percent. Although given the nature of jobs little can be done about this. Sitting can be limitless in some cases.

Standing is not good either though it can be limitless in some cases as well. Prolonged standing can lead to the development of musculoskeletal disorder especially in the knees, legs and lower back. So that is why it is recommended we sit and stand 50:50 the definition of musculoskeletal disorder is it affects muscles tendons ligaments, nerves, tendons, nerves, discs and blood vessels. You can get carpal tunnel from doing it too.

Yes, sitting and standing are dangerous, so do a little bit of both so that you can still move. The less movement you do, the more your muscles won’t be able to move when you actually need to. So enough science, about sitting and standing let’s just say it’s dangerous if done for too long. Everyone has heard of the dangers and seen the studies that are why when you listen to specific radio stations, at around 1:50 pm or 2:30 somewhere around there, say stand up and move around.

If you don’t stand up after, sitting for long periods of time your muscles will seize up. This can happen with standing as well, if you stand for too long your legs can fall asleep and get all tingly and then give out which is never a good thing. Nobody likes, the feeling of their legs falling asleep. You should sit and stand 50:50 if you do that, then your muscles will still be able to move.

I think that sitting and standing, is dangerous but it is still necessary, don’t push yourself to stand or sit too long. It is dangerous for your health and why wouldn’t you want to keep your health, in great condition. If you actually think about, how much sitting and standing you do in a day, it might surprise you. I sit all the time, and hardly ever stand, it is difficult if I have been sitting for too long to stand but I do it occasionally. Do you find that you sit too long in a day or do you find that you stand too much?

Dangers of sitting and standing

How long do you sit and stand for?

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Sitting and Standing can feel Limitless but how good is it for you?

How much do you sit and stand in a day, either at your job or with your family? People don't think of these things because as I said we think they are just reflexes, but they aren't. So the next time, you sit to think about how many times and how long you have been sitting and do the same when you stand. Some of the dangers of sitting and standing can include, tightness in the muscles in your legs that make them not move. When your muscles are tight after standing for so long, your legs will fall asleep and get all tingly has anyone ever had that sensation? I know that I have, and I hate it but it happens. This is dangerous because if you try to walk on a sleeping leg your leg could give out and you could fall.

The dangers of sitting are the tightness in your muscles, from being in one position too long. nobody would ever think that could be dangerous but in reality, it can. so be careful the next time you sit and stand for long periods of time. You will be thankful for this in the end. Sitting and standing for long periods of time can be limitlessly dangerous because of how much pressure each of these things puts on your joints.

Sitting and standing for long periods of time can be limitlessly dangerous because of how much pressure each of these things puts on your joints. Have you ever sat too long where when you stand up you are stiff? Well, that is because our muscles are meant to move limitlessly and if we sit too long they get stiff and impact our moving abilities in a negative way because we haven't used our muscles as much as we should have.

The dangers of sitting are you can become too stiff from it where you can't move at all which is never a good thing or if you sit too long your body gets sore from not moving. That has happened to me when I was sick from food poisoning the last time, and since then I keep telling myself, even if I am sick I have to move limitlessly in order to not be so sore. Sure you can be limitlessly sore when your sick but staying in one position for so long isn't good either which is why we are all meant to move.

The dangers of standing, for long periods of time, is you are putting too much pressure on your joints, and they start hurting which in turn could make you miserable because who likes a hurting back or hurting feet? Nobody. Both of these can have limitless effects but they can be dealt with by changing positions in order for you to be comfortable. So never forget to move, either from one standing position to another or to sit when you need to or stand when you need to, not for long periods of time because that can hurt but occasionally we need to do both in order to live.

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Is Sitting and Standing Dangerous?

Sitting and Standing are both things that we need to do on a daily basis, in order to live our lives. We do them limitlessly because that is just the way life is. Do you think that they are dangerous though?

How dangerous do you think sitting and standing is? Let's Discuss

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