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How do I stop sugar Cravings: 7 tips.

Updated on June 19, 2013
craving for sweet food
craving for sweet food | Source

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Sugar Cravings

Easily available and highly addictive, sugar has gained a bad name of being poisonous if taken excessively. This powder has extremely low nutritious value but is packed with unnecessary killojoules that will rather add fat to your waistline.

Unfortunately, this culprit is hidden in foods that we never thought would be there and make us addicted to it. That means, it is not only hidden in muffins and doughnuts but also in sauces that we love to eat daily such as pasta sauce or barbecue sauce. Once used to it, it becomes addictive substance that lures us towards it, and kill our appetite for any other food. Many people who were able to control this addiction has been able to loose weight drastically.

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Reasons for cravings for sweets

  • Low sugar levels in the body.
  • Deficiency in chromium, sulfur, phosphorus and carbon.
  • Other reason can be because your mind is looking for ways to boost your mood. Sugar releases endorphins which have been found to relaxes our mind.
  • Hormonal imbalance in insulin and serotonin.
  • Simply because of your unhealthy eating habits.

Why Beat Sugar Cravings

Sweet cravings has become one of the major concern for many of us because eating too much of sweet can lead to many of the health problems, mainly weight gain, diabetes, kidney disease and tooth decay.

Our body is not designed to consume huge amount of sugar that we are taking today and this load is causing various disease.

Sugar cravings may lead you to eat sugar in excessive amount which will increase the sugar level in your body that will gradually increase the insulin sensitivity in you. Other harmful affects of eating too much sugar is the risk of getting nasty disease called diabetes which will gradually damage your kidney, eyes, circular system in your hands and legs and many have to go through amputation of their peripheries because of the damage of the blood vessels in such parts of the body.

Eating sugar makes you fat.

Sugar also destroys your tooth and you will end up with nasty and painful tooth problems.

How to stop craving sweets

If your craving has taken its toll and is affecting your health, you should think about following some of the tips shared below to beat your cravings for sugar:

Remove all the sugary foods from your pantry

Check your kitchen pantry and see how much sugary food you have loaded your pantry with. It is now time to remove all the items that have sugar in it such as cakes, chocolates, muffins, ice creams. The idea here is if you don't have it to your reach you won't have it.

Replace your pantry with healthy alternatives
Replace your pantry with healthy alternatives | Source

Replace your sugary food with healthy foods:

Replace your sweet foods with fruits, legumes and wholemeal snacks because this foods have complex carbohydrates which will keep the sugar levels in your body constant for long hours. If you feel like eating sweet, eat nuts or a piece of fruit instead. Some other example of foods with complex carbohydrates include wholegrain (brown rice, buckwheat, oats), fruits (oranges, apricots, plums), vegetables (spinach, carrots, onions, cucumbers), legumes (pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans). This foods are also low in GI, so are absorbed and digested slowly and as a result sugar level in your body will remain stable.

Read labels
Read labels | Source

Read labels

Always read labels on the package of the food that you are eating. Most of the processed find in the supermarket have hidden amount of sugar to give them a taste that will make you addicted to it. Read labels carefully on food packages you buy and find out if you have been eating foods that has lots of sugar added to it.

There are many foods which are considered generally healthy but if read labels you will be surprised how much percent of sugar is added to them. Some of those include bars, cereals, sauces, vitamin water, dried fruits, pre-packed fruit juices, flavored yogurt. Many parents give fruit juice to kids thinking that they are the healthy options, but this juices are not nutritious at all but are rather packed with sugar to make them tastier. You should be aware that most of this juices are preserved for more than a year.

Eat small amounts of sweets when craving

If you decide to stop eating sweets suddenly, you will end up craving more and eating more sugary foods. So start by decreasing your intake of sugar each time you feel like consuming sweet foods. For instance, if you add two teaspoon of sugar to your cup of coffee, add only one teaspoon of sugar to start with and if you take cookies with your coffee, replace it by eating healthy nuts.

Improve your diet

Eat diet that will keep you satisfied for long time. Sometimes being hungry for long time makes your cravings for sweet really worse. So, add healthy protein and fat such as eggs, nuts, seeds, lean meat, fish, tofu, legumes in each of your meal.

Take meals at regular intervals

Do not skip you meals, especially your breakfast. If you remain hungry for long time, it will make your craving for sweet worse and you won’t be able to resist it. Have a healthy smoothies during breakfast to keep yourself fuller for long time.

Make a rule and be firm with it

Make a rule that you will not bring any sweet foods at your home until you have control over your cravings. Another useful rule can be you will eat sugary food only once a week when you go for shopping. This is the rule that works for me and my family- we only buy sweets during Saturday, our weekly shopping day, other days no sweet foods at our home.


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