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How do we get cancer - thought that make us sick

Updated on July 15, 2014

How do you get cancer

The answer is a giant puzzle. It really depends who you ask. Oncologists will tell you something different from endocrinologists and alternative healers. The answer is not simple and certainly not small enough for this short article. This article will show you the link between cancer and thoughts. Essentially it will show you what your thoughts do within the body.

To understand the information, let's start by talking about the HPA axis. And no this article is does not require a medical degree. It's designed to be a simple explanation so that anyone diagnosed with cancer can begin to understand the bigger picture.

So - the HPA axis is merely a "switch" within your body. Let's call it the war switch. You see, in terms of the body we are either at war or at peace. War means we think something is wrong and we need to protect ourselves. Peace means we can relax. Medically these states are called fight and flight or rest and digest.

These states developed as we evolved and both are necessary to survive, but it's important to realize that you are either at "war" or you are at "peace". And the body functions differently in each state.

In simple terms, emotions control this switch. And your thoughts create emotion. So when you think about something and feel negative you switch on the war switch. When you feel positive you switch on the peace switch.

So now let's take a look at how the war switch creates the perfect environment for cancer within the body.

When you have hope you activate the peace swtich

Hope is a powerful healer
Hope is a powerful healer

The War Switch - how you get cancer

So let's take a look at what happens when you activate the 'war" switch - in other words when you are stressed.

Essentially in the stressed state the body releases cortisol. Cortisol has been nicknamed "the death hormone" by most doctors and for good reason.

In terms of the war switch, the body begins to produce excess cortisol.

  • Excess cortisol depletes the adrenaline stores of the body
  • Cortisol increases the available glucose within the body
  • Cortisol changes body pH to acidic
  • It switches off the immune system

Stress therapies

Have you tried EFT or MBSR for stress?

See results

So what does cancer need to survive?

Part of the cancer puzzle is understanding what cancer needs to survive or thrive. In terms of our current discussion about thoughts and cancer, you need to know the following:

  1. Cancer needs to create energy from glucose fermentation - the Warburg effect
  2. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment
  3. Cancer needs high glucose concentrations to thrive
  4. Cancer thrives when the immune system is disabled

Energy production and cancer

So in terms of the first requirement - this is how your thoughts create the right environment. You see our cells can produce vital energy in two ways. By using adrenaline to convert GDP to ATP for energy or by fermenting glucose for energy.

Cancer cells cannot use ATP and rely on glucose fermentation. In fact when cells start to use fermentation for energy they often become cancerous cells.

So what do negative emotions and excess cortisol do to the body. Well excess cortisol depletes the adrenaline stores in the body. And when adrenaline is depleted all of our cells are forced to use fermentation for energy. In other words cells are forced to become cancerous because there is not sufficient adrenaline in the body for the GTP/ATP process.

Cancer and pH

Cancer needs an acidic environment to thrive. In fact cancer creates an acidic environment itself to make sure it's a good place to grow.

In terms of cortisol, cortisol regulates pH in the body. And when you have excess cortisol it creates an acidic environment.

So essentially negative emotions, though excess cortisol, creates the perfect environment for cancer to thrive.

Cancer thrives in high glucose concentrations

Cancer needs a lot of glucose to multiply and thrive. When we switch on the war switch by feeling threatened/fearful or other negative emotions, the body automatically thinks that our survival is threatened.

To make sure the muscles have enough energy, cortisol and the war switch causes the body to produce higher levels of glucose. It therefore causes high concentrations of glucose within the body. In other words, the war state creates the perfect environment for cancer to take hold and grow.

Cancer and the Immune System

Finally, in terms of our thoughts and the war switch, when we feel negative emotion and enter a state of flight or flight, the body shuts down the immune system. Why? Because we evolved so that we could survive, and fighting bacteria or viruses was pointless if a tiger was going to eat us.

So in flight or flight the immune system is shut down or decreased.

Immune cells kill cancer cells, but if the immune system is not working properly cancer cells can take hold and thrive.

Where there is hope there is life

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Thoughts and Cancer

  • Your thoughts create emotion
  • Your emotion switches on war or peace
  • You can control your emotion
  • EFT and MBSR are two powerful ways to help you learn to control your emotions

So how do you switch on Peace?

Essentially you control your thoughts and how you react to your thoughts. You've met the people who see the silver lining in the storm. You need to consciously become one of those people.

EFT has helped me to deal with negative thoughts and emotions. Tapping is an awesome way to help get rid of constant negative thoughts.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is another awesome way of learning to objectively see your thoughts and then decide how you want to react to them.

The bottom line is, that as a cancer survivor or fighter, you need all the information to choose the best therapy approach for you and there are tons of studies available that show that therapy not only improves quality of life by relieving depression but also contributes to overall health.

How do you get cancer

Cancer needs
Cortisol creates
Acidic environment
An acidic environment
Teaches you to control emotions
Glucose fermentation
Adrenaline depletion which leads to glucose fermentation
EFT or tapping
A decreased immune system
Shuts down the immune syste,

How you cancer

Stress and cancer and how you get cancer

How do you get cancer?

This video explains the link between stress, thoughts and cancer as well as the studies that have been done on how therapy has helped cancer patients.

Miracles are real.

Sometimes your need a miracle. But every new day is in fact a miracle.
Sometimes your need a miracle. But every new day is in fact a miracle.

What we can do about stress

The bottom line is stress has been linked to the majority of the diseases we suffer from from cancer to heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The problem is that we don't always know what "stress" really means. Its like telling an angry person not to be angry. When my doctor used to tell me to reduce my stress, I really had no idea what that meant. It stressed me out!

The truth is that stress is just negative emotion. And you really can choose to reduce the negative emotions you feel. I am not saying that you should bury your head in the sand, but there is always a silver lining. And finding and focusing on that silver lining can affect how healthy your body is. It affects your immune system. It affects the environment within the body.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, read about the links between therapy and survival, therapy and the decrease in depression and decrease in inflammation. Get support. With over 44% of us being diagnosed with cancer, I would like you to know, you are not alone. Reach out. Get help. Find the therapy that works best for you. EFT, therapy, group therapy or MBSR. It doesn't matter which one as long as you have the support you need to get healthy.


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    • Brigitta Schwulst profile image

      Brigitta Schwulst 3 years ago from Mossel Bay, Western Cape

      Thanks for the lovely comments. I am planning to write about EFT and MSBR. Personally I found EFT really powerful for me. If you want to find EFT search on YouTube. Brad Yates is awesome. He does a Tap of the morning to ya everyday

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 3 years ago from Planet Earth

      This is such an important topic! I think you've covered some important tips and ways to manage things or improve overall health. I'd love to see some more details on EFT and MBSR - I found myself trying to find more of the information here. Good job, and interesting hub!

    • profile image

      shraddhachawla 3 years ago

      In today's hectic life, stress is a very big health hazard. I myself regularly practise meditation to relax myself. It has even helped to induce sleep. Very informative and genuine article.