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How do we expand our comfort zone?!! Here find out.

Updated on November 1, 2014
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Sam is walking on the path of success. I am going through many failures or moments of opportunities to improve who I am.

We only do what is most comfortable to us, but that’s all we grow. That’s the limit of our world. You understand you have to exert yourself to increase this comfort zone. It is a good thing when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. This is what promotes growth. When growth is promoted, we develop a new comfort zone. This is an ongoing process. Everyone is different, so the comfort zones will be different as well. We are dealt with different hand of cards. To put yourself out there, focus on attitude, goals, and what you want from life. Let this be the fuel that propels you.

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Growth happens when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations.
Growth happens when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. | Source

You have to understand you want to constantly apply yourself until that comfort zone is maintained w/o thinking about it. When you do it enough times, you do on autopolit automatically. Not doing it can be a bad habit. You want to break it.

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Bad habits cost money, time, energy and relationships. What is the solution?

We want to step into areas we do not normally go into. We want to be the conquerors of new territory.
We want to step into areas we do not normally go into. We want to be the conquerors of new territory. | Source

My comfort zone used to be where I did not want to talk to people. Now I talk to people I know from work and school. I maintain that everyday because I know I have conquered that territory. That is my land. I must conquer more territory of the unknown, which includes strangers in public or social occasions. Through self-realization, you want to understand you are a conqueror like Kublai Khan or Christopher Columbus. That is that attitude you want to have. My goal is to talk to 4 people everyday whether it is on the bus, train, in store or wherever. I feel the heat from spectators, but I ignore them like they do not exist.

Find out your comfort zone

So as a test of your comfort zone, how many strangers you can talk to everyday?

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These are the certain tips I have that can help in expanding your comfort zone of speaking in public:

  1. Ignore people watching or even the thought of them looking at you. Why worry when you do not know what people are thinking. Just act on talking to people. Go straight for the kill!!
  2. Use icebreakers or compliment people. Things of this sort break down the walls of people you want to speak to. Using icebreakers or complimenting allows others to see you have a personality. And they want to talk to you too. I know I have complimented people on their shoes, clothes, color of hair, books, color of phone case, or someone’s mannerisms of being nice. Just that gets them talking. So next time you are out there think of what Sam wants you to do.
  3. Also if people stare, tell yourself, look at them in mind and say: “Yeah I spoke to her or him. You could not have done that.” This comparison gives confidence to you. They say you should not compare yourself to others when you do not measure up to that person, but if you surpass someone why not do it. You have a reason to brag. Of course, brag to yourself and you do not need to be rude by saying you are better than someone.
  4. Use someone’s body language as momentary talk. If people shake their head at you when the train is not running on time, then talk to them. Their thoughts come to their tongue. In that way,it will allow them to lose stress. You are actually helping them out by saying what’s on their mind.

Using tips

Which one of the above tips are you going to use?

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Patience plays a part in your comfort zone

Patience is the major strut for you for expanding your comfort zone.

I am impatient and that plays a big part in my comfort zone. That is because so many reasons stack up against what you want to do. I looked up how to cure impatience? in Google. I started using tips of breathing deeply and removing thoughts from my mind. Also, along with this, I have realized I become impatient to the world of the unknown. I would make a face of concern, but I would not know why at times. I would lose my cool like this. But by doing these exercises, I would be able to explore the zone of uncomfortability.


Are you a patient person?

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 We have to start focusing on this 8-letter word:  Patience. Without it, we can not do anything.
We have to start focusing on this 8-letter word: Patience. Without it, we can not do anything. | Source

Benefits of exploring the zone of uncomfortability

You are able to expose yourself to skillsets that will Segway you into a whole new level of success. At first, I used to hate doing money management. Just thinking about the effort and the time put into handling money drove me crazy. Overtime, we just learn to pick up new skills if we wish to expand this comfort zone. I have learned to balance my money and take into account every daily spending I do. I have done it so often that it’s automatic for me. In a sense, I am at a new level. When we reach this new level, we can focus on other aspects of the skill.

We start off with a comfort zone. Our job is to work our way out into the zone of uncomfortability, so that we are able to grow.
We start off with a comfort zone. Our job is to work our way out into the zone of uncomfortability, so that we are able to grow.

In order to navigate the zone of uncomfortability, you need to have blind faith, the right mindset and attitude.

Here is an explanation of the comfort zone chart above.

By making this video, I have actually stepped outside into the zone of uncomfortability. I have never been the person who likes to talk in front of the camera. You can probably tell this from the unprofessionalism I used in the video, but my goal is to improve. By doing this, I will create a new comfort zone. Also, this highlights the benefit of going into the zone of uncomfortability, which is building a skill set.

Perfection can be a speed bump for your comfort zone.

Perfection makes patience impossible. Since you want everything to be done or said the right way, you are a perfectionist. With perfectionism, you take a great amount of time. When things do not happen in a short period of time, you become impatient. Therefore, you must allow imperfections. Consider those imperfections to be the perfection of life. It’s all a mental game. Change the way you perceive of it.

Dismiss doubts that you do not know anything about. What is the point of thinking about something when you are not sure what the source of your anxiety is. The only thing that you should think is that something will happen or not. When you have a thinking of uncertainty, or a middle of happening or not, you tend become impatient. You start expending your energy in finding what the unknown is rather than taking action towards relieving your mental stress.

In the case of patience, the only way you can step outside the comfort zone is if you master patience. Impatience can be felt as frustrations, so what you want to do is to feed your mind commands such as: “ Be patient Sam.”, but you must pin down that you are frustrated.


Are you a perfectionist?

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Perfect is a speed bump. We must take a route that makes it faster for us.
Perfect is a speed bump. We must take a route that makes it faster for us. | Source

Great reading to become comfortable.

I had trouble approaching people. You know why…the negative responses or the no's you might hear. When it comes to no's , make it a competition. It is the nature of the game. You will undoubtedly deal with people telling you no. When I was doing marketing, I had to speak to 300- 400 people a day. This put my mind in the right place. I know if I was taught this game when I was in elementary school, my ways of interacting with people would have been different. Embrace the game of negative givens. The book that helped me out this way was : Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There by Andrea Waltz

© 2014 Satvinder S. Sihra

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