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How do you deal with emotionally draining situations?

Updated on February 15, 2013

A Car Accident in your Car but you're not in it!!


How do you respond to yucky feelings?

How do you respond to yucky feelings?

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Did you every experience the feeling of just not wanting to do the Day?

Lately I've been trying to sit with some of my feelings which really don’t feel so good. I guess you could say that I've come to some fairly simple solutions to some overwhelmingly uncomfortable feelings. My Father passed away a few months ago and since then there has been a sequence of events which have occurred in my life which I really didn't “sign up for!” You know the old saying, “when it rains it pours.” Or bad things happen in “sets of three!!”

To Feel or not to Feel?

I’m one of those people that would go to any length to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings. Those which trigger anger, sadness, frustration, and the whole gamut of emotions which are uncomfortable. My initial reaction is to pause when agitated. I have come to know that to run, hide or numb-out, just delays getting through the situation.

Who wants to sit in the sh-t? It certainly isn't a comfortable place to be, although from a professional psychologist’s point of view, I've been told, over and over again, “you don’t get through it, unless you wrap your arms around it and sit in it.”

Losing a parent is something that we all expect to have to deal with at some time or another. But dealing with the surviving parent doesn't come with a set of plans. For each of us the experience has many similarities, and I’m sure a whole bunch of differences.

How do you deal with feelings that are yucky?

Another example which has simultaneously been going on in my life, is dealing with my aging dog of fifteen years. One morning very recently, he woke up and was totally unable to use his back legs. It was horrible to say the least. I actually explained to my vet that he was moving like he had “mad cow disease.” My initial reaction was, “have we come to the point when it is time to discuss putting him to sleep?”

Certainly not a feeling I wanted to own. It was definitely one of those times that I wanted to just put the covers over my head and zone out ~ I just did not want to deal. Fortunately, it turned out to be a terrible ear infection and the dog was totally experiencing serious equilibrium problems.

Journal-ing your Feelings

I come to realize that when I’m having feelings which are really uncomfortable, I go to some particularly odd lengths to avoid dealing. You know the kind of experiences which makes your tummy get butterflies. Oddly enough, when I’m really excited about going somewhere, my tummy reacts the very same way.

So the physical reaction which our bodies go through, really can be interpreted any way we decide. Sort of a novel idea!! No, not really. We can actually control our attitude about every experience we go through in our lives. For me, it actually does not come naturally. I have to sit myself down, put a pen, pencil or my laptop under my fingers and start pouring out my thoughts. It’s weird that a simple exercise of journal-ing exactly what’s going on helps me to come to a physical comfort zone ~ emotionally.

My Dogs help Me Deal !!

Submit Solutions which work for you ~

I’d love to hear some of the ways that others deal with their emotional and physical uncomfortable experiences. You can add them in the comments area below or privately email them to mindy@meiselsdesign. It’s a New Year and I’m looking for healthy solutions to uncomfortable physical and emotional experiences.

Journal-ing Works For Me

Journal Your Way To Good Mental Health


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