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Gratitude and Health

Updated on July 18, 2013

The Gate to Gratitude

Waking up to Gratitude

This morning I awoke with tears streaming down my face

My heart laid wide open, and my eyes saw rainbows distributed through my room from a crystal/

I recognized the feeling that I was experiencing, however the name of it escaped my mind.

I moved throughout the morning with an overflowing sensation of this feeling. As I went to my desk, I commanded myself to just sit and breath. This was needed from me at that moment. As I did this, I remembered the name of this feeling. It was gratitude.

It was gratitude that filled my body upon awakening this morning.

The Love from Spirit and my own spirit intermingled and pumped through me like bubbles in champagne

With this feeling, the love of everything rest gently in my open heart, and spread outwards touching further than my eyes could see. I was experiencing pure unconditional love.

The above was written more than a year ago. As I sifted through writings that were never completed today, this one caught my attention. Finding it came at the most opportune time, for life has been knocking me around lately. My days have changed into endless worry. Even though I was in the habit of dedicating a certain time of the day to practice being grateful, I wasn’t carrying it throughout the whole day. This effected my energy, which took on a heaviness. A heavy energy will deplete your body, and eventually you become ill.

Do you practice daily gratitude?

We can take a few minutes each day to practice daily gratitude. This can be done by keeping a gratitude journal, saying a prayer of gratitude, looking around our living quarters and thanking the Gods for giving us a home, food and other needs or walking around in nature. Taking a few minutes to be grateful, will also help put you in a good receptive mood, instead of self-pity.

Daily Gratitude

Do you practice daily gratitude?

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Essence of Gratitude

The Essence of Gratitude

Upon discovering this piece I wrote awhile back, it reminded me what it felt like to be in the essence of gratitude. There was lightness of form coupled with intense joy. I felt as if I was a shining being, and perhaps I was. It also reminded me that, on that day, it did not include any special events, such as someone getting married, a birth of a baby or vacation. It was a typical day in my life. At that period, when I wrote that note to myself, I was experiencing an episode of glee. It did not occur to me to question why I was experiencing this. The feeling remained throughout the day, and offered me a great day. Any challenges for that day, where handle from a place of gratitude. The physical pain that I felt daily, though visible, did not cripple me with complaints. Personal conflicts with others were handled in an open fashion, instead of my usual ignoring. There was a soft inner guidance going through me, which helped make tasks easier.

That was then, and now after reading what I wrote, I wonder how I have lost this, and if I could obtain this feeling again? I had written back than on how I did acquire a heart of gratitude, so I decided to attempt it again. After reading my notes, I knew a shift of consciousness did not happen overnight. Gratitude had to become a habit, all day and night; even during times of grim experiences.

My notes from the past

From my notes, I recalled how there were times the habit of gratitude would seize altogether, and bitterness would replace it. As with any habit though, it would try to resurface, but many times I had struggled to find anything to be grateful for in my life. Through reading my old notes, it became evident that I did stick to being grateful throughout the whole day. I did this despite the road of transformation was long, and laden with life battering down on me daily. It was not just the everyday stresses that I encountered during that period. My world crumbled down. It represented the Tower in the Tarot cards. All of my structures collapsed. It was the period when God came through my back door, wreaking havoc. My world shed zero light into my life, yet each day I wrote down at least five things that were a blessing Examples of this was a morsel of food, which was seen as a gift. Not starving completely for one day was a major blessing. I became thankful for the events in my life, even though they were difficult. I saw them as blessings coming to me in lessons. Though inside I was emotionally bleeding, I always remained grateful for everything that I was encountering. As I mentioned, this was done as a measure to keep my head above water. The glory of feeling peaceful was never asked, required or even thought of during this time. I did not know it existed, until that morning, when I awoke with such a deep feeling of love.

Gratitude Affirmations

Thank You

A Year and a Half Later

The above hub was written a year and a half ago. I believe it needed to be updated. Within this past year and half, I have moved to a better place. I am able to support myself, and the crises of those past few years has ended. As I mentioned earlier in this Hub, your energy does affect your health. It did mine, which resulted in the energy becoming heavy in my body. This did mess me up physically. I could barely walk. I have been working on self-healing now for a year. I can walk again, and without the aid of a cane, walker or knee brace. Gratitude and having doors open to me in learning how to heal myself has been the cause of my recovery.

If I can accomplish in getting only one idea across is this hub, it is your emotions do affect your body. If you pay homage to the negative constantly, you will become ill. I did. You though can heal yourself, by using gratitude throughout the day. It was gratitude that I clung to, while I was experiencing horrific circumstances that were occurring in my life. By doing this I was able to discover the lessons they were bringing. I have found besides gratitude, music has lifted my spirits during those days. We are responsible for our energy. If we succumb to our negative thoughts, we are agreeing to make ourselves ill. I know it is hard to move through tumbled lives, trust me, but we must do so with a positive mind frame, and take responsibility for our thoughts. We can lift our emotions, through gratitude and prayer. You do not need a God or religion to do this. It is not necessary. You can do this for yourself. Prayer for me is open communication and meditation of gratitude. When we continuously hear our voice speak out thanks, it changes the subconscious mind. Our consciousness learns a new vocabulary. This I have been doing for the past few years. I was elated when recently I discovered Quantum Physics is teaching the same thing. Science and I were speaking the same truth, just using different words. Gratitude changes your body chemistry, after you implement it for a period of time. It helps to replace constant worrying. It takes practice, and you might slip back here and there, but keep trying. Your energy is important for good health.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Catsimmons. I appreciate your remarks.

    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Trsmd, yes i am always intriqued by how our bodies work.

    • catsimmons profile image

      Catherine Simmons 

      7 years ago from Mission BC Canada

      Lovely hub Renee :-)

      It's wonderful how our thoughts can affect how we feel. Gratitude is indeed a great medicine, as is compassion for yourself as well as others...

    • Trsmd profile image


      7 years ago from India

      The chemicals in your brain, which is the motherboard of your body, affect the rest of you, and your emotions and feelings. It is a very fascinating subject, and is continually studied. We all want to know why we and others do the things we do.


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